How to make time to go to the gym?

Okay so I’m a full-time working mama with an 11 month old son. I’d like to start going to the gym but I’m curious how other mamas have fit it in to their schedule? I have an hour commute to and from work, my schedule is M-F 8-4:30 and my son only goes to his dad’s every other Saturday night. Any ideas how I could squeeze it in? Thanks in advance!


Some gyms have day care or if you have a local YMCA they usually have free daycare

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Look at a gym with daycare or get a jogging stroller and run with baby!


I actually use an app on my phone. Its a 10-20 minute workout that changes up each day. :heart: Also, putting baby in the stroller & a nice walk/jog was good, too. I have 3 kids…so gym time is not on option. :person_shrugging:


I have the same schedule for work n hubby gets out later. I get in feed them n we all 3 go to the gym. The daycare is so cheap. I do a Hiit class mon n Pilates thurs 630-730. We get home for bath n bed by 745 ish. Done it for years now.


My local center (like YMCA) has child watch that we drop off our two kids for 30 minutes-1 hr

We go to the YMCA as it has child watch included for 2 hours twice a day. So I can go by myself with the kids and again when my husband gets home from work and we go together with the kids.

Ur house in am or at night. You will sleep better and feel batter

I workout during the lunch hour. It’s the only way I can squeeze it in.

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The hour commute is no joke I do it and have done it for years

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Make your home a gym.
There’s great videos on YouTube for it.
You can also walk with your lo in a stroller at a track and use the grass for other workouts. :blue_heart:

Either home work outs or a gym that has a daycare center inside.

I always included my kids. Given them their own area to work out and use YouTube. My daughter loves to do yoga before bed now. :blue_heart:

If there is a burn bootcamp in your area they have free child care which is awesome, all women (they do have co-Ed’s on Saturday’s and noon classes and of course I’m going off how burn bootcamp in Woodstock is run) great 45 minute workout with personal trainers and nutrition. At the location I go to they have daycare at 8am/930am/430pm/530pm/630pm. Best of luck!

Find a stream you can follow at home?? Save the gym $$ & any associated child care & be able to work it into your schedule/routine

I go at 5am. I’d go earlier if they opened earlier.

We also use the local YMCA. every evening from 3:30 to 5:30 we go. one hour daycare while mama n daddy hit the gym and 1 hr family time rock climbing walking water fountains racquetball basketball or even swimming