How to manage my bipolar disorder?

Hey mommas how do you deal with your bipolar. I’m 17 weeks pregnant and my moods and anger is just getting completely out of hand I used to be able to control but now I dont even realise I’m being so mean. Its driving my boyfriend away.


Lol my partner put up with it from the first pregnancy and is putting up with it through this one aswel if he can’t put up with theb he gotta hit the road, my partner jusy laughs at me when I start.


I have Bipolar type 1. What type of medications do you take? I may be able to help.

There isn’t much you can do during pregnancy besides being mindful and practicing some sort of calming “therapy” (I personally like coloring and writing). Your boyfriend is going to have to suck it up as well, he helped get you pregnant, he has to handle the increase in bipolar symptoms.


Medicine with my son’s pregnancy was super helpful! Zoloft saved my life & my marriage.
With this pregnancy I’m pretty much even (I’m having a girl we think that’s the reason) and I need is weekly therapy & monthly check ins.
I would recommend medicine if you really need it. They have perfectly safe meds for bipolar disorder during pregnancy & it could help you just feel better overall.
I’m choosing threapy this time because I’m not needing or having excess moods.
Try coffee! Ignore the caffeine, just don’t go crazy. It could level you out. Yes we all know about caffeine but at this point, the caffeine is for your mood levels, not for energy. Being bipolar, caffeine can be a miracle! Not just for ADHD or ADD but it works for bipolar disorder! Having a bad mood, manic episode or just super depressed, caffeine could level you out, so you can focus. Plus if you like coffee, its a win! But ask your OB first.

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I have bipolar depression. I’m finding it hard to deal with my emotions and ger pissed over the dumbest shit. Only advice I have is try to be aware when you’re manic or in a rage. Also Dr can prescribe some medicine if it gets too bad.

Bipolar is more than anger. And if you had bipolar when you met your boyfriend then he should know how to deal with the episodes. Are you on medication? If not, you might want to ask your Dr about it.

I’m prescribed Seroquel for my bipolar 1 disorder. I took it through both my pregnancies because my doctors considered the benefits to outweigh the risks. But every doctor feels different about medication during pregnancy.


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