How to manage social anxiety?

Hey guys,
So. I have THE worst social anxiety and my baby shower is Sunday. This is the first time my friends have ever been around my boyfriends family and I’m like legitimately having a panic attack. My friends are loud and obnoxious and love them some cuss words and my boyfriends family is real conservative, don’t get me wrong, they know how to have a good time I’m just worried that their good time and our good time are two different things. I just need some words of encouragement or something because it’s getting to where I don’t even want to go to my own baby shower. I’m feel like I’m worrying myself sick. Does anyone have any coping strategies that they can share? Please and thank you.


I can relate to you! But everyone is there to celebrate your baby!! Enjoy your baby shower , try to be in the moment because everything goes by so fast. I over reacted before mine and had a ton of panic attacks but after, it was over i realized it wasn’t worth it. Just try to relax and have fun seeing everyone :blush:


Might could see about doing two smaller baby showers. But i think the issue here is caring about what other people think…so maybe start learning to not care so much. :wink: I know it isn’t easy…but It can be done. And you are gonna have to get that way if you want to ever have peace of mind. You might ask your friends if they wouldn’t mind toning the cussing down just a bit if you really want to. Just explain to them that the family is a bit more straight laced and that it would be a big help to YOU to not have to worry as much about one of them getting offended.

I’d have my allowed glass of wine for that evening.

Talk to ur friends about how his family is, you are having his child which makes them now your family. If your friends respect u they’ll act accordingly


Just enjoy your baby shower. It’s for you. If you’re really worried just ask your friends to turn it down a bit. Limit the cussing and loudness to a point. But everything should be just fine.


Maybe have 2 separate showers so you don’t have to feel so anxious. I have anxiety really bad so try to do what I can to keep my anxiety down because I have seizures from my anxiety

I know that I am a cusser, but I also control myself in social situations like this, I am guessing your people will rise to the occassion. Just be you and let them all show you their love. I am 52 and I have been around the block a few times, here is what people care about at a shower 1. Seeing your cute belly, 2. Games 3. Food :blush:Congrats on your soon to be new baby


You are not responsible for other peoples action. Only your own. Enjoy your shower and have fun!


I had the exact same situation. Low key, quiet, proper in laws and wild, crazy, out spoken friends… it went fine though. They aren’t there to fall in love with each other. They are there to support you. Don’t be nervous. Just be thankful you have a room full of love for you little one! Breath!!

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Totally relate. My boyfriend’s mother decided she didn’t want to be part of the shower my mom had planned for me and had her own. It was after the baby was born and I was full of anxiety. I didn’t know most of the people there but I’m supposed to let them hold my newborn? Do your best. Don’t be afraid to excuse yourself if need be.

Take deep breaths, calm down, im sure your friends and maybe even your mans family will surprise you. It’s your shower, I hope everyone is going to just enjoy the festivities.

Anyone who can’t intermingle with people who aren’t just like them by the time they reach adulthood, that’s an issue of theirs, not your fault. Your only responsibility is to have fun, and celebrate your baby. They can be mature adults, and I’m sure they will handle it fine. :slight_smile:

I would help your friends would understand is time to have fun and is a time not.

U enjoy your baby shower, it’s your day after all. Let the guests sort themselves out, u don’t need to worry about what may or may not happen.

I would just speak with your friends and family and just let them all know you want to have a great time and if they could just watch how the act and things because I completely understand where your coming from my family and friends are crazy as hell and you never know what they will do or say and when we had our babies baby shower and birthday parties me and my fiance had to let our friends and my family know to watch what they say because his family is the exact same way and I freaked out the whole time during the celebrations worrying someone was going to slip up but in the end I realized I was over reacting and it turned out perfect I was actually glad to finally have our friends and family all together and if they are your true friend’s they will completely understand

Try not to worry about it to much and just enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures at the beginning of the shower. I waited until the shower was over to take pictures and I was so warm and overcome with all the gifts and everything that I didn’t get pictures with my grandmother and mother :frowning: Being pregnant with all that going on can be overwhelming so just try to have fun. Everything will work out.

You are not responsible for anyones behavior at your shower, so go and try to enjoy yourself

I would speak to your friends ahead of time just to caution them so it’s not shocking for them and the same to the family. Ultimately though they’re all adults and you can’t control anyone but at least everyone is aware of what to expect.

If they are anything like my friends, they won’t be anywhere to be seen after you’ve had your baby any way. So don’t worry about it. What will happen, will happen. You can’t excuse other people’s behaviour xxx

Just ask your friends to tone it down