How to open up to my boyfriend? Our culture is different than yours

My question about is that we live in another culture not in west, sorry english is not my first language… we are not open to our boyfriend/ husbands openly like you peoples are… my question is that my boyfriend is not long lasting he finishes too early… i cant get pleasure i feel that if i will talk to him about this his ego will hurt and might our relation ends. so i am afraid of it what is the best way to convey this message silently being telling him… need your opinion. we are not old we both under 30


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to open up to my boyfriend? Our culture is different than yours

Maybe try to get him to keep up with the forplay for longer? Get your rocks off before the big show :wink:
This is what my husband and I have had to do because he has the same issue.


I find being on top is the best way as he needs to be on top to finish so i always go first. A different position might keep him going longer.

Can you get books, (or a book), on tantrum sex? Maybe open a conversation about learning new ideas?

Just whisper “slow down” seriously. Any language can understand that.

Be STRAIGHT to the point. HONESTY is key.

Dump viagra in his drinks lol


He might have low testosterone.

Try finishing just him first, then go again for you. He won’t be as sensitive the 2nd time and it will last longer.

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