How to naturaly jumpstart labor?

I am currently 36 weeks 4 day pregnant with baby #2, doctor said I’m at the point where it can happen any time, and I have NO idea what to expect. With my first I was induced at 34 weeks due to having a pin hole leak in my water. I was high risk and on progestin vaginal suppository that left a gucky mess down there (TMI I’m sorry). I didn’t even know I had the leak for sure until I went in to be checked when my kick count was low. This time I got weekly shots instead and just had my last one yesterday. I’ve made it much further (thank goodness) but I don’t know how to tell if I’ve dropped, lost my plug, I’ve had some bad Braxton hicks and what google describes as “lighting crotch” but how I know when the contractions become the real deal, and when its time to head to the hospital? In this situation I feel like its my first time. every labor is different so what do you mama’s recommend I look out for this time going into a natural labor instead of an emergency induced labor? TIA

There’s not really a set way to naturally jump start labor: they say things like sex, exercise, pineapples, spicy foods, yoga balls, stair and curb steps, eating dates. Some women drink red raspberry leaf tea starting at like 37 weeks.

All of these methods may work if your body and baby are actually ready to go into labor. A lot of women don’t spontaneously go into labor by themselves.
Also losing your mucus plug doesn’t indicate labor is near because it can grow back.
They say if you have your bloody show, which is like your mucus plug with reddish/brown blood then labor is most likely near.

  • your mucus plus looks like snot, but from your vagina and it can also come out in chunks.
    Braxton hicks generally don’t hurt, it just feels like a tighting in your belly.
    Contractions hurt and the more you have the more intense they become. They are also consistent when your in labor, they won’t go away with drinking water or just laying down. You’ll know when your having a contraction.

You will know when real contractions start it will take your breath away. Go for walks. You can also get one of those gym balls and just bounce on it.

When you loose your plug you’ll know.