How to make the perfect hard boiled egg?

I make mine in the insta pot the peels literally slide off

Put a teaspoon of baking soda in the water! Also, you can hard boil eggs in just an inch of water if you cover the pot— it boils so much faster that way, and the steam cooks the egg! Let the eggs cool for 5 mins in icy water after, and the shell should slip right off.

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Crack one end and push a teaspoon under the shell. Pops right off

Table salt in boiling water for 6minutes, then covered off the heat for 6 minutes and cool under cold water. Works for me

Glad im not the only one

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Poke a tiny hole in the wide end with a sewing needle before boiling. Works every time.

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Salt the water .don’t let them come to a rolling boil . Med . Heat . 20 minutes from start to finish . Works for me

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Use eggs that are at least a week older. The fresher they are the harder they are to peel

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put them in the pot cold water. once it begins a rolling boil shut it off. place a lid and let sit for 12 minutes. perfect boiled eggs for me everytime

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Simply shake them in a little water in a coffee mug!! Idk why it works, but it does!

Anything past 7 minutes is considered hard boiled.

8 mins will give you a bright yellow yolk that is slightly creamy in the very center (DELISH!)

9 mins will give you the lighter yellow yolk, fully hard boiled.

Anything beyond that will start to discolor your yolk and is completely unnecessary.

Rinse and soak in cold water before peeling.

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Older eggs are the reason you have trouble getting the shell off. Use farm fresh eggs for the best results. Or get eggs fresh as possible from the store.

Cook them in the instapot for 5 minutes. The shell slips right off.

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Cook them with a tablespoon of cooking oil and they will practically fall right out of the shell

I boil for 11 mins then put them immediately in cold running water. I push on one spot and then peel the peel off nice and easy.

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If you have an Instant Pot use it for boiled eggs!!

I peel them about as soon as I remove from water if I can’t then I run hot water over them until they are warm again.

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Roll them after cracking and before peeling

Works nicely for me. I can’t never get any other way lol

Peel them under water. Makes it so much easier!

Put them in a pot with a lid to boil. Just as the water starts to boil, turn it off and let them sit for about 10 minutes then put them in an ice bath for another 10 minutes. Shells will fall off super easy without adding salt or baking soda.

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Bring water to a full rolling boil. Spoon eggs into boiling water for exactly 13 minutes. Remove from water immediately at 13 into ice water in a bowl. Let cool completely. Eggs should peel like a dream. This recipe has been making fool proof eggs for me for years.

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Bring eggs to boil with salt in the water, once boiling, reduce to medium. Boil for 12-13 min. Let them stand in cool water. I eat hard boiled eggs everyday :yum:

If you put a cold egg into hot, almost boiling, water, then, when it’s done, rinse in cold water and the shell won’t stick. On occasion the shell cracks when it hits the hot water but it makes peeling eggs 1,000x easier.

Definitely use older eggs. Also I let my eggs get room temperature before boiling. Run cold water over them for at least five minutes and also fill the pan with ice. Crack under water to loosen the shell and peel under water. Good luck!

Put a little vinegar in the water when you boil them, then roll and peel. It will come off easier.

Put salt in the water when you boil them and they will come right off

I boil them 10/15 minutes
Leave alittle hot water in pan and add cold water they are so easy to get out of shell :shell:

Older the egg easier to peel… dont boil rotten ones though :laughing: