How to manage stress while pregnant?

no bashing/ judgement please
I’m 17 gonna be 18 this year I’m 25 weeks and I’ve going through so hard times . My grandma that raised me is passing away and I’ve been super super stressed out , I’ve been cramping to where I have to stop walking for a couple minutes . I don’t really know why ? Did any of you mommies out there have this when you where stressing really bad ? if so what can I do to keep myself calm Durning this time ? Again please no judgement


I was so stressed out a lot during my pregnancy. I went into labor at 29 weeks and almost had her. Think of your baby. What you feel your baby feels.

You need to STOP stressing. Take it easy. You can miscarriage!

You definitely should follow up with your doctor you may need to be on bed rest for the remainder of your pregnancy
Sending prayers your way I hope all goes well


Braxton Hicks can be induced with raised stress… also make sure ur keeping up with ur fluids. It’s easy to say stop stressing but there isn’t a switch to turn it off… maybe trying keeping a journal when it happens on what ur doing to avoid certain situations that could onset the cramping and absolutely follow up with ur ob

I just started taking a powdered magnesium supplement called Calm it helps with the stress and the cramping

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Stress kills and opens doors to disease . Stop
Pray and think about baby
Rest sleep. God gets us threw
Somehow trust in him.

First of all, I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. I’m sure this caused a lot of stress, and worry. You should call your doctor. However, you need to find time to decompress, whether you cry, take a warm bath, write, take time to walk in a park (when you feel better) listen to meditation podcast or apps when you start to feel stressed out. Pregnant or not, stress reeks havoc on your body, and being pregnant your little one feels what you do. Don’t panic, but you need to make an appointment with with doctor to talk about this as well.

I lost my dad when I was 34 weeks pregnant. You need to step back and breathe. I know it’s hard.

Need to go to GYN and get checked, could be loosing it. Sorry to add to your stress.

Go to you ob and have them check you ultra sounds pelvic crevices nobody took me seriously when I said my back hurt and I couldn’t walk I was 3.5 dialated and going into labor for over a week because nobody wanted to listen I was 33 weeks so definitely push if you feels somethings wrong

Make sure that you don’t dehydrate. Drink plenty of water. Try to keep your feet up. Stress can bring on labor. Try listening to so calming music or take a bath. Prayers for you sweet girl

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Go to your ob and talk the him/her
Get checked and make sure your contractions are just Braxton Hicks or maybe round ligament pains
(I had both a lot of my pregnancy)
Second… learn how to meditate
Yoga and breathing techniques helps reduce stress so much!
Even when it’s just daily stresses or stresses like loosing someone close to you.
I’m so sorry to hear about your grandma.
Good luck mama

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I lost my grandfather while I was pregnant. The best thing you can do is try to relax and hydrate!

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Jus breath and keeping going to your appointments … Ask your ob they’ll know better then us and know your grams don’t want you stressing about her baby girl!!! She want you and that baby to be healthy… easier said then done I know but… Just try and keep your head up hun…

I would call your OBGYN and see what they suggest, or even go to labour and delivery and get checked out.

Relax as much as you can. Take deep breaths. See a counselor. Have some naps. Your going through a time that’s stressful to anyone pregnant or not, seek ways to chill every day.

Put your feet up, drink some water, and call your clinic. They may want to see you if your pains are that strong. I’m so terribly sorry about your grandma, take care of you and that baby as well as you possibly can.

I would cramp all the time. Stress definitely doesnt help. I know its hard but you need to relax and breathe. Drink lots of water and eat bananas. It helps with the cramping

Believe me I know what you’re going through and I personally know that just stopping stress is way easier said then done. I was around 20 weeks when my Braxton hicks came on, I was a 100% completely single mom so not stressing wasn’t going to happen but I did my best. Drink lots of water, take many breaks, lat down often with feet propped high. Try as hard as you can and take a deep breath and remember everything will turn out like it’s meant to be. Your growing a beautiful life even though it’s a hard road til you meet your baby, itll be worth every step

Check your blood pressure, I had Braxton Hicks around that time.

See your doctor. You might actually be going into early labor and when you stop it lets up. Happed with my son. I was on bed rest and every just walking to the bathroom could make that happen. Then when I was off it at 5 & 1/2 months I had to go right back on because it happened sometimes when I was just walking but not every time

Your stressed baby feels every ounce of it and is stressed to. Probably trying to burry itself deeper.

Tell your doctor. It’s probably just Braxton Hicks, but you should be monitored just to make sure. Drink a lot of water when it happens. I would have BH when I was pregnant, and they said it was because I was dehydrated.

Please talk to your Dr if you don’t have a ride call a triage nurse or labor and delivery ASAP. Do not want to scare you but cramps could be a miscarriage or nothing at all only way to know is to contact them. Stress can also bring on a miscarriage. I’m so sorry you are going through this and what’s going on with you grandmom but you sort of have to block it all out until the baby is safely here otherwise it can really hurt the baby.

Stress can cause preterm mama! Drink water and try to rest! If possible ask for family help if not tell the dr so they can house you in the hospital for the time being.