How to organize kids books

Wondering what everyone uses for their kids books! We have a toy box with side shelves for books but our LO has so many now I’m having trouble finding places. I want something that has room for plenty. Any ideas? Thanks


I made a bookshelf when my daughter was young.

Ours are in the entertainment center right now, where the dvds are supposed to go :woman_shrugging:t2:

Ummm gonna get wild and say a book shelf.


I use to use milk crates turned sideways, zip tie them together and then hook them to a wall so they can’t pull them over lol

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they sale bookshelves for kids now too try Walmart

I use little shelves until my daughter gets more, then we’ll get her a book shelf…

We use the fabric box shelves so they can get them out with out us worrying about it falling on them

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We have several book shelves but we also would donate books the kids had outgrown to their school.

Bookshelf, I found some nice ones at the thrift store. My son uses the bottom two sleeves and I use the top ones.