How to manage mental health issues while pregnant?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no bashing me, I know that I’m young but I’m old enough and mature enough to make my own choices so please save any lectures or criticism.

I’m 18 years old, I’m happily engaged, I took my nuvaring birth control out a month ago in hopes of getting pregnant and having a little one!
Well the last 3 or 4 days I’ve felt so nauseous, my boobs are big as it is and they feel like a 100 pounds, they ache and are pretty firm when usually squishy, I cool dinner lastnight and after I ate my fiance had his plate on the table with food still on it and as soon as I sat down by it I smelled it and I just wanted to barf😨 so I’m hoping that I’m pregnant. I plan on buying some tests later.

I know the basics to start, prenatals, ob appointments, ect but I just really need some help! Like, should I start drinking decaf coffee instead of regular? What are things I absolutely shouldn’t be doing that I wouldn’t even think of? Should I take anything other than prenatals? What are the otc medicines I shouldn’t take if any? I drink pepto quite often cause I deal with bad stomach aches and nausea.

I also struggle with mental health badly, I have severe anxiety, border line personality disorder, add, adhd. That is the only thing I worry about with the whole pregnancy thing, I feel like it may be too much at times but I know I will be okay. What can I do to help with this, I really can’t handle another miscarriage and I don’t want my mental problems to cause that to happen…

Any pregnancy tips would be much appreciated! Thankyou so much in advance :relaxed::relaxed:


When your pregnant you can not have a lot of caffeine it will hurt the baby & lead to a miscarriage. You can’t take a lot of medicine like pepto I believe get a test & know for sure & than ask your ob everything & tell them about all the struggles you have with mental Heath & all that


Main thing is to find out if you are pregnant and let the dr decide on meds etc.

Take your vitamins in the evening. They will make morning sickness worse and you will lose your vitamins.

Doctor will answer all your questions. Youll be fine. Worrying too much isnt good. Just eat healthy and take it easy

Go to dr first to confirm,speak to your dr about your anxiety,most drs will inform you of the yes and nos for a healthy pregnancy! Goodluck

Go ton$ store and buy a couple tests. If positive, make apt at obgyn immediately. Advoid caffeine 100% if yiu had a miscarriage, ask dr to draw blood and test your thyroid… all medication questions, mental health questions etc… ask your dr about. My advise is to go in there w a list of questions.

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Stop the pepto…go to Mylanta…for stomach issues of heartburn…crackers n ginger ale for nausea…

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Your doctor can answer most of these questions. Certain insurance companies cover prenatal vitamins. Also ask about a breast pump, some cover those as well. There is a list of what you can and what you shouldn’t eat. A cup a coffee a day is fine…most of the time more will make you nauseous. If you want deli meat, make sure to put in microwave for 30 seconds. If you love sushi, make sure to get rolls that are cooked and that do not contain tuna or whitefish in it (high levels of mercury). Buy a bunch of tums, especially if you have bad morning sickness. Also ask for a medicine list as many otc medicines camt be taken within the first two trimesters as it can cause harm to baby. Congratulations if you are.


Adhd just means you have a chance of passing it on to your children, I passed it onto mine as it’s genetic. Keep drinking regular coffee but instead of the usual 6 cups cut down to 3 and get rid of the sugar. Drink Lots of water. Not more than a gallon/3ltrs a day. Do your pelvic floor exercises. During pregnancy and after roll out of bed instead of sitting upright to get up the strain can cause muscle separation

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See a dr about the meds, definitely take prenatals. You cant take pepto but the dr might be able to give you nausea pills. Decaf is worse than regular so just drink regular. My dr told me a couple cups a day is fine just no more than 3. Also if you start getting acid reflux or heartburn Tums are your new bff!! Make sure you eat well and stay hydrated! I used to drink Bodyarmor drinks that help with that, are cheap, and taste really good!

Don’t eat cold lunch meat like at subway…have it warmed up or toasted to kill the bacteria on it…as far as pills…I always took prenatals, fish oil and calcium supplements…I was working in a pharmacy when I was pregnant with my first and complained of getting leg cramps at night…the pharmacist told me not to eat too much potassium while pregnant so he said to take a calcium supplement and it worked the very same day so I took them with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy also and never got any leg cramps…

Your doctor will give you phamplets to keep for the do’s and dont’s. And make sure any questions you write down to ask. Just drink lots of water and try to stay calm. Best of luck.

Congrats and Best of luck!!!

I think u should confirm ur pregnancy first then go from there. Best of luck!

Try buttermilk for heartburn, get started on folic acid, get at Walmart mart in vitamin and herb isle. Good luck!!

You’re better off talking to your doctor about these things. Everyone has different beliefs and opinions as far as what a pregnant lady should and shouldn’t be doing. For every one person who says something is okay, you’ll have three more telling you it’s not. Not being mean, just trying to save you some stress. Wish I would’ve taken my own advice lol

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Preparing for a pregnancy entails a lot more than just stopping birth control. Doesn’t sound like you’re ready for a baby at all, especially after that mental health comment. Vitamins should be taken way before a missed period if a person is responsibly planning a family, I think if you were a mature adult you’d know the answers to your questions. Having children is a very huge life altering choice. It should be taken more seriously than this. There’s too many people on this planet the way it is.


Congratulations!! A cup of regular coffee a day is fine. Talk with OB about personal concerns because they know your medical al history

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I personally still had my coffee while pregnant n was ok other then getting bad heartburn at 5 months

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Once you get a test and confirm your prego. You have to go to the doctors and they will answer all those questions for you. Just watch out for ppd after you give birth those mental issue could worsen

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PREGGY POPS FOR NAUSEA!! idk how they work but they are like little lozenges and did miracles for me

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You need to see a doctor and psychiatrist.
Medication that is usually given for those mental health issues are not safe and pass on to fetus.
So you will need to be watched heavily. Hormones are the devil during pregnancy and adding those issues, I would consider if this is the right place and time for you to attempt to add to the population.
While you might feel you’re old enough and mature :roll_eyes: whatever the hell that means (I tell my students if need to say it, you’re probably not and you clearly have some self conscious issues in attempting to prove your “grown”. Again- if you need to already defend your position,
You’re probably wrong).

Have you considered adoption? It’s safer for you and the child honestly.

Plus you’re not going to experience pregnancy symptoms this early, it’s more like pseudo because you want to be pregnant.

Pepto is unsafe in pregnancy.

1 in 4 women have miscarriages. I’m sorry but it comes with the territory of pregnancy. I’ve been through 6 personally not to mention genetically terminal pregnancy that ended at 20 weeks.
I would advise to take all the test. Do harmony to watch chromosomal disorders and test for spina bifida at 18 with harmony.

Prenatal are needed. Ask your OB to test your human growth once you do get pregnant and track it until 7 weeks. Ask if you can do progesterone suppositories as well until 15 weeks to stay pregnant.


I too have severe anxiety and BPD. I had my first at 17 almost 18, Not planned but wanted. And if I have to add, made to marry him by my mother, I didn’t have any problems with my mental health, just the opposite, I loved being pregnant, It was the husband that was my problem, I did however have problems with delivery, C-section and seizures, More because of prenatal checks and poor doctors. So I agree, Every pregnancy is different, See your doctors and stay with it during this beautiful journey. I wish you well.

Get a nurse from a OB office on the phone and asked if any of your current medications are safe. Most mental health medications are not safe during pregnancy. Next go get a test. Also I hope you made the decision to try and get pregnant with your fiance because if you didn’t there could be issues in your future. Having babies young isnt horrible but going behind a man’s back and getting pregnant can ruin a relationship. So I hope you actually made the choice together. Also if your not actually pregnant I suggest you do some research and actually educate yourself. You shouldn’t wait to ask all these questions when you are pregnant. Make a appointment with your main doctor or a ob and ask these questions so you have the knowledge you need. Also if your just trying to get pregnant you should already be on a prenatal.


Doctor will be able to answer all your questions. The whole no caffeine thing during pregnancy isn’t a big deal, I drank my 2 cups of coffee in the morning and drank coke my whole pregnancy and she came out fine

A baby will not make everything better. Your mental is the most important. Does your fiancé know you’re trying to get pregnant?!?! Why not wait a few years? Do you work? Going to go to college? Trade school? This sounds like a mess.


You should ask the OB/GYN physician you go to all these questions.


One step at a time. Please talk to your fiance. If he loves you he will be the shoulder to lean on and he needs to be aware of everything or he can not help you.

Tell your OB right away about your mental health issues- I’m not going say I was normal but I wasn’t diagnosed with anything and I cried sooo much with my 1st pregnancy, I felt alone and I’m married and my husband is very loving, so I really didn’t have a lot of cause to feel like that I just did, the hormones effect everyone differently but it was something I didn’t expect and I wasn’t honest when they asked about my mental health looking back I really really wish I would have been. Maybe I can have gotten some help. Second pregnancy was totally different I maybe cried twice and for normal reasons.

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Sorry… but it sounds like maybe you shouldn’t be trying to have kids at this stage. Kids are a struggle and it sounds as if you are struggling already.


Should’ve kept that ring in…


Make sure you are as financially secure as can be. Job fiance has job that pays well have insurance. Cut back on caffeine pepto isnt good in first trimester. Talk with doctor about mental health meds. Most arent good to take while prego. Congratulations if you are but if you aren’t dont get discouraged focus on other stuff like getting married enjoying life and when its time it will happen.

Pepcid Complete works the best, or pickle juice.
Milk is also good for heartburn.

first, congrats if you are preggers! i got pregnant at 19 and had my daughter at 20, she’s just about to be 7 months old and is the GREATEST lil thing ever!
i always took Nexium for heartburn, it’s the best thing i’ve found and i’ve suffered from really awful heartburn/acid reflux since i was 14 :woman_facepalming:t2:
i also have anxiety, depression adhd, and borderline. best thing that helped me was seeing my counselor REGULARLY and also taking my meds REGULARLY. you HAVE to stay on top of it or everything becomes too much. already having huge emotions topped by being pregnant and severe anxiety is a lot to deal with. i had to be medicated because my panic attacks were increasing in intensity and severity each time i had one, my doctor’s told me if i had another one i had about an 80% chance of miscarrying because i literally thought and felt like i was being suffocated/crushed. make sure you talk to a counselor or some OB offices have a behavioral health person, talk to them. i talked with both my counselor and the behavioral health lady from my OB and they helped me SO much. a lot of what i learned from them i still apply in day to day life and i’m currently not on my meds (haven’t been for 2-3 months but i do NOT suggest or recommend it, listen to your physicians) and have been managing pretty well, though i probably need to get back on them soon. you might even be able to find a counselor who specializes in BPD and knows DBT skills and can teach you, that’s what my counselor did!

You really need to discuss all of these issues with an OBGYN. Especially the mental health issues. This can be serious. Pregnancy hormones are NO JOKE!


You can still have a cup of coffee in the morning just don’t go overboard. Eat as healthy as you can (even though in the beginning sometimes it’s hard to eat at all) and I would try to stay away from super strong cleaning supplies, pesticides, etc. :upside_down_face: in general though you can live your life pretty normally. If you work out, you can still do that. If you have a job where you are lifting (obviously not super heavy) weight, you can still do that so long as your body is already used to it. Wear your seatbelt around your hips and not over your belly (I still forget about that :joy:)

Consulting a Dr would be really helpful for you! The Dr has tons of information you can’t get accurately online. Even if you’re not pregnant yet, since you’re trying to conceive it would be good to know this information before hand if you can☺.

Good luck to you❤ im sorry about your miscarriage(s). I had 2 before I had my 2 little ones, then I gave birth to them 10 months apart haha. I got double lucky. If you do have another miscarriage it may affect your mental health, but you can handle it. I have depression, anxiety and I’m autistic. I was on no medication when we were trying for my little ones as alot can’t be taken while pregnant! I managed just fine. My anxiety is still a bit of an issue but I haven’t had a depressive episode since before I got pregnant with my oldest, which was 3 years ago.
Congrats if you are pregnant, please consult a doctor. :heart:

Rule Number One: Mom pages/groups are not the place to seek medical advice. See a doctor, take a pregnancy test & they’ll give you a packet with all the do’s & donts. Also, Pepto has aspirin, which isn’t pregnancy safe. I do suggest making sure you’re mentally, emotionally, physically, romantically & financially well before having a baby. They’re worth it, but not a walk in the park & will test you in ways you never could imagine.

I also have bpd and am on baby #4. I do struggle, but not to toot my own horn, I am an amazing mother. My mental illness doesn’t effect my ability to love and take care of my children. Yes, you can stay on some medications during pregnancy. Your OB will work closely with you to determine if benefit outweighs risk. I am still taking Lamictal and Buspirone daily and my ob is just monitoring us close. Don’t let anyone on here make you feel bad for wanting a baby and having mental disorders. We’re allowed to be mothers, too! We know what we can and can’t handle, and the majority of us are perfectly capable of raising babies.

Look you have made your choice and there’s nothing wrong with it. I was married at 18 and had my first baby at 19, still with my husband I’m 23 now raising 2 kids, he works his arse off and I’m taking care of my family

But before jumping to conclusions do a test, otherwise you may not be and then it’s gonna be disappointing,… If your trying for a baby just take the vitamins anyway I’d say do all the things, prepare your body before hand and good luck xxx

Be a kid first for real. Kids are expensive


I would find out if you are pregnant first before worryung about everything else. Then if the test says yes call your ob for confirmation then go from there. One thing at a time


Enjoy your fucking CHILDHOOD! children cost alot, and require ALOT of time… im pretty sure at your age you think you’re in love but you need to be financially ready, have a house, have a job, daddy have a job, cuz what will you do with the baby when you have it??? Shit let alone you SHOULD be mentally ready! Havent you heard about Postpartum? Lots of us mothers have it so ne aware of your mental state as well…

Alot of caffine isnt good. Smoking drinking an jumping around alot like ( trampolines, boats). No raw fish like sushi an such but other than that girl its really not too much too it. Just take your vitamins, stay open with your doc an never be afraid to call his office day or night!!. Dont stress an overthink too much!. Congratulations!!!

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I’d say take test before anything, but it does sound like you’re pregnant. When comes to coffee, tea, and sodas you can still drink them but every once in a while because it could cause pregnancy diabetes or make the baby underweight. Make sure you go to an OBGYN first and let them know. Just make sure you try to breathe and make sure you have a great support system wether it’s only your fiancé. Being in groups online helps a lot too. Everything will be fine just try and relax.

You and I are similar. We have some of the same mental issues. Best I can say it one day at a time. Yes you will have off days but just ride them through. Tells yourself all will be well. Surround yourself with good people, and just breeeeeeath. No smoking, no coffee, no alcohol, make all your apps and honestly as much bed rest for the first 5 months I am prone to have miscarriages so I stayed in bed for five months only got up to do light workout, shower, and do apps.

I had bad nausea every day, sometimes morning and night and sometimes all day, I took children’s Benadryl but regular Benadryl is the same just a different dosage so find out what dosage you should take. I took 2 children’s dosages (12.5mg) so that equals one Benadryl pill (25mg). It helped me with nausea and it actually gave me an appetite but it will make you drowsy but you need rest if you’re pregnant plus once the baby is born, you will lose alot of sleep. You do need to talk with a physician about all of this though, especially the mental health stuff! Best of luck to you and your fiance!

Get yourself a good OB and therapist.

Cong you will be ok but please go to your. Dr an confirm. Ask any questions. You may have. Take care an God bless

I’d be more worried about passing on my crazy genes but good luck with all that. :flushed:


have you tried CBD for the anxiety, and other mental health issues? It’s a lot less harmful to the fetus than medication.

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Caffeine is fine, just not a lot. Also, you need to stay on top of your mental health, I struggle with mental health as well.

The one sign that told me I was pregnant this time other than being late was my nipples were and still are sore. First step, take pregnancy test then if it’s positive make your first ob appointment. They will give you a pregnancy test again and then they will set up your first ob appointment where you can discuss all your concerns and questions you may have. While it’s not bad to get some advice from experienced moms, its better to talk to the doctor. I had severe nausea with this pregnancy but never got sick, my ob put me on zofran, b-6, more folic acid, unisom so I wont feel nauseous at night or first thing in the morning. It also helps me fall asleep quicker on top of prenatal vitamins and my seizure medication. I’m on pregnancy #6 and have drank coffee and soda throughout my pregnancy but have made sure to drink water to stay hydrated.

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Don’t be in such a hurry to get pregnant. U have plenty of time to wait. With all your medicinal problems. Do yourself a favor & wait. Once your pregnant U will understand


I got pregnant at 17 with my daughter had her at 18, she’s now 8 and I’m 26 and I have a 3 year old too, safe to say if she came home at 17 and told me she was pregnant I would go mad :joy: I want her to do well in life go college, uni whatever she needs to be successful in life!


I had my son at 19. I got pregnant on birth control. Things could turn out totally okay for the rest of your life. I’ll tell you this though, IT’S HARD. I was too young. He’s 6 years old now. I’m married to an amazing man who stepped up and is raising my son as his own. His dad is “in the picture” but it’s completely to his convenience. I love my son to the Moon and back, but, his life is harder than it should be because his dad and I were too young. He is shuffled back and forth every other weekend. He will see the difference and feel the difference when my husband and I have children together because his siblings won’t be shuffled back and forth. You are too young. I can say that because I went through it.

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Even if you are not pregnant but are planning on and trying to get pregnant then avoid caffeine, go ahead and take prenatals. Talk to your doctor about any meds you are taking now over the counter, herbal, and prescriptions some can be very dangerous early in pregnancy and remember just bc we stop taking a medicine today that medicine is still in your system for some time… it does sound like you are pregnant :slight_smile:
Dont stress and drink lots of water and more nutritional food rather than junk food…

And for the ones who say you have plenty of time… we dont know what time we do have … do what is in your heart… you have got this. There are plenty of resources out there and plenty of help if needed… I’ve always said to people when they say " you have plenty of time" or " you have forever" what if my time is now, what if my forever is now…

Blessings to you and your family :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Why do girls want to have babies so young? I don’t get it. Now’s the time of your life when you should be getting to know your BF. Relationships are hard enough without adding a baby to the mix, being broke all the time, risking everything for a man that probably wont be around.
I wish you luck because you’ll probably need all the support you can get.


If you took yours out and you’re already pregnant I’m extremely jealous…
and if you’re putting her in a category for anxiety for shame.


You need a pregnancy test or go see the Doctor to see if you are pregnant. I hope you have planned ahead for away to raise a child it is very expensive. With diapers, cribs, car seats, clothes, I don’t understand your hurry to have a child. It’s an 18 year commitment once you have one. Longer if you pay for college. I had children at that age and looking back wish I had waited. I was married but it is hard. Good luck.


Do not take pepto while pregnant and get a prenatal with dha in it get a good ob and explain your situation and make sure their willing to help u not only with pregnancy but ur anxiety etc. Good luck to you!!!

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Caffeine is fine, just like everything else don’t over do it!
When you go to your appt ask for a list of approved medications and also tell your OB about your mental health issues. They will point you into the right direction and monitor you over the course of your pregnancy.
I have depression and anxiety and was in a pretty bad situation when pregnant and my daughter came out almost 8 pounds (2 weeks early), is almost 7 months old and is happy and healthy as can be!

It is never bad to ask for help. Remember, it isn’t just you anymore. You will have a little human being to take care of soon. A happy baby requires a happy mama!!!

The first thing you need to do is take a pregnancy test. You can get them for a dollar at Dollar Tree or Dollar General. If your test is positive you need to make an appointment with your doctor immediately, because you need to know exactly what medicines you can take. They might have to be switched up. If you can’t get in to your gynecologist right away you should probably go to your regular doctor to find out what medicines are safe. If you are not pregnant you should prep for a future pregnancy. You should still have a yearly checkup, and let your gynecologist know that you want to become pregnant and he will advise you on different things. You should also go see your regular doctor about your medicines even if you aren’t pregnant, so he/her can put you on medicines that are safe for pregnancy. In the meantime I would go to your local used bookstore, or goodwill, and get a good book on everything you need to know about pregnancy. You and your boyfriend should start reading together. It will tell you everything you need to know. The library is good too. :slight_smile: There are some things you need to start doing though. You need folic acid. You can eat cereals that have a lot of folic acid in them. If your belly can’t handle prenatal vitamins take a children’s chewable vitamin a day. Don’t eat processed lunchmeat. Try not to eat too much canned tuna or salmon. Don’t drink herbal tea. I am sure you already know, so don’t be offended but no drinking or smoking if planning to become pregnant. Nothing makes me more enraged than seeing someone with a big pregnant belly, and cigarette hanging out of their mouth. Yesterday, a pregnant woman from my little town rolled a 4 wheeler at a local all terrain vehicle park. It should be common sense to never go to a place like that pregnant, but evidently it wasn’t to her. Everyone should know no amusement rides, but I have seen all of those things so I just put it all out there. You wouldn’t believe all the babies born addicted to drugs in the state of Indiana. It’s disgusting! Those poor little angels and the pain they have to endure is absolutely terrible. Those pregnancy books are so much fun to read though, and will tell you everything you need to know. :heart::green_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart: Congratulations on your engagement, and I hope everything works out perfectly for you both! :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a 3 month old and I have several different kind of anxieties, severe depression and emotional deregulation and personality disorder and I spent years attempting suicide and self harm and I got the same feelings throughout my pregnancy and since 16 I’ve wanted a family I’m 20 now and even with my little one I think of doing it but knowing I couldn’t be without him and my son needs me. Yes sort your mental health out with professionals I had counselling throughout and after my pregnancy and put on medication and I’m an amazing mother :blue_heart: your mental health does not affect you ability to be a mother if you keep on top of it . Take care of yourself as much as little one as you will now have someone that depends on you . If you truly want a family and to be the best mother you can then make sure you are as healthy as you can and you will be amazing :heart: my little one was 4lb 12oz at 38 weeks and in nicu for over a week and through all my mental health battles since his birth he is the reason I smile everyday my little ball of happiness weighing over 10lb in only 2 months and you couldn’t find a happier baby :grin: take care of yourself and believe in yourself and I heard if you try to hard to get pregnant It won’t happen so relax and enjoy trying to have a baby :wink: I hope it goes well for you honey :heart: you could always message me if you need someone to talk to

Definitely get a test and then see a obgyn let them know your health history and the the babies fathers health history, and go from there, hope you are pregnant, but don’t get discouraged if you get a negative it took me and my husband almost two years to have our baby after I got off birth control

Lmao “mature”
I feel so sorry for that baby if you are pregnant.


Did you discuss this with your psychiatrist and therapist prior to trying to conceive? If so, they should have provided you the necessary information and support from that side. It sounds like you did nothing but stop BC. :woman_facepalming:


I am a young mom and am dealing with some pretty bad postpartum depression right now (daughter is 6m old) and the best thing I have right now is my support system. My family is being so supportive and helping me with my mental health. I don’t know where I would be without them.

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Omg!!! You have no idea what you are doing


Just being realistic, why would you not work on your mental health issues before taking out your ring and trying to have a baby.


Unfortunately if you are pregnant, when you give birth the fluctuation in hormones can make all of your usual mental stuff worse. So you want to pay extra attention and make sure that others like your husband are as well. Otherwise, no pepto and one cup of coffee is usually fine but you can switch to something else if you’d like to be careful. Don’t take ibprophen for sure or any stuff like NyQuil,etc. I just stuck to nothing in my body except prenatal, Tylenol when needed, food, and drinks. That way I didn’t have to worry about anything.

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Sounds like you have succeeded

You should have thought about figuring all these things out before hand girl. Especially if you’ve been trying to get pregnant, you should first of all go take a test. Then try to figure everything out afterwards. Goodluck.


Those who are shaming her for having a mental illness should be ashamed of themselves. I have mental illness and it doesnt stop me from being an amazing mother. Quit with the stigma. Also everyone was a first time mom at one point dont attack her for asking for help thats what this group is for. I have been through 6 miscarriages and i know the hurt and pain that comes with it. Just try and rest as much as you can, take tums, no ibuprofen, no lunch meat, make sure prenatals have dha in them. Go in and get a blood pregnancy test to make sure if you are or not. Also if your trying to get pregnant you should be on prenatal.


Take fish oil tablets ! Make sure you take your iron as well besides prenatal

But a book for first time moms so mentally you’re preparing yourself , good luck !

You need to first confirm the pregnancy and then decide what type of birth plan you’d prefer… Midwife route in a birthing place or are you comfortable in a traditional hospital (pricing will vary a lot), do you have insurance? Apply to mediciad if necessary bc out of pocket a baby is 13k-30k just for the birth. Then once you decide and make an appointment with your doctor/midwife they will help guide you. I’d suggest downloading the baby center app… It is wonderful… Gives you tips and updates on your pregnancy and has access to forums to discuss these questions you are asking. For diet I liked the book " skinny bitch bun in the oven" she discusses caffeine and sugar etc and how they impacts your baby. Limit caffeine use, nail polish, artificial chemicals like perfume, hairspray, find organic and safe makeups, soaps, shampoos and lotions. Yes you will need to take a prenatal but your doctor will take tests and see if you need additional vitamins besides the prenatal. Good luck.

Nothing with caffeine in it don’t eat any deli meat 4 fish unless it is cooked drink plenty of water limit sugars starches carbs junk food fried food try to eat as healthy as possible fruits and vegetables Meats don’t forget to take your prenatals everyday don’t smoke don’t drink do not take any over-the-counter medication without consulting it with your OBGYN for any reason when the OBGYN prescribe any medication make sure it is safe for you to take during pregnancy walk Walking and staying active provided you’re not high risk or put on bed rest for any reason is healthy for the baby and yourself for when it’s time to deliver and it will help you not gain unnecessary weight. Try to drink at least a gallon of water a day it will help prevent Braxton Hicks and contractions pulse help with swelling. Don’t skip meals don’t forget to take your prenatals everyday keep all of your prenatal visits with the doctor if you have any bleeding spotting cramping back pain combined with the things I mentioned above get checked out right away either at the emergency room labor and delivery or with your doctor don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about your symptoms because your doctor will tell you if that is normal or if it’s something to be concerned about every little symptom even though I may not seem like anything let your doctor know how you’re doing if you’re not comfortable with your OB-GYN or your OBGYN has no bedside manner or doesn’t seem nice or understanding don’t be afraid to look for another OB that you’re comfortable with women are more prone to UTIs during pregnancy as well as yeast infections so if you think you have symptoms of that bring it up to your doctor. If you have morning sickness make sure to keep some saltine crackers next to your bed ginger ale or 7Up before you get up every morning sometimes it’s better to take your prenatal at night not on an empty stomach because it will help with your nausea don’t lift anything heavier then 5 lbs if you’re not used to lifting before bringing pregnant as you get further along in pregnancy make sure you ask your doctor when they do the ultrasound to check on the amount of amniotic fluid the position of the umbilical cord the position of your placenta and how your placenta is doing as well as taking on the baby and the baby’s heartbeat other than that just follow what your doctor advises you to do oh and at 10 weeks pregnancy you can find out what your having through a blood test if you would like to do that you can always come for me at 15 weeks at the earliest with an ultrasound but blood work is more accurate that way you know what to buy if you don’t want it to be a surprise of course. Make sure you call I’m get an appointment right away with an OBGYN since you are mentally ill and I’m assuming you take medication because some of the medication can’t he taken or needs to be switched while you are pregnant because it could harm the baby but do not stop taking it unless you speak to your Ob-Gyn but my opinion is if you’re planning or trying to get pregnant I would make an appointment now and discuss this with the OBGYN before you get a positive test


Grow up before you get pregnant. All these questions you are asking ought to be enough to let you know you’re not ready. But good luck.

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The new hormones are gonna make your mental health worse so if you’re already struggling you’re definitely gonna want to get professional help if you’re not already for it I had a handle of my depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and my mental health went down while pregnant and a few weeks after (didn’t plan on getting pregnant either) if I didnt have a good handle on it prior I honestly dont think I’d be alive rn

I had my daughter at 19 and my son at 22 people will judge that’s for sure if it wasn’t for my kids I don’t know where id be, just do what you think is right by your child there is nothing wrong with getting help

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Pregnancy will definitely have an impact on your mental health so make sure that you have plans and support in place as soon as possible. In regards to your babys health, take prenatal vitamins as soon as possible and if it turns out you’re not pregnant still keep taking them to make sure you’re healthy when you do become pregnant. A very important vitamin to take with your history of ADHD is Omega 3 oils, make sure you take tablets that are ok during pregnancy…this will help your baby have a healthy start, I took Omega 3 supplements with my 3rd and fourth children and I have noticed a big difference in concentration between them and my fist two, one of which has been diagnosed with ADHD. If this is what you want then you will make it work, but if you can wait a few years it can make life a lot easier for all of you if you are mentally and financially more ready for a family. Good luck with everything xxx❤️

Stick to Tylenol. Ask ob for a list of medications you can take. They should give you one. Mental health wise probably shouldve thought ahead of time but make sure you have a support system. I have adhd and its controllable. Havent been on meds since jr high. Coffee is ok just make sure youre careful. Energy drinks are a no go. (I used to drink about 6 a day before pregnancy) yes being a young mother will be hard. I had my first after i was 20. Pregnant at 19. Just remember on that part that this is YOUR child and you need to take responsibility since you wanted to be pregnant. Dont pass baby off to grandparents so you can go drink or party. You voluntarily gave up having that kind of life. Just the basics.

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