How to move out of state?

i tried this before but i’m needing advice on how to move out of state? i’ve done it before but was only in charge of packing. my boyfriend and i don’t know if we’re suppose to find a place or job first? and how do we even find and get a job without being there??


Unless you have fam or friends to stay with, it would be best to have a little cash, and find a place first. When your basic needs (shelter, food, water) then it will give you a second to take a breath and find employment, you won’t be under so much pressure.

My husband found a job and stayed with friends. We then came down, found a rental, then packed and moved officially

We secured the job first then checked listing for homes secured the one we wanted over the phone,stayed in hotel for a few days until it was ready…

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Save money, visit to find out if you enjoy city/state, find out prices of living & renting, find out jobs that are hiring & what they pay first. Then decide.

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It’s probably best to find a place first. Especially depending on where you’re moving, because where I live finding rentals right now has been a struggle for a lot of people.

Find a job first. Most apartments will ask for proof of job and will sometimes take offer letters.
I moved across country alone and got a storage unit to put my things in and kept suitcases of clothes I needed and camped for the first week (during warm weather season) and was able to get an apartment within the next week only a few days after starting at my new job. Can also schedule viewing of apartments ahead of time. I like to find month to month leases incase it’s a place you really don’t like you have time to get other affairs in order before moving all your things and settling into your new place. I’ve always had a job before moving, it gives me anxiety if I don’t, cuz who’s gonna let you move in if you don’t have proof of income…

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