How to night time potty train?

I am due in a month with my little girl.

My question is have any other moms decided to nighttime train your older children knowing you will probably be overwhelmed?

The thing is. All the advice says to start when it’s a good time for you and your child, but like when the heck is that?:joy:

He is 4 and completely daytime/nap time trained. I think he is only peeing in his pull-up when he gets up in the morning… as in already awake and laying in bed does it… because why not. We limit fluids before bed and double potty already.



A good thing that I tried was awarding a dry pull up. It could be something as simple as a favorite breakfast, or that he earns a treat with lunch. Now, people are probably going to argue that “treats mean junk” and it doesn’t have to be. Although, nothing is wrong with a little bit of junk (chocolate, candies, chips) in their diet. After all, fat and sugar is on the food pyramid too.

Take away the pull up…

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Hes 4. Take them away

Take away the pull up put a plastic sheet under his regular to protect his mattress and check him in the middle of the night to make sure he isnt wet and sleeping in it all night.

Your older children should already be night trained. Just get it done and then that’s one less thing to worry about.

Well, I potty trained for both day and night when I started and all mine were fully night and day trained in just 3days at 2yrs and 3yrs

It may be he’s conditioned to a diaper maybe underwear will work at nigjt

My daughter was fully daytime trained I had to take away the pull up and we haven’t had a accident in 4 months. (Fingers crossed)

Take the pull up away