How to parent a sassy child?

My 5 year old lately has been very sassy and not wanting to listen to a word I say now a days. It’s not that she’s bad behaved, but I find myself repeating myself and honestly, I just need more parenting intel, am I being too strict and expecting too many rules for her age or should I continue to enforce them the same way?

  • I may ask her to clean up her toys, she’ll end up playing with them and getting distracted 2-3 before she actually cleans up all of her toys.
  • She has a habit of talking with food in her mouth. We all talk at dinnertime, it’s a good space for all of us, but we don’t do that, and would like for her to grow out of the habit.
  • She has problems with lying. And it’s not anything extreme, it’s like “What’d you watch last night?” And she’ll simply lie about the movie she watched, then if you ask her if she’s telling the truth, then she will back track it.

For constantly repeating myself or her not listening to something I have asked, I have taken electronic privileges and even TV privileges. Some days it’s timeout, and it doesn’t really seem to phase her. Any advice moms?


Im 32 and still get distracted with my toys while cleaning my room. For a 5 year old? I don’t think anything you listed is outside of the norm for a 5 year old, even the lying. Both my kids told fibs and they did grow out of it. Its all about consistency and routine at that age. Don’t punish for something now and then decide its no big deal and stop punishing later. But for me, the only thing in the above I might do time out for for a 5 year old is the lying. :woman_shrugging:

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Being repetitive is good … sucks to keep repeating yourself. The lying is a bit much to lie about stupid things I’d be more worried about that then anything else if you keep everything the same expectation she’ll outgrow the rest …

Maybe make a game out of it? Or a reward like having a certain dessert after dinner or something? Just something to make it a little fun for her until she gets a little older. It worked for me.

The lying is totally a phase be consistent and explain trust and honestly. We are going through that with my six year old. Rather than take the electronics and screens away make her earn them… Clean up toys earn an hour on the tv. Get yourself dressed and ready for the day 30 minutes on tablet…however you want to do it. It has worked well for our son. We also use a star chart for his accomplishment throughout the week if he earns enough in the week he gets to pick an outing with or without his little sister…

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Welcome to being g a parent. Lol. Mine does it too. I’m CONSTANTLY repeating myself. It’s annoying. Lol. Elbows kn the table, talking with food in their mouth, interrupting when hubby and I are having a conversation , picking up toys, keeping their damn hands to themselves, to stop whining, to brush their teeth (and then catch the lie because said child actually did NOT do it). CONSTANTLY handing out punishments only for it to happen over and over again. Its exhausting.
My oldest lies all the damn time. About stupid little things that for no reason should have to lie about at all. My boys will fight and then it gets physical, someone then gets hurt. So they try to get each other kn trouble, only to find they are BOTH in trouble. Lol parenting is fun.
Just be consistent and follow through with any kind of threat (you wont be going to ____ if you keep that up). If they do it, they dont go. Period. No matter what. Lol
It’s hard.
Good luck, And may the odds be ever be in your favor! #hingergames #hardmom #parentingsuckssometimes

Getting distracted cleaning up toys is normal for her age as well as talking to with mouth full jus nicely remind her. As for lying u will need to explain to her y lying is not ok after awhile she may stop but each child is different jus gotta be patient

Typical 4 to 7 year old behavior. Your expectations are not to high. Keep on her as you are! You will get through it!

I have 4 kids, 4,3,3, and 2. They clean their room every night, sometimes in the middle of the day if we are going out for awhile, they dont get distracted now, they used to but I kept making them clean and clean until it was done and they didn’t get any cartoons, juice, candy or anything until it was clean. I also tell my kids not to chew with their mouth open or talk with their mouth full. I dont think you are expecting too much, just dont give in, keep at it even tho its exhausting.