How to parent toddlers?

So my youngest daughters dad has been very difficult to deal with lately. It’s always his way or the highway type of situation. He’s very rude to me. We don’t have a visitation schedule with the courts. It’s just us trying to do it. We were not married. Recently he has admitted to being off his bi polar medicine which can explain the sudden mood change. What should I do? I know I can’t demand him to talk to be with respect. But how should I resolve this matter?
Is there a way I can get someone to supervise it?
Btw Our daughter is two years old


Personally I would withhold visitation until he is more stable, no sense asking for trouble


Im sorry hope u have alots more time with him u deserve it an the fans can wait

No visitation till he is on his meds and lawyer up

Stop his visitation, get a restraining order, and go to court

Also when he comes over call the police and tell them he is not on his meds

Angie Christian is right. Why keep putting you child & yourself in that dangerous situation.

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Take him back to court. Tell your lawyer you are afraid for your daughter because he is off of his meds and you don’t like the way he acts to you.

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Do not leave him alone with her.

Go to the court and inform them that he is bipolar and he has admittedly stop taking his medication and your child is not safe going with him ask for monitored visits until he can stabilize himself on his medicine again

If there’s no visitation from the courts then problem solved. Pretty straight forward!

I would take it to court and get full custody. And let them know hes been off his medication. I’m bipolar and when I’m off my meds it’s not a pretty site. You need to do what’s best for your child and make.sure shes safe!

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So you are handing your 2 year old daughter off the a bi-polar off his meds? And you are worried about him talking disrespectful to you?? I’m sorry, but there is a whole lot more to be worried about here than that!


Simple… take him to court.

yeah there is a way to get someone to supervise. But than again…don’t have your daughter near him unless he is on his meds. Her safety is important than seeing her father. If need be…go to court and get something set and rules that have to be followed.

U need to withhold/stop visitation for now. Bc out of no where he can snap or be in the middle of a eposide and something bad happen and he won’t even remember… You never know… If I was u I would contact maybe a lawyer and see about getting supervised visits for him until he is back on his meds and stable.

You’re being neglectful by sending your child with someone that you know is not mentally stable.

Get yourself a lawyer and ask for a guardian ad litem to represent your baby’s best interests. If it means a drug test before every visit, fine. Your daughter is too precious to lose if he’s messed up but you can’t stop him!

I would not leave her with him if he is off his meds. Maybe supervised by a court appointed person. I think if I were you, I would get the court involved for you and your daughters sake. Bi polar off his meds could have volatile situations for you both. Tread lightly…I know some one who is in your same situation, and it has gone wrong for her more than once.

Go to court to get a visitation order and in the order he must stay on his meds and be tested regularly because if he keeps going off his meds is there a chance he might harm your daughter does he have anger issues it might be a good idea to talk to an attorney about this better being a little extra safe than sorry later

Until he is on his medication and can prove it. I wouldn’t allow him near the child. The disrespect is frowned upon yes but that’s not a good enough reason to withhold his rights to his child but him not taking his health seriously is a reason. Bipolar isn’t always bad. (I have it and raise 5 kids just fine but it’s easier to control now that I am older and was hell when it first was unmedicated) Some people can do it without medication and some can’t and from the sound of it I’d say he can’t. I wouldn’t trust someone with anger issues or lashing out near my child so if you see that behavior RUN FAR !