How to make money from home?

I’m at SAHM for the time being. I haven’t got any relatives to watch my child while working, nor do we have enough money for daycare by the end of the wee. I’ve applied for evening jobs for when my significant other gets home I could possibly work a couple hours. Just waiting on replies back. Until then, anyone have any “at home” jobs or ways to make money ? No bashing or rude comments. Positive advice only!


I’d apply for hospitals… night shift janitorial or housekeeping… it will take a toll on you to work nights and come home to watch baby instead of sleep.

Stay away from MLMs! Most people end up losing money


Can you watch other children during the day while you have yours?

Waitress one or two nights a week! Quick 500$

Can you donate plasma?

I’m in the same boat, I clean house’s in the mean while. You can post on neighborhood blogs and ask around your family and friends. I’ve been actively looking for work for over 4 months best of luck to you.

I started selling pampered chef it helps with the bills

How about teaching Chinese kids English. You do it from home and the hours are in the early morning and at night. Google VIPKids and QKids.

sometimes Amazon hires people to work at home as call Representatives you can also check with other companies that hire people to make calls from home. You can also try to sell something like Avon, unique, etc

I sale Revital U coffee products. Message me if you’d like information on it!!

I 2nd the donating plasma. My husband does that after working 3rd shift. He says it’s easy and quick money. Just drink a lot of water, and you can’t be sick or have any STDs.

Faith does an it works thing she doesnt miss family time and works from home.

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If you have a vehicle, uber eats is a good way to make some extra cash.

Could you apply for child care assistance? They pay most, if not all child care expenses. Just have to find a daycare/in home daycare that’s state certified. Which the normally provide a list of those around you. The most I paid with child care assistance was 60 bucks a month. And you can work all you want and make more than enough to cover that. That’s what I do as a single mother

Guess that depends on the kind of at home business you’re looking for!
I’m a ItWorks Distributor and our company is always growing, and it helps me and my family so much with our bills. If you want to know more, shoot me a message hun and you can think if it would be something right for you. :kissing_heart:

I refer people to an online wellness store that I shop at and I get referral compensation for doing so. I do it from home and it’s something I’m super passionate about so it’s really easy! Pm me if you would like more information. :relaxed::seedling:

If you have a hobbie like crafts or things like that id say do that for extra do not fall for mlms they promise to help by you buying there products to sell but its hard and you dont even really make money off of them

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Take up an artsy hobby, I crochet, you can sell on market place, etsy, etc. go on some of these sites and see what people sell and you can find your talent and do the same.

Waitressing nights & wkends

I sell Pure Romance and found out I needed it more than I thought I did. You don’t realize how hard it is being home all the time with kids.

Its not work from home but I know caregivers are always in demand and you can work anyday and anytime.

Pick one of them companies that sell stuff and try the entrepreneur route. This time of year housekeeping in hotels pickup, could try for a place that would need evening bussing or weekend (if your so doesn’t wrk weekends) help those are usually pretty busy

Home child care. I’ve done it for 6.5 years now. There’s a learning curve to how to manage things business wise if you want to do it long term or else you’ll get burned out quickly.

Before that, I did caregiving for Seniors in their homes overnight opposite my Husband’s day shift. Both have allowed me to work and homeschool my children.

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You could put out a add for baby sitter…daycare is expensive …charge cheap rates…in PA at least you are able to watch 3 children that are not your own without being registered as a child care provider by the state…i know for weekly childcare for my baby when she was 6 months old it cost 224.00 a week…i get childcare subsidies from the state because im a single mother…but there are plenty of parents who dont qualify for subsidies who would be happy to pay half that. .75 to 100 a week per child would make a decent paycheck and youd get to stay home and continue to care for your own child


If you have a Bachelor’s degree (or if you’re currently working on it)… you can teach English from home! I teach with a company that requires a degree, but there are other companies out there that will accept applicants with no degree. I teach in my jammies early in the morning before my daughter wakes up (usually 3am-8am).

I am constantly going through closets and toys and selling stuff around the house. It’s like a constant garage sale lol.

I stayed home with my kids for 6 years. I watched other children in my home as well, and made pretty decent money.

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Sometimes places like direct tv or Comcast train u to work from home…however u have to buy a laptop n such upfront is the only downfall

I would find something you could sell or start making something to sell. Good luck

Avon, Scenty, It Works, Mary Kay…


Man, too many scam comments to reply to! OP, if they sell anything, RUN. MLMs are scams that take advantage of people (mostly women!) and cost them loads of money. Many are involved in lawsuits right now that none of the “boss babes” will admit to. Please, for your family’s sake, avoid them!

Try going to a flea market an set up. Go through your stuff when you go try an buy somethings cheap so you can resale them. Have a yard sale

if you have a computer concentrics and sykes have some work from home opportunities.

Try this one