How to open a home daycare?

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I’m a SAHM and I’m thinking about opening up a daycare . So I can be with my kiddos and still help my hubby financially. Have any of you ever started a daycare ? Any tips , advice , or suggestions greatly appreciated. I’ve done alot of research but it’s still better to hear actual experience and advice from ppl that have done it .


There is a test thing you take online its $45.00 when you pass you get a certificate that you can just print off where ever then you have to go to a red cross place and do cpr classes to get certified and then I’m not 100% sure how you get an actual daycare license but it’s a start and once you’re certified it’s still better than just being a babysitter, that’s what I do during the day, I do not have a license but i am certified.

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Get licensed and insured and have your home checked to make sure it’s safe for other children and check to see how many kids you can have total at a time in your home


I am a Child Care Licensing Specialist for the State of South Carolina. Call your local licensing office to find out their requirements. In my state you must attend a free orientation to learn the steps.

one adult can have 4 children, but if you have your own children that can be a huge issue I have three kids so I legally can only watch one so right now I only have one kid that is not mine during the day.

Each state has different requirements and regulations. You really need to find those out for your own state.


Each state has a licensing office. A quick Google search and phone call will answer all questions. Every state’s requirements are different and then you have county as well. Its alot but once you get through it all it’s totally worth it. Good luck future business owner :heart::black_heart:

Make sure you have all the right paperwork before opening a day care. (Liscenses, insurance)
You are going to have to make sure your adult to child ratio is right at all times while also making sure not to go over the amount of people SAFELY allowed in one area

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I had a state licensed in home childcare for 6 years for that exact same reason. I wanted to be able to stay home with our kids. I closed it when my two oldest were 3 and 1 because it was tough! My 3 year old was having a very hard time with other kids in his space all the time. Not to mention it just wasn’t fun anymore. It actually takes time away from your own children being that your 100% care and attention needs to be on everyone, not just your own. And the paperwork is consuming at times. SO much paperwork and so many rules and regulations to follow (which is understandable, obviously!) I know some women who have done it for 20 plus years! It just ended up not being what was best for our family.

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I started mine about a yr ago. In WI you don’t have to be certified unless you want to be able to watch the max number of kids and get financial help with food and other things. You should definitely get cpr training beforehand. The biggest thing for me was to have a contract made up between the parents and I. About schedules, days off, emergency numbers, and also when payment is due and how much you charge.

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Depending on which state you’re in there’s a lot of regulations to that check into it because here North Carolina you don’t really profit off of a daycare in my town unless you are the only public daycare or a private daycare

Rules for daycares vary from state to state check into the laws in your state. I did home daycare for 7 years. I was open 630 to 530. I had some great parents and some awful ones. Parents that dropped off at 6am didnt show up until 7 pm. I would say they couldnt come back the next day if they were still sick and they would open the door and send them in and then take off before i would know they were there ( mind you kid is puking and crying) then wouldnt come back to get them when i called and there emergency person wouldn’t come either.
For the most part I loved it though. I found out later my kids absolutely hated me doing it though.

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Some states require a state license
Definitely do your homework on basic curriculum for the ages you would take on.
You’ll need safe spaces for play in/outside, map spaces, place for safe food prep and feed, a space for the children to keep their personal items… place to change and care for diapered children.
Possibly a drivers license allowing for driving larger number of kids around safely.
And then cost of care to make it worth while for the number of kids you care for.

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