How to manage postpartum depression?

Hi all, I had my daughter last April, and suffered PPD bad. In February I finally talked to my doctor and they first put me on Zoloft, and then Wellbutrin (I think that’s how it’s spelled) after that.
For a few months I started noticing a difference, I was up about the house doing things and not feeling so awful.
But these past couple weeks it’s like it’s all come back. I’ve been taking the medicine like I’m supposed to… so why do I feel like this? I’m really discouraged because a year later I feel like I’m in the same boat and I’ve been trying so hard to get through it. Makes me feel like I’m broken or something… I don’t really have a question. Just feeling very alone.
I’m a SAHM with no friends, and a husband who “listens but doesn’t know what to say”
I just want all this to be over. :pensive:


You may need to up your dose sweetie. Dont beat yourself up. Your welcome to message me anytime. :heart:


It takes some people years to find the right dosage/medication for them. Just talk to your dr about trying something else. I personally didnt like either of those for my ppd. Effexor is my jam.

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It’s ok. Your hormone levels are still changing. See your doctor to get your meds motified. One step at a time. Hugs to you!

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I’d say talk to your doctor. You might need a different dosage. Feel free to message me anytime if you need someone to talk to :heart:


Mommy and pharmacy tech - definitely need to have the dosage changed. Your body becomes immune to the same dosage after a certain amount of time. Call your dr :heart:


Probably just need a higher dosage or something different altogether. I take a morning & evening antidepressant.

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Talk to your Dr, after taking something for a while it is normal to need to go up on the dose.

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Im not a bible thumper by far… but my greatest comfort comes from christ… when you start talking to him and reading his word… alot of depression seams to dissolve… hope that helps… i will for sure keep you in my prayers


You may need a different med. Wellbutrin makes me angry! I’m on Lexapro and I’ve had really good luck with that.

I recommend asking the doctor to up your dose. It takes a LOT of trial and error to find something that works and then to get the right dosage. Keep at it, you’re already doing so great!

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Maybe talk about changing your dosage or things you can do in your daily life to help?

You develop resistance. Prob have to up the dose

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I am on Wellbutrin myself. After about a year, they had to up my dosage. It was like my body got used to it :confused:

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Seriously changed my lide

Wellbutrin worked for me for about two months and then I become a sob story over everything. I cried constantly and had to make changes. Talk to your doctor and maybe get a referral to a counselor for further help.
P.s. you are never alone!

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Change your situation I was like that after my second son felt like I almost died from the med. Literally had me on the floor I threw it away and changed what was making me so unhappy and before u knew it I was back to myself sometimes you just need to breathe take a step back and think about u and your worth and go do things u like and take care of your precious baby❤ you will be ok mommy hang in there

I’m in the same vote food was a huge one to get under control to help myself

I’m on Welbutrin as well. It may be because your post partum hormones are changing, your dosage needs to as well. Also, if you aren’t on the extended release version, I highly recommend that. I only have to take 1 pill once a day.

Wellbutrin is probably doing it to you honestly. That shit had me wanting to slap everyone in sight

This is what happens when your body gets used to certain meds. You’re not broken. You just to tell your doctor so he can get you back on point. We’re all a little bent some how but not broken. Sending prayer blessings of love and light :pray::revolving_hearts::rainbow::sparkling_heart:

Need to up the dose. Talk to your doctor

CBD girlfriend! Saved my life!

Your just becoming imune to the medicine.take magnesium supplements with it.if that dont work talk to dr.about increasing your are far from broken.hormone changes during and after pregnancy as well as the way we create serotonin change after giving birth your body has been threw much to support another being,you did that and the result is your child im a firm suporter in doing whatever is nessary to feel healthy happy and well.

Try getting out of the house a little more

You may need to up your dosage, personally I was in this boat. I had a 14 month old, SAHM and my husband just got deployed- I was losing my crap daily. I talked to my DR and he decided to run several blood tests, come to find out my thyroid is broken. It might be a good thing just to get blood work to see if it’s just PPD and not something else.

Zoloft sometimes needs to be adjusted. Your body gets used to it and it doesn’t work as well. You are nit alone. I suffered for it really bad as well. I’m a working mom and they had me on a leave while i delt with it. When they told me it was time to go back to work, i had to drive past my job (a resturant at the time) and I very seriously thought to myself “if it burns down there is no where to go back to” (that sounds like someone ready to go back right?) At that point I knew i needed a change. I found a new job and the distraction of learning something new helped. I suggest talking to your Dr about your meds and finding a distraction, maybe take an online class or something. If you need to just talk you cam P.M. me too.

I gave birth to five children and didn’t have any problems I think Meds make depression worse and no I didn’t have a good marriage

I had 5 children and had ppd myself . I chose no meds and worked through it myself and my faith . Everyone s choice to try meds or not . Everyone is different . Do what you think is best for you only :pray::pray::pray:

Sounds to me like the meds have just been suppressing what the problem really is, and it can’t do it anymore. You’re going to have to get to the core of the problem, and start from there. It’s your thoughts and feelings. Being a sahm is freaking hard to do for some yet, easier for others. The mommy life can be very consuming. We lose ourselves. We lose the person we once was, and now we’re a slave to a lil, very demanding human, 24/7. Out of my 3 pregnancies, the last one was the only one where I suffered from ppd bad. That was because with the other two, I went back to work right away. I had a life outside of the home. Other adult interaction. I was me AND a mom at the same time. With my last, I stayed home 24/7 with my son. It was always just me and my son, always. Which I loved BUT, I also needed that outlet. I needed to be Me, and not just mom all the time. My suggestion is, get out more. Go for walks. Maybe talk to a professional first, to encourage you to step out of the house, and interact with other adults, because being at home all the time, we tend to become too timid. Socialize is the key here. You need time to yourself, for yourself. Hit up some cousins, and have a day out with them. You need fresh air, and adult conversations. And see how much better you’ll feel afterwards. Good company is food for the soul. Find the balance between being YOU and being Mom. Best of luck to you! Feel free to message me if you would like. I’ve been in your shoes, and I would gladly help, because I know how awful it feels. Love & light. :sparkling_heart::sparkles:


Let hubby know you need some “you time”. Take a walk, go get your hair done, have a drink at a restaurant, see a movie…something just for you. It will help to know you’re more than just mom and housekeeper.


Well, I’m not going to recommend marijuana because I don’t know the laws I your state/county, but from what I’ve seen its been a miracle worker for a lot of people. I don’t smoke it or use any thc products but I have taken CBD before. Full spectrum is the best because it actually gives you a mellow “fuzzy all over Butterfly” feeling. It’s worth a try&as far as i know it’s legal everywhere. If it doesn’t work try doubling your dose, don’t think you can"overdose" on it at all. Sending prayers&&good vibes

Talk to your doctor. I personally take pristiq. I used to take welbutrin but I had a seizure on it. So I’d just speak to them about how you feel and what’s going on

Your dose might need upped

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Your meds need to be adjusted. It’s not a one size fits all approach so you make need a few tweaks to find the right balance for your body. Talk to your doctor.

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You are far from broken you are beautiful and just need to get out and enjoy the out doors take a walk go walk some trails get yourself grounded and talk with your dr and just remember you are not alone and you are an amazing momma and wife chin up you got this

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Self care! Seriously. I had to learn the hard way. Self care is key. Tell your husband you need to get out of the house with friends (or to make friends) and that you need time to go do things without the baby. Go get your hair done. Go get a massage. Go for walks. Just do stuff for you each day. Also try to start taking baby on walks and to the park and such too during the day. It helps so much!


Sweetie medicine is a band aid not a cure. And your dose may need to be adjusted. But my baby is 3 years old and I am still struggling with this, it didn’t like go away 1 day. Yes, depression is a chemical imbalance and all that science behind mental health has real and proven but they tell you this and it’s absolutely the truth… counseling and therapy is so so important also. Idk your situation but all you mentioned was medicine and that’s only a part of this disease. So maybe call Monday and set up some services and work that part of it as well. But again, I don’t think it just all gets better or goes away 1 day. I still struggle from time to time but for me we(psychiatrist, counselor, case worker and i) realized that even with medication I still have those low periods from time to time, so we all decided to try it without meds and see if I could handle it. Well, it’s been 3 months and it’s been a pretty difficult 3 months honestly and truly, but I’ve been pulling through! At times it is far from easy but im doing it! Everyone’s treatment process is different because each person is different but how you’re feeling is completely and totally normal. There is no “cure” for mental illness, only treatments to help you live with the diseases. I try to remind myself a lot when it gets tough that I am actually lucky… i don’t hurt myself, I’ve never really been suicidal, I mean, that’s truly a blessing right there because I couldn’t imagine how hard it is to live with those thoughts. You will be okay, just keep working and stay as positive as you can. As long as you can eventually pull yourself out of these low spots then you’re succeeding! Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed for like a week, sometimes 2, it happens. But eventually I do and it does get better again. Remind yourself of that, it won’t be forever. Sorry you’re struggling with this sweetie but you’ll be okay and it’s normal.

So I struggled w PPD after my son. My Zoloft alone wasn’t helping my depression only curbing my irritation, and so I also went to mom group. It’s twice a month for two hours where you can share your story or not and childcare is provided as well if you feel like that’s what you’d prefer. I don’t know where you are but you can ask your OB if there’s something similar. I know I was opposed to it at first but it REALLY does help!!

meds alone are not a cure all. you need to compliment it with therapy and or group and doing something good for you not just the family / kid. good luck. prayers…

Honey reach out to your ccommunity I promise your going to find other moms dealing with exactly what your dealing with.

See your Dr have some blood work done…could be a definiecy, of some sort.

Find a mommy group!!! It was the best thing I ever did. Now my little guy has the best friends and I have amazing support and friends who understand what I’m going through as a mom :two_hearts: