How to nightim potty train girls?

Anyone have any tips on how to get ur 4yr old to stop wetting the bed. She goes to the bathroom before bed doesn’t drink 2-3 hrs before bed. Someone give me tips please lol. i swear i tried everything i can think of.


Have her checked, she may have a medical issue that is causing it

Could be nerves…was for me

Check out with md, my son slept so hard he would wet his bed

Maybe she wakes up and has to go but is too scared to go to the bathroom??

Could be a weak pelvic floor, my son went to OT for this and hasn’t had an accident in months. Weird what certain postures can do, or not do for the body.

My son is 8 and still has occasional accidents dr said he just sleeps hard after multiple tests I have to wake him up to go potty in the middle of the night when he was younger

Some kids are just bed wetters. There may be a medical issue or not. My 4 year old sleeps 12 hours straight at night. We do no liquids after 6:30. Pee before bed. I wake her up around 11 when I go to bed to have her pee. And sometimes she still wets the bed once a week or so. I clean it up, switch her bedding out and move on.

It’s probably more something she’ll grow out of. Don’t make it a big deal, because it could become worse if she thinks she’s doing something wrong. My son still wets Thebes and is older than your daughter, it’s hard on them too. He wears a night time kind of pull up.

She could just be a late bloomer. My 5 year old still wears pull ups to bed

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Check her for diabetes

I experienced similar issue- I would take first to a urologist to check after dozens of replace mattresses and big kids pullups just simply putting him to bed with no clothes on would wake him up and he became potty trained at age of 8… sleeping to hard was the issue, pullups and clothes would soakup urine and would not wake,but doctor said the cold urine and all would wake… we was amazed but it worked… but rule out any medical issue first…

For my daughter I would not give anything to drink 2 hours before unless she was extremely thirsty and it would only be a small sip, made her use the bathroom right before bed and wake her up a couple hours after to make her go try. After a couple times she automatically woke up and went by herself.

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Actually try maybe… :roll_eyes:

Room temperature too cold usually, can’t wake up fully or too scared to go at night, Try to get up with her and have her sit on the toilet

It is common in kids. My son wet the bed until he was 11. I tried everything, did all kind of tests and after everything came back normal they said we just have to wait for him to outgrow it. That was 25 years ago. Things are probably different now.

Classic sign of sexual abuse, could be a medical condition, could have had some other stressful event happen. buy big pull ups and take them to a dr.

My grandparents bribed me with a swing set

I had that issue, my bladder was the size of a 4yo at 10. Stopped growing. They gave me steroids and 2 weeks on it I was good.

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If its a boy their brains dont communicate that well with their bladders after they go to sleep

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Put her in underpants covered with plastic pants (like you’d put over a cloth diaper). She’ll pee and it will feel uncomfortable…waking her up. She will learn that uncomfortable feeling earlier and earlier and gradually start “listening” to her brain indicating,”I’ve got to pee"

Good luck. Mine is 5. We have good nights abd bad nights :unamused:

Cool sensation pull ups. My daughter wears them to bed she’ll be 4 in 2 weeks and has been waking a dry for a while. Over the summer we will be giving it a go switching to underwear but to me it’s worth it to buy the pullups so I’m not washing laundry over n over for 1 accident

It could just be they their bladder isn’t caught up with their body yet my dad had that issue and tossed it down to me haha. He wet the bed until he was 10 and I wet the bed until I was 12 and it’s just because your body doesn’t have the kind of control over your bladder. I would suggest keep doing what you’re doing and give your kid a salty snack before bed like pretzels or potato chips. Doctors have recommended that before and say it works.

Sometimes it just is inevitable and no their fault. Sometimes pampers are necessary until an older age.

I would use pullups at night. Some children are very deep sleepers and just don’t wake up is all. Your doing everything right.

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To make it easier on you when accidents happen at night do waterproof sheet regular sheet then another waterproof sheet then regular. This way you change her and strip off one set of sheet and a fresh set is ready for her to go right back into bed.


I found an effective way of dealing with this. Just set an alarm on the phone e.g every 3hrs. The notification must be on vibrate. Place the phone on a sensitive part of their body. See what happens every 3hrs!


Get her out when u go to bed. I never did this with my first. But my 3 year old is fine if she gets out around 10/11 for a wee. She will wake up to go now to x

Some just have week bladders just gotta grow out of it

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Stress will do it. I wet the bed until I was almost 10, but I never wet when I was with my grandmother

Just put a pull up on her at night they will have accidents at night. My son still does once in awhile and he’s 5 now! It happens.

Every babies learn at there own time not saying there babies but just give it time dont stress all learn just be patient.

My daughter wound up having sleep apnea due to her tonsils and adenoids, which is what was her problem. Her body would stop breathing and throw her into like a shock and she would pee the bed. Get them checked. May not actually be their fault. My be a health issue like with mine.

She could just have an oversized bladder that she’ll grow into. The doctor could do some testing. If thats the case it’s just something you have to wait out unfortunately. Just something a couple of my mom friends have run into. Good luck! Sounds like you’re doing all the right things.

My son was 6 before he stopped. It’s normal for some kids to wet the bed until they are 8.

Check for diabetes…it’s one of the major signs. Poor baby

she’s old enough for some honey a teaspoon before bed. It really helps.

Most children’s bladders aren’t matured until around 7. That’s why bed wetting is so common until around 7. Put a mattress protector on the bed, put a pull up on the child, layer towel then sheet, towel then sheet for a couple layers so you can just strip one off in the middle of the night and have a dry bed again. It’s normal. The more you stress and flip out, the more nervous the child will get. Which will lead to more bed wetting.


Some kids take longer than others to stop. Just put pull ups on her at night. Eventually she’ll consistently wake up dry

It’s hereditary!!! Unfortunately it runs in the family!!! Get pullups. Eventually it will stop. I tried everything with my kid’s nothing worked. I wet the bed until I was 14. Heavy sleepers don’t feel it

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Does she have allergies? I used to pee my bed when I was having bad allergy attacks. Didn’t matter how much I did or didn’t drink before bed, it just happened.

Socks. Worked for me.

Some kids take longer to have dry nights than others. For some kids their bladder takes longer to mature to this stage in life

Have you tried the bed wetting alarm?

I worked in pediatrics. It’s the next step the dr would take around this time usually at 5, but the sooner you start the better. It takes about six months, long commitment. However, parents that had been consistent had seen results.
Give it a try.

Help her feel safe… are there psychological reasons? Nightmares? Afraid of the dark? Boogie man? Sometimes kids won’t get up from the bed due to fear. Buy a kids flashlight in the shape of her favorite character and place it next to her bed. Or buy strips of lights and make a path for her and the light for the toilet bowl. They think it’s cool.

Is she a heavy sleeper? Is the bathroom too far away in her eyes?

You can ask her to help you strip the bed and put the sheets in the washing machine. And have her change her own clothes.

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She could have over stave bladder

I saw a video where this mom layered the crib with mattress cover then sheet about 3 times and all I thought was GENIUS idea I wish I would of known about this way back when I became a first time mom

I didn’t stop wetting the bed until I was 12 years old. Turns out I was a deep sleeper and family drama was getting on my nerves as well I was tested by a doctor whom discovered this

My youngest did this til about 7. It happens. My oldest was 9. U can try some good-night underwear…or set an alarm 4 hours into her sleep. Have a flash light beside her bed. Keep the bathroom light on for her during the night. This will happen for a while but im sure she will out grow it soon.