How to make a court house wedding special?

This isn’t mom related But I’m hoping I can get some advice. My fiance and I are planning on using some of his tax return to get married. It’s just going to be at the courthouse since my family has disappointed me too many times before. (People refused to come to my baby shower because of family members they didn’t like. I invited and planned for over 80 people, including children, and at most 20 people showed up. Most of which where my fiances side.) My fiance and I have already done one aspect which was getting our ring tattoos, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of ways to make the day still feel special. I already have a dress and veil for myself to wear, and a suit for my son. But I’m not sure what to do to celebrate after the courthouse. I still want to feel like a bride and feel special. So if anyone has any suggestions on how I can do that it would be amazing.


Save as much money and go on vacation


Vacation honey moon type thing, or maybe plan a reception with friends

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A reception with the ppl who love and support you . Then go on a honeymoon.

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Quiet dinner and cake with immediate family ( or who you consider close ) maybe rent a small private room at a restaurant then vacation the heck out of a honey moon

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We had a very small intimate beach wedding then did a familymoon (honeymoon with our kids) in Cape May because it’s our favorite place. We just did whatever meant something special to us. Another thing we did that may be silly to some but special to us is there is a Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream store down there. We love sitting together on his days off (he works ALOT) and eating B&J’s so it was a special thing for us on our familymoon to have it. Maybe take a trip with all of you to your “special place”?

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Could do a cookout type deal at the local park or something

My son got married at the courthouse. They had a reception at their church. Family and friends.

We did the courthouse and then a BBQ for those that do support us.

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Get a room and enjoy it…

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Can still go on a honey moon or have a reception


We went with a court house wedding also. We put as minimum as possible into the wedding (I got married in my work clothes :joy:) but we took a 5 day trip and just enjoyed each other! We took a night time horse drawn carriage ride in a Cinderella carriage. We went to a amusement park that was lite up for Christmas. We took a cold sky lift ride that over looked the whole city. It was just extremely romantic. So out of everything I would just take a trip and enjoy each other and quality time together


We got married in our back yard for almost the same reason! To make it feel special we did a cute dress reveal then went to a local park to do photos! We used the money we saved to do a cookout at my moms with some friends and family to celebrate afterwards! A dress and veil Deff make a difference cuz it makes it feel special! He wore a suit! We had the officiant read a poem we picked! It was actually low key and beautiful! So nice to focus on each other and not family or hosting, ect! I wouldn’t do it any differently! Make a playlist of some of your favorite songs and dance together, even if it’s later and alone! Write personal vows if you’d like to make it more personal! I promise you’ll be so wrapped up in each other the lack of ceremonial aspect will be the furthest thing in your mind! :black_heart:

Also Congratulations :two_hearts:

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Watch Sex and the city 2 with your bestie with some drinks and I’m sure you can figure out something special that speaks to the two of you, your love. Congrats. The movie suggestion is simple because it shows happy does not mean big. This day is about the two of you.

My husband & I did the courthouse thing… because personally I don’t like big extravagant weddings since most people just go to judge you & so much could go wrong (& also we both have a HUGE family & inviting everyone or forgetting to invite someone would be a mess.) so we had ALL our immediate family go to the courthouse with us & we had a beach weekend with our loved ones. It was perfect, stress free & just so much fun!

We plan to do a fun renewal when we’re older since that would be more stress free & by then we’ll have kids & they’ll get to be apart of the fun!

Just get a JP and get married on the beach … pictures would look nice too

We got married In Vegas at the Tropicana with about 20 people there and afterwards we gambled ,ate and enjoyed our time there with our family .Also Our 3 year old son was in the wedding … We’ve been together 30 years and still enjoying life together :slight_smile:

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Go to a nice place to eat. Maybe a family moon?

What ever makes YOU happy :relaxed:

Just plan a big reception and make that big

Not sure what the budget is or if you have a sitter, but how about some time away? Either for the night or weekend? If that’s not possible, then a nice dinner out or even a special night at home? You can always plan for a honeymoon for the future if it’s not in the cards now.

We did a very low key wedding too. Mostly bc of funding, but it still turned out beautiful. Go out for a nice dinner the 3 of you. If you can invite some other very close friends, I recommend that too. They seldom disappoint. Afterwards see if someone can watch your child for the night and get a hotel. Tell them you just got married!:slight_smile: They will go out of there way to ensure a special stay. Complimentary bfast is quite nice the following a.m too! Good luck and enjoy every minute of it! Try to have one person in charge of pics too if possible!

We got married at the court house too. And then we just got an air b&b cottage an hour away and invited our friends n family. Whomever showed up showed up. Either way it was a great night cus the ones who truly mattered made that effort to show.

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Treat yourselves to a nice dinner and maybe rent a room with a hot tub. After your son passes out from watching cartoons the bride and groom can have a long soak :wink:


My husband and I did the courthouse thing. Just the 2 of us. We hosted a BBQ later on to celebrate. Don’t call it a reception unless you are only inviting the people that are attending the ceremony. Don’t know what your state is like, but we could only have had 5 people in the room with us.

Do what your heart tell you. It is your family’s loss for not be more understanding. Enjoy the happiness you two share and start your life together on a positive note. Congratulation!!! Be happy

Definitely a photographer so you have pictures forever!

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Photoshoot, sumptuous meal at a great restaurants, with a stay at a five star hotel with your child and husband just like you would do with a regular wedding. Make it just about you. Don’t start your new life trying to please people

U dont have to do court house get an officiant and get married anywhere specially if ur going to do a small wedding… and afterwards have friends and family the few you enjoy and have a dinner or lunch all together and ask the places if you can add a few decorations most places will tell you yes… I officiate… and I’ve had people have me marry them in a bowling hall at turning point park over the water in a park… your ceremony doesnt have to be at the court house u can even make that special! Good luck

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A nice dinner and maybe a nice bed and breakfast

Go to a rented cabin for the weeken

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My husband and I got married by ourselves in Colorado. Get a photographer to still take wedding day pictures of the two of you in a local park or something. We have our wedding photos of the two of us, which are the ones I really cared about anyway.

Plan a small honeymoon still or spend the night in a hotel in a honeymoon suite.

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Have someone take pictures. I wish i did. We had a cookout afterwards with music and it was a great day

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Just invite some close friends and family that you know support you. Throw a little party. I would :slight_smile: just don’t bother inviting the people you know won’t show. If they are offended :person_tipping_hand: oh well

Only include those who are supportive and make you feel good to be around. Keep it small and special. Pick a place that will give you your own space. Let them know it is a marriage celebration. Concentrate on your child and your new husband. Good luck and I am sending up a prayer for your future happiness. You sound very mature and smart.

have pictures taken, get a sitter for your son (depending on his age) spend the night in the honeymoon suite at the nicest hotel you can find, order in room service and have a wonderful time. There’s absolutely no reason not to make your day about the two of you rather than what seems to be dysfunctional family dynamics. Celebrate with your son later by taking a nice family vacation/honeymoon when money and time permit.

Go out of town. Maybe to a B&B? Buy a few sexy outfits and get away for the weekend. Make sure to assign a friend to take all the photos of you getting married. Soomeone you can trust to do a good job.

My reception was in my mothers back yard. We used a stereo for music. At the end of the day we where married and I was happy.

Spend day at Galveston ride fairy eat at nice restaurant ride bikes down seawall all can be done with your son if hijo can afford it stay at motel over night it fun and calming too don’t do something that will tire yall out congrats

Use the money, fly to Vegas and get hitched… cheap and you can take your dress with you.

Get u Nd ur closet friends together have food Nd drinks Nd celebrate ur special day with whoever wants to show up if u like the outdoors do a bonfire style thing if u like indoors have music Nd things