How to overcome anxiety?

I feel as though I’m not coping. I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity but my fear and anxiety is blocking me. How do I overcome it? Do I have to play it safe forever? I just want to cry at hate for myself in hiding away. But if I do that, the opportunity will be gone. Argh.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to overcome anxiety?

I do crafts keep my hands a d mind busy

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Whatever the opportunity is thats giving you anxiety think about all the good things and just keep trying to think positive about it.

See a Dr and discuss it now,with this world it has became normal to be anxious


You have to first stop and breathe. Then you need to find a relaxing activity to grab your mind and keep it in the here and now instead of bouncing off in a thousand directions, wondering what can go wrong. Do you crochet? Would you consider getting colored pencils and adult coloring books? Anything like that will slow you down and help you get control. I also have an emotional support dog. They are great for hugs and letting you pet them and talk to them about all the things you can’t tell anyone else. Just their presence is comforting.

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Grounding. Try not to overthink it. When you find yourself drifting think of the reason you’re doing it. Not of all the what-ifs. You got this.


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Counseling/therapy/meds. Determine your triggers & head them off. Reframe.


Talk to a psychiatrist. Get into good therapy … and sometimes medication helps.

I know as a teacher both have helped me tremendously in my life. It has changed me for the better.

Cognitive behaviour therapy

Having fear and anxiety about getting your self into something new is normal , it’s normal to be scare to changes , but fear should not dictate your life.
Take a breath, stop overthinking, accept your opportunity and seek help :slight_smile:

I totally understand how you are feeling!! I have severe generalized anxiety to which I am on medication for. I still deal with anxiety when making big decisions. But I can tell you that when you do something that is out of your comfort zone it really helps with overcoming anxiety. Try doing some thought challenging. I tend to think the worst right away. Thought challenging is taking the negative thought and replacing it with a positive thought.
(Ex: “my friend isn’t answering me, they must be mad at me.” Replace that with “they are my friend, I didn’t do anything to make them upset they are just busy.”)
This is a great way to change those negative thoughts! I have an iPhone and I have a widget on my Home Screen as a reminder for myself if I am feeling anxious.

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One day at a time. Try to think of the positives. Little steps. Trust yourself

Get your medical marijuana card. Try edibles. They help me the most with anxiety.

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Essential oils -stress away is fabulous for anxiety

l get paid over $125 per hour working from home. l never thought I’d be able to do it but my buddy makes over $18830 a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The possibility with this is endless.

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Push through your anxiety and fear. It will go away the more you face your fears!

I delt with this so bad … makes sure u give plenty of time ahead as in go to bed early wake up early arrive early to prep yourself for what’s ahead throw yourself in there read affirmations remind yourself people do actually like you have something in your pocket to play with while talking to people even a tissue to rip up or roll ur fingers around cut down on coffee drink flavoured milk instead at the end of the day u can just come home to ur haven and if it doesn’t work out oh well ur still in the same position if u didn’t try :woman_shrugging:t4:

I had the same situation arise at the beginning of this month. I had to make myself take the leap and stop overthinking things. I can honestly say i am so glad i took the leap. Just go for it