How to parent a child with ADHD?

So I just don’t know what to do with my 6yo anymore. He has ADHD. He just doesn’t listen! I’ve tried calmy approaching the situation. Doesn’t work I’ve tried explaining why listening is good. Doesn’t work I always end up yelling which I DO NOT like doing I end up feeling so guilty and apologizing later but it doesn’t matter cause he doesn’t listen anyway. His teacher is always saying how he will interrupt her while she’s talking (not listening.) Almost every Monday she tells me something new he’s done to not behave. And honestly I’m just too tired and too stressed to deal with it anymore! My fiance isn’t much help because my son doesn’t listen to him especially. I always end up with a stress headache dealing with the two of them. What have you all who’ve experienced this done? I’m thinking soon family therapy I feel like a crazy women! :sob: