How to manage depression during pregnancy?

Seeking advice about depression during pregnancy.

Everyone talks about post partum depression, but what about depression and severe anxiety during pregnancy? Is the way I’m feeling going to affect my baby? what are ways I can try myself to help without medication?


Tell you dr. There is nothing to be embarrassed of. There are safe medications to help you.

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Please please talk to your OB. I had severe anxiety during pregnancy and was going through awful amounts of stress. I had a very rough labor and delivery.

Get out and do something you like to do. Have a girls day with some friends, do you have someone you can talk too?

I’ve been medicated for depression and anxiety during both my pregnancies. The way you feel shouldn’t affect the baby, but it can have serious effects on you. Talk to your PCP (primary care physician) about alternatives if you’re strongly against medicine.

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I also deal with severe depression and anxiety. What does help without meds is compression. Like taking a pillow and basically hugging it. The more surface touch the better. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Think about something, anything, that makes you happy or feel safe. Anxiety sucks… I can’t say doctor it up because it does. If you’re boyfriend/husband is around during these bouts of anxiety, have him envelop you. As in the more surface pressure, the better. You’ll feel panicked at first, but with slow breathing it will help your nervous system to slow down as well as your heart rate.

Definitely talk to your doctor. There are medicines that are safe for pregnancy. Hormonal changes cause chemical reactions and sometimes they suck. I get very anxious during pregnancy and have massive panic attacks within 3 days of giving birth, even when I felt fine during and after. No big deal. Baby will be how baby was meant to be as long as you don’t allow the stress to affect your physical health. And the best way to do that is see your dr. Deep breaths. It’s ok. It will pass. You will all be ok. There is help and hope around the corner. Repeat that. It’s ok. It will pass. You can do this. Good luck mama!

I spent majority of my 4th pregnancy as an inpatient in a clinic. My psychiatrist was on hand and it was the safest place for me. I was taking medication for my ptsd. My son is 8 now and we are both healthy. It was the best option for me at the time. I was very lucky to have an absolutely amazing husband and mother in-law to help with our other children and run our business :heart::heart:. Good luck :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

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Talk to your ob. Some essential oils are safe to use to help with it.

I brought up my anxiety to my ob and she ended up perscribing me zoloft which made me feel soo messed up i could barley function. They told me itd take 2 weeks to help but i couldnt even make it a week. It was horrible. I stopped taking it and told my ob, Id rather deal with my cripling anxiety then ever take that again. Still no relief at 21 weeks but not everyday is bad. At the beginning my hormones were making my already horrible anxiety worse. But since coming into my second trimester its not as bad.

Always consult with a dr or pharmacist first, but if you get in a tough spot, anxiety wise, I think you can take Benadryl and that should help a lot. It has sedative properties so it will help in calming you down! :heart:
:star::star::star: look up on YouTube : guided mindfulness meditations!! :star::star::star:

Therapy really helps! Keep yourself busy and try breathing exercises!

It can affect the baby and that’s not a gift we want to give to our kids…

Try going for walks, building a circle of support and eating as healthy as you can, because the food will affect everything too.

They can give you some meds for anxiety, google which ones are safe… just so you know ahead of time…

Pregnancy is both enjoyable and has some discomfort, both psychologically and physically…

I suffer from depression and anxiety. I got real bad around 4 months of being pregnant then again around 7 months.
As far as I can tell it has not effected my LO (now 9 months)
When I got down I just made sure I still continued to eat as it was very important at the time. I also had family I could turn to.
Talk to your dr. They are there to help. Talk to your family. Spill your feelings to loved ones. Being pregnant is difficult. Espicially with anxiety and depression.
Use your support system, even when you feel like a burden, they are there to help

During my pregnancy I spent a lot of time with my mom. Being around my family just gave me a sense of support. My best suggestion for the depression is get out and be with the people you love as much as you possibly can. Anxiety is a tough one but perhaps meditation can help that? When you feel the most anxious meditate through it. Since it takes a lot of focus to clear your mind and relax your body it might help take your mind off it.