How to manage cough in pregnancy?

I’m 5 weeks and 6days and have a really nasty dry cough. It makes me so tired and not want to eat. What can I take for it. I’ve had it for 2 1/2 days. Should I be concerned about my babies health. Because I am

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Try boiling water or steam the bathroom

I’d go in. I’ve had a nasty cough for 7 days and after 4 trips to the drs at 36 week pregnant and bruising from the insides they finally said I had Pneumonia and gave me antibiotics

Always ask your doctor what you can take some things I couldn’t take at all over the counter and I always worried about my babies health that’s a natural thang to do is worry bit don’t worry yaself to death either just be very concerned about it

Id go in. Ive been coughing since Saturday night thought allergies. Monday i went in and they saif viral. It was worse today so bad i chipped my tooth coughin so hard. I have bronchitis start of walkin pneumonia and sinus infection.

Take oregano oil and put it in hot steamy water and breathe in the steam!!! Works every time for me

Talk to your OBGYN. I pulled a muscle in my ribs from coughing so hard when I was pregnant. Could barely move. Your doctor will perscribe you something that won’t hurt the baby. Mine did and it got rid of the cough.

Im not sure if its ok to take when pregnant but Broncho stop cough medicine is good…Its a natural one…

Make sure you don’t have asthma first.

I had strep a month ago and the coughing is so much NOT what you want to do pregnant… Antibiotics sudafed cough drops stupid pee pads :unamused::unamused:

That early… try not to take any medication. Drink plenty of water and suck on some NON HERBAL cough drops. Chloraseptic spray or lozenges if you have a sore throat

Cough drops are safe so is the throat spray. Soups hot beverages. Cold drinks can irrated the throat more.

Just talked to my doctor Tuesday about my cough he said robitussin or benadryl…but ill be 36 weeks tom…go get checked and see what your doctor thinks is best for your type of cough and the reason…i was told allergies…see wht doc says for YOUR particular cough and being in your first trimester…could be cold…allergies or something else.

Call your Dr, Or nurse line. Ask them.