How to naturally induce labor?

I’m 38 weeks on a ftm. Havent lost my mucus plug and I dont even think baby has dropped. My last two apts. My cervix was still closed. Has anybody experienced this this late into pregnancy and still had natural labor? Can u tell me ur experience? I dont want to be induced :((((


I went 42 weeks 2 times … 38 weeks now and was checked today and no dilation … wait it out🤰

My son was born 40 weeks and 4 days, and I was induced because my blood pressure was high. I fully dilated after being induced with pitocin and I pushed and pushed but he did not want to come out so the doctors thought it best to do a c section. You just never do know how it’s gonna go lol. I do hear that the first baby tends to cook the longest and that rang true for me. I’m 8 weeks along with my second so I’m interested to see how this goes this time around lol.

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Wait it out :relaxed:
With my 1st child i was 40 weeks + 3 days. My waters broke on there own and natural labor x

I was 40 weeks an 5 days I went into labor last Monday was supposed to be induced Tuesday, I wasn’t progressing after 14 hours of my water rupturing they started pitocin to induce me after 23 hours an a few complications I had to have a c section

Wait it out. Induction before at least 40 weeks is unnecessary. I went a little over 41 weeks. Be patient and don’t rush the baby. If he/she isnt ready yet there is a reason. You very well may have another month to go. Trust your baby and your body.

I was 39 weeks 2 days when I had my son. He dropped but his head had my cervix pinned. Once I turned 39 weeks I started walking! Went into labor on my own 2 days later! Went to labor and delivery that morning with contractions 2 minutes apart, but they sent me home after 2 hours becasue I wasn’t dialating past 1cm. I went to my Dr appointment later thst day and was in active labor! I didn’t think I was gonna go into labor becasue his head had my cervix pinned so bad. Just be patient!

Use a birthing ball and rock side to side it’ll help baby get lower!

Went 41 weeks before inducing

Mine was breeched nd I had no mucus plug nd my water broke at 38 weeks

I’m 40 weeks and haven’t lost my mucus plug either :confused: I’m nervous and go to the doctor tomorrow to see what’s next.

I experienced this and my cervix was still posterior the last i got checked at 40 weeks and 3 days she tried checking my cervix and couldn’t reach it but kept trying and it hurt like hell (the baby has been head down for a while) the next day I’d have inconsistent contractions that would wake me from dead sleep and the day of the night (two days later 40+5) I was supposed to be induced I went into labor naturally and had him that night.

I unfortunately was induced at 40 weeks 5 days. Labor did not want to progress naturally or even when they induced me so I ended up with a csection. Good luck momma and breathe!

Nothing happened with my third until 39+6. I had my mucus membranes stripped and boom had my daughter at exactly 40 weeks

I wasn’t even dilated at all at my 40week appointment and 3 days later and alot of walking my boy decided to give his momma back labor

Walk alot, spicy foods, sex, excersize ball, good luck :slight_smile:

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You still have 4 weeks to progress dont stress it x

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No castor oil at all period. It can make baby poop in the uterus and cause a loooot if problems


But what I used to send myself into labor was acupressure there’s a pressure point three finger widths above the inside of your leg above the ankle you press down and rub in a circular motion and it brings on labor and it works. I did this Monday afternoon my first contraction was at 3:30 in the morning on Tuesday but my labor was slow bc I didn’t have her until 5:22 pm on Thursday.

You can go to 41 weeks and it being your first pregs it tends to be longer. You’ll prolly be right on time at 40wks. Walk do squats bounce on a ball… But it will come when the time is right

Going over 40 weeks is not uncommon in ftms


My daughter was 2 weeks late lol and all natural birth … the baby knows what to do.

I kind of snicker when I read these post. I was just thinking about the olden days when my grandmother and those before her had babies. They didn’t have all this fancy technology. The baby came when the baby was ready and certainly not before he/she was ready.

A die date is just an educated guess. I was 42 weeks and some change with my 1st, went into labor naturally.

With my 1st I had a scheduled induction because like you my cervix was closed. I started having contractions on my due date…had him 2 days later on my own. With my 2nd i was induced at 41 weeks because of preeclampsia. I was terrified of it also, but it was not a bad experience at all. Honestly the only thing i can think of is the contractions were stronger because of the pitocin. If I had to be induced again, I wouldn’t be nervous about it!

Hip rotations on an exercise ball babys head will massage and help things move along it worked well for me

4 days late . Cervix was close & water broke went from 0 cm to 10 within 24 hours & got a 9 lb babyboy so everyone’s different don’t worry baby will come home soon !

My first was that way I was supposed to be induced because at 41 weeks I was still not dial acted at all and my cervix wasn’t thinning but the day before my inducement was suppose to happen my baby girl decided she was ready lost my mucus plug and with in the next hour went into labor had her later that day good luck mama

My kids were early but i did alot of walking like a lot that might help

Me with my second I was like 37+3 . I got a big exercise ball and just bounced up and down on it . (Not to long or hard just a steady pace ) at my next appt. I was at a 3 I rested a day just layed up and the next day bounce on my ball some more and we t to the hospital that night in labor at 5. Had the baby next morning .

Never lost mucus plug , water broke after foot masssage at 38 weeks

Unless there’s a concern you can go to 42 weeks before needing to be induced! And there’s lots of things you can do to help labour along, like bouncing on a ball, walks, squats, etc. You can ask your OB/midwife for a stretch a sweep as well. But sometimes things happen with no warning. I was 37w4d at my last OB apt when I was pregnant with my first. Mucus plug in tack, baby hasn’t dropped, and I wasn’t dilated or effaced at all. At 38 weeks my waters starting leaking, I lost my plug, water completely broke, and contractions started, baby was born 10 hours later!

My cervix was completely closed my first pregnancy. I started having contractions at 40w+2d and went in the next morning then 4 hours later my water broke. But I went from completely closed to full labor in under a day

One time out of six pregnancies have I seen my bloody show. I’ve lost my mucus plug a million times by 38w because it regenerates. Granted I’ve been induced 4x. My second pregnancy I went into labor on my own and I never seen my bloody show. My membranes were swept with my fifth and that night before being induced the next morning at 39w I seen my bloody show fall out and go down the drain as I showered. As long as you’re having a healthy pregnancy they will let you go to 41-42w before being induced. By then you’ll be begging for it. I was induced for things like low amniotic fluid, IUGR, and high blood pressure. Good luck. I was overdue with my first 2 pregnancies.