How to make bathtime more enjoyable for kids?

My son is 10 months old and it’s nearly impossible to bathe him. He doesn’t hate it but he tries to stand up, sit down, lay down, stand up, lay down, repeat :sweat_smile: any tips on how to bathe a very mobile baby.


I have an almost 4 year old who still does this. Just do your best to keep him safe and deal with it :joy:

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Do you try to put toys with him to keep him distracted?

Do it fast!!! Lolol

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Add soap to the water and pretend he is in the washing machine. His motion will get him all clean…lol


My son is 2.5 and tries to run from me in the bath when it’s time to wash his hair so I feel the pain. The only thing I have found that helps me is I get him to help me wash himself.

I have a 10mth old, although he absolutely loves bathtime, i have him in a bath seat so he cant move anywhere. He can reach out for toys but impossible for him to get up or put his head under.

Just do the best you can. Mines everywhere.

There are bath seats that can help.Good luck.

If you have a standing shower, get a stool and a handheld shower. Easiest way I’ve found

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I just clean my kids while hes moving.

Get a cheap laundry basket and bath toys. Put baby and the toys in there, they dont have to move far for toys, and they’ll realize they have boundaries.


My son is 19 months old n is always like that just quickly Wash them and let them play lol

My son is 9 months and very mobile. I don’t fill the bath very full so that way when he moves around even if he falls he’s not going to go under. I literally put like 3-4 inches of water in the bath (if that) and have bath toys that keep his attention as well. I’ve also heard some mamas using a laundry basket in the bath so they have something to hold onto and they can’t explore as much.


I showered mine with me. He’d play happily on the shower floor

I kept my now 13 year old in a bath seat, and plan on doing that with this one since she can sit on her own as well. Use lots of toys for distraction and only fill the bath 2 to 3 inches, just enough to cover the thighs when sitting. Maybe get some bath crayons so he can color on the shower wall, which will keep him still long enough to wash him.

Get one of those bathing seat to that you place in the bathtub

Relax and go with it, dont ask him to do a particular thing, if he’s standing and it enables you to wash a particular area go for it. Less stress in the bathroom the more he will relax time after time x

Put ur Bumbo in the tub

No tips my 10 month old is the same :joy:
Lots of toys or a shower

Bath chair or kitchen sink with toys

Do it as quickly as possible. Lmao

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I had a bath seat that attached to the side of the tub. It was a life saver

Let him stand. you’re washing him so if he’s standing you’re close enough to help if he falls. :slightly_smiling_face: it can be scary to start with but just work with it girl xx

Bath seat. Once hes clean, take him out of it and let him.splash around. He sounds like a little water baby. My youngest was like that. Had him in a seat until after 1…then just let him do whatever, I stayed in the bathroom and he had my full attention the whole time

Try showers and non slip mats

I just hold my baby in my arms and shower

Use a laundry basket and put some toys in there with him!


I let my toddler play for a while with toys and whatnot in the water before soaping him up.

Shower… My babe started that at 6 months…it got to the point where it just wasn’t safe. Now we take family showers. :heartbeat:

Get in there with him.

Take baby in shower with you. Sometimes the skin contact is calming for baby, especially if they are normally at breast anyways.

Let him stand in the tub and hold on to that slippery baby with all you got!:joy::heart:and toys sometimes works​:grin:

Being on different work schedules my wife and I would take our daughter in the shower with us. Two birds one stone. She was content with the water on her face while being held which later transferred into teaching her to swim. There is comfort in being held tight.

Put something in his hands

I took a bath with mine. It was easier.

My youngest was like that so I just took him in the shower with me

Try bathing him in the kitchen sink

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Bath chair! I have to put my 10 month old in a bath chair or it would be anarchy.

Laundry basket and a toy that suctions to the wall