How to open up to my boyfriend? Our culture is different than yours

My question about is that we live in another culture not in west, sorry english is not my first language… we are not open to our boyfriend/ husbands openly like you peoples are… my question is that my boyfriend is not long lasting he finishes too early… i cant get pleasure i feel that if i will talk to him about this his ego will hurt and might our relation ends. so i am afraid of it what is the best way to convey this message silently being telling him… need your opinion. we are not old we both under 30

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No one likes to be criticized so if you fear his reaction, start off by discussing what you like from him sexually then say it could be better if you did this and this instead. Your sex life cannot be improved unless you know what you like and you can communicate what you like. After talking about it and he still doesn’t make sure you are pleasured, then you need to decide if it’s worth sticking around with the bad sex

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Sweetie, I Kenyan. We are raised to not speak about sex freely but if there’s something I’ve embraced from the western culture, it’s the open dialogs when it comes to the topic. Just guide him. Rave when he’s doing what feels good and gently request something different when it doesn’t. Open up about how difficult it is for you to express your wishes. Choose a time before you actually start a session to speak so there’s no pressure and you’re not interrupting him to talk about it. Just start small until you’re more comfortable. If he’s truly concerned about your pleasure and satisfaction, he will be glad to have your guidance and it will be important to him too.