How to manage depression while pregnant?

hi, I’m 38 weeks pregnant as of today with my first kid. I’ve suffered and managed my depression most of my life. I feel like once I was pregnant I found it getting worse. the further into the pregnancy, the worse it got and I’m scared it will continue to grow into PPD or Something more after i give birth. i feel really guilty and i cry because i dont want my daughter to feel the negativity and i dont want to be a bad mom. I feel more alone than ever and I need help but I dont really know where to go or who to ask. what can I do?


I was the same way then once I had her it almost went away everyonve in awhile I’ll be down but not much

Talk to your OB about medications. There are safe medications to take during pregnancy and post partum where you’ll still able to breastfeed. I have taken a low dose of prozac throughout my pregnancy and it has helped tremendously. I’m in a much better place than I was with my daughter. Good luck

Talk with your Dr and see what the beat plan for you. I am aware depression and I had ppd with my first two so my drs are already monitoring it. It helps me feel at peace a little not feel alone.

you need to speak to your ob or midwife. I had this problem and i had bad ppd but never talked to anyone until a huge fight with my husband as i shut down and barely cared for our firstborn…like she would sit in a dirty diaper all day. i didn’t see it as wrong or bad until that argument and then I was like…omg what am i doing. with my next two i let my midwife know ahead of time that i had ppd with my first and they helped the entire pregnancy and after. hubby also became aware of it (he wasn’t aware with our first until we saw a midwife with our second child and he learned what it really was). you need to talk to someone, you need ‘me’ time which i know is hard while preggy. and just know this feeling is totally normal!

Do u live in a state where u can get a medical card or recreational weed i highly suggest that over meds unless ur breast feeding then u cant at least at my kids doc. But do what u think is best

your doc can put you on some meds and my daughters pediatrician gave me a paper to fill out 2 different times to check on me just be honest!

I’m this way now with my 4th son. Was the same with my other 3 boys. My OB gave me medicine and it helped so much. I also got baptized

Sending you so many hugs. You are not alone. Make sure your doctors know what’s going on, set up therapy appointments in advance and have someone accountable. Like your spouse, significant other, friend, parent, whoever you trust. You need someone by your side to go to appointments with you to be honest with the doctors about what’s going on and to make sure you get to the appointments. I gave my doctor permission to talk to my spouse any time after my delivery. Let your closest people know and ask them for help in advance with visiting you, helping with baby, helping with meals, helping with cleaning, whatever. Have people come over so you can sleep. The first few months can be rough. You need sleep, food, water, and to be honest with your doctors. Tell the people around you and have your support system set up! It works! Make sure you take walks outside and get fresh air! Make sure you do things for yourself, whether that be buying a few books to help you, getting some manicured or pedicures, whatever. I totally understand but you need to have a support system set up! Again, I’m sending you hugs wherever you are! Congratulations momma! You’ve got this!!!

Definitely do something about it! I was in the same boat. With our first child, I had postpartum depressionDefinitely do something about it! I was in the same boat. With our first child, I had postpartum depression our son was too and I was still at of whack, then I had a miscarriage, then we got pregnant with our daughter. Has very traumatized by the whole miscarriage, miscarried at 15 weeks, that I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy with my daughter because I was worried something was going to happen. After I had her, I knew I didn’t want to go through the same stuff I did with our son, so I got on antidepressants. They help for a very long time then we lost her insurance. With some people, going to therapy doesn’t really help when I cannot pinpoint what is wrong in my life. The bottom line was, depression and anxiety, and talking about it did nothing but made it worse. Our older children are now 12 and 9, we just had our last baby two and a half years ago. I did not have depression during that pregnancy, nor did I have postpartum depression after. It was a completely different experience, and the bond that I have with our youngest child is so much different than I do with the older two. I know I was a completely different person then. Definitely do something about it, don’t wait

I would talk to your ob and maybe she can prescribe you meds or point you in the right direction as to someone to talk to. Don’t feel bad or embarrassed - it’s not your fault and you should seek the help to get better so you and your daughter can both have good experiences going forward. No one is perfect. Be kind to yourself.

I had PPD it’s serious but it’s nothing to feel guilty about women go through it Hun the most important thing you can do is make sure you have a strong support system . Medications are okay but personally I did it without them cause I didn’t want to get hooked. It was alot of pain but it does end it does subside just take it one day at a time…if you ever need a shoulder from.someone who has been there you can message me anytime.

You need to talk to your OB! They should be able to get you to see a therapist. Talk about safe medications too. I continued to take Prozac while pregnant… there are medications that are safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding (if that’s what you plan on doing).

Just rest you will be ok

Find something that you enjoy doing . Always keep reminding yourself that your stronger than the lows. And third talk with friends open up more about your emotions.

Tell your doctor. And be open and honest on everything.

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Is father still in your life

Go talk to a counsellor , it helped me tremendously when I had my daughter and talk to your dr.

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:heart::heart::heart: oh hun. Share this with your doctor please, discuss ways of getting help during and after pregnancy. I was in your shoes and while I didn’t want to take meds, it helped so much. I got thru abs I’ve been able to go off my meds (with dr. Saying it’s ok). I’m so proud of you for reaching out!!

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I shared same issues with my OB and because I had struggled with depression since my teens and taken medication for a short time he prescribed me a safe low dose antidepressant right away and it helped tremendously…

I’ve had depression all my life. And horrible postpartum. The doctors had to help me out with some meds that we’re safe for the baby.

Don’t try to tough this out

Please talk to your doctor

Talk to your doctor! Explain how you feel and tell them you think it’d be best to be put on something for it. You are not alone!! I struggle every day. There is no shame in taking medication for it. I’m 39 weeks today and once I have this baby my doctor is putting me right back on my antidepressant. Please feel free to message me if you ever want to talk. :heart:

Your doc will help you.

Speak to your ob or primary. They can refer you to a counselor/therapist. Being that you feel alone, it’s important to have someone to talk to that won’t judge you.

Talk to your doctor depression is nothing to mess with I take my pills every day things are better

I hope you have told your OB-GYN or Midwife that you have a history of depression it is important to let them know so that they can keep an eye out for postpartum depression cuz if you have a history of depression you have a higher chance of a developing postpartum depression. If you haven’t talk to your OB-GYN about your depression I would do that as soon as possible and also mention the fact that you are concerned about developing postpartum


I am 19weeks pregnant and I’m going through the same thing. I finally talked to my dr because I was very concerned as I had begun to wake up at night with severe panic attacks. I’m now on 50 mg of Zoloft a day. I had to weigh the benefits and risks because I swore I would never take an anti depressant while nursing or pregnant but we were both worried about severe ppd as this is my second baby and my first I had pretty bad ppd. If you have any questions feel free to message me. But I would definitely talk to your ob/gyn

Tall to your doctor and a counselor as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Any close friends and family you have near by can be of great help as well. I pray you make in through this I have been in your shoes, I now have 3 young boys, more stable than I used to be on Lexapro but still struggle at times

My ob was a godsend with my 1st

I was told once that when you worry the way you do (I did it too) that’s what makes you a good mom. You’re already headed on the right path! :tada:

Same! You are totally not alone! Talk to your doctor, message me if you wanna chat I’m going threw the same thing. It’s hard to even feel excited about the pregnancy

Talk to your Dr and please start therapy.
I have a great friend that trusted me enough and we went to her Dr together. We got her into therapy and they started with the basics…
Checked vitamin levels, hormones, etc. Using a few different paths, she felt better and was able to work with her therapist on ways to really help herself. It wasn’t totally easy but it was worth it. :heart:

Talk to your Dr about it immediately so you can get the help you need.