How to move past divorce?

How do people get over a divorce? I have 3 kids and one due in less than a month. It kills me that I’m going through this and bringing another child into the world even though the whole thing is for the best. I’m currently a stay at home mom so ill need to get a job and put my kids in daycare. I just need advice from someone that has been through this.


Apply much assistance as possible to help you get on your feet. There’s no shame in it as long as you don’t abuse it!

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Hi, Find a good support system, friends co workers, business associates and sign up for any available resources at

I had 3 kids already and was 18 weeks pregnant when my ex husband and I divorced. While it was hard on our kids at first understanding why we didn’t all live together anymore, it was better in the long run because the relationship was extremely toxic. It’s been 2 years and we’ve all moved on from it and are much better off & better parents being apart! It’s tough at first just getting into a new routine, but it’ll all work out! Good luck mama

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It’s not easy. Apply for assistance that you will need. Make dad pay support for all 3 kids. Why are you divorcing? Does he have some one else? If so take him to court for spouse support and child support.It will take a long time for you to probally get on your feet due to being pregnant. But hang in their. Look for a Parents Without Partners support group and Join it. Make new friends and stand on your two feet and keep your head high and take it one day at a time.

Apply for as much assistant as you can, apply for as many jobs as possible, look into a headstart program for your kids (if they are old enough), take advantage of the time kids are with dad. Try to coparent as best as you can to make it easier on the kids. Best of luck!