How to nighttime potty train?

What is the best way to night time potty train a three and five year old boy? I don’t have much family or friends to ask this because I work full time go to college full time and raise two boys….please help?


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Honestly we didn’t have to potty train at night time, my almost 4 year old started waking up on his own throughout the night to tell us that he has to go pee

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We cut back drinks 30-45 minutes before bed. Child used potty right before bed. And then when ours woke up in the morning, she went immediately to the potty. We had a set time to sleep and a set time to wake up. And of course there were still a couple accidents, but establishing a routine always helps.


Nothing to drink after a certain time unless it’s water, always potty right before bed and if they lay there a while before falling asleep, potty again. I potty trained both my girls (3yo at the time) and that’s what I did. Also, I kept them in pull-ups at night until their first 2 nights of dry pull-ups and then I moved on to panties. For about a week, I still put a towel under their bottoms just in case and after that they were good to go. Took me about 2 weeks total to fully potty train them. We travel a lot also (long distance) so I used same method with traveling. I procrastinated foreverrrrr until I finally got annoyed and buckled down on them. I was so thankful I went ahead and got it over with. Lol

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Put them in training pants not pull-ups . So they actually get wet and don’t like it . Put plastic sheets under there normal sheets so not to ruin the mattress. Stop liquids a few hours before bed . Make sure the pee before getting into bed . 5 years old and not trained . Not good and in no way an I critiquing you . I get your a single mom working and school. So they have sitters . Get them on the same page . The key is taking away liquids at night

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Don’t let them drink a couple hours before bed, get up in the middle of the night with them & make them go pee.

Cut back liquids after dinner time. Always go potty right before bed time. If I wake up in the middle of the night to pee I grab my 3yo son and take him too. Luckily he will go right bk to sleep

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No water 30 minutes before bed, set your alarm for 1 to 2 times during the night to get him up to the pottie. Rewards if he has a dry nite.

Cut back liquid intake - I went with no drinks 2 hours before bedtime and made sure they went pee beforehand as part of their bedtime routine

Just make sure the last thing you do before bed is potty and the first thing you do waking up, keep them in pull-ups or something for accidents until they got it down. One day they just get it.

Set an alarm to wake them every hour or so throughout the night. It gets them used to waking themselves up to use the bathroom and paying attention to the urge to go even whilst sleep.

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Cut back on liquids after supper. Have them potty before bed. Have them wear training pants instead of diaper or pull ups. They feel wet right away and get the feel for a full bladder and wake up before they go. It doesn’t take long. If they don’t catch on after a couple of months, you may want to have the doctor check them for a bladder problem.

Seriously saying cutting out there drinks isn’t it. You will just dehydrated your child and make things worst. Some kids take longer than others. Boys take even longer. I promise it doesn’t last forever. Use pull ups and mattress protector. Whatever you do. Don’t shame them. They already feel bad enough already


Don’t cut back on liquids! Potty training is development and some bladders just aren’t ready yet. If you are using pull-ups skip those and go to underpants.


It is developmental. Happens when it happens.

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I never withheld liquids from my children (1 girl, 1 boy). Nor did I set a clock to get up in the night. That’s insane. They wore training pants (Terry cloth) not pull ups & I never shamed them for accidents. Lots of praise for success & they were fairly easy to train. Hang in there. Some take longer. I think it’s fine to cut down the amount of liquids near bedtime without withholding liquids altogether.


HONESTLY boys don’t fully potty at night until between 7 and 9 yrs old. Their brains aren’t mature enough to wake them up at night.

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Don’t drink water before bed

I stopped drinks about 7 at night maybe even 730 ready got cleaned up around 8 bed 9 for my kids. But if you’re kids go bed about 8 stopped drinking about 630 7 and go bathroom before bed

My kids still don’t get drinks after certain time and older only because the wzythey sleep

Make them potty right before bed. They’ll get used to either holding it or getting up and going. Maybe try putting puppy pads to prevent messing up your mattress but accidents happen, consistency is key!

Good Luck!!! My son’s 7 we stop all drinks at 7pm he will go potty bed by 9 he will go potty again I have to wake him up at 12 every night to potty then he is good till 6am if I don’t wake him at 12 by 1 he has wet the bed he is a hard hard sleeper praying as he gets older he will learn to hold or get up in the middle of the night I do have a plastic sheet that’s used incase he has a accident before I wake him at midnight

Go without nappies or pull-ups go straight to undies waterproof protector on mattress no drinking b4 bed time if they are thirsty allow a small amount of water then wait 10/15 min then toilet then bed.

I never woke my kids up during the night 1 or 2 accidents then no probs after that

When I was training my kids when I took diapers I took them away completely night and day. We stopped liquids about 2 hours before and went pee as we were walking to the bed room.

I struggled with my 2 for nighttime trainkng (4 and 6) up until about 6 months ago. Don’t cut back liquids just make sure they go to the toilet about half hour before bedtime then at bedtime make them go again to get that little bit more out. Accidents still happen here but not often maybe once a week? It’s hard but patience is key