How to pay medical bills?

I found out this summer that I had a dermoid on my left ovary. I was sent in for a CAT scan. I was told by two different people that this would cost $700. When I received the bill it was for over $1,400. well I ended up needing surgery to remove the dermoid and ended up losing my left ovary as well, unfortunately. The anesthesia was $620. & the surgery was almost $4,200. How am I supposed to pay all of these bills at the same time?

I’m a stay-at-home momma, my husband has a good paying job, but we can’t afford these unplanned bills


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to pay medical bills?

Call your hospital and see if they have any kind of assistance.

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Does the hospital have a financial department where you can talk to somebody to help figure out some kind of arrangement? Does your husband have insurance?

I’d call the hospital and see why insurance denied covering more. If it’s due to coding then I’d call the insurance company and talk to them about how it should have been coded (and see if the hospital will redo it with the correct coding).

Another option is to call the hospital and ask for the financial assistance and then set up a payment plan.

Medical bills suck!

Try and apply for assistance

They will try to get you to pay it all at once but you do have the option of a monthly payment plan


ALL hospitals have a “charity” so called bucket. Call and ask if you can apply for it. They will send you forms, including a W-4 to fill out and send back. They basically write it off if approved.


Wow we complain in uk about the national health and its shortfalls but cN you imagine if we lived in U.S.A


Many hospitals have charitable funds that you can apply for and if you qualify, they will decide how much of the balance they will cover. Also, set up a payment plan! I needed hospital care when I didn’t have insurance and I did these things and my hospital also applied a “uninsured discount”…. Essentially knocking off some of the extra money they charge the insurance companies :crazy_face:

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Set up a payment plan that doesn’t take to much of your monthly income

My father had some major surgeries and hospital stays. The bills after insurance were still over $10k. My mother was dying of cancer at the time, and there was no way to pay the bills. I took each bill and pay $20.00 a month on each. That is literally all he can do. We have been paying on them for over a year now like this. It has not affected anything negatively. Sometimes you just do what you have to. Send them $20.00 a month in good faith until it is paid off, and don’t stress yourself with the worry of trying to pay all of it at once. Life is too short to worry about things like this. As long as you pay them something each month you will be fine. Don’t ignore it, but don’t let it consume you either.


You’ll have to go in and set up a payment plan.

Call the hospital and ask about financial plan!

Also ask for itemized list for each bill. This often results in lower cost.

Yep this is why I’m in debt and my credit is shot

My husband had diverticulitis surgery in 2017, we put $100 down the day of the surgery and paid them $100 every month till it was paid off. We did payment plans with the doctors too. As long as you make monthly payments you will be fine. There were no interest charges either.

Set it up on payments,pay what you can afford, I’d do like $25- $50 a month,so you don’t run your family short on finances

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Hospitals allow you to apply for financial aid to help cut the cost of your bill! It should just be a quick application and then you get approved or denied.

Call the contact on the bill and apply for ANY assistance options. Doesn’t matter if you think you won’t qualify, at least fill it out and see what they adjust. Then set up a payment plan on what is left.

The hospital will make a payments plan with you so it’s not sent to collections

set up a payment plan 100%! even if you pay $5 a month, they can’t send you to collections for it.

I’m assuming you have insurance so that’s what’s left over. My hospital has a company that does a payment plan. I was paying 100 a month. If no insurance. Emergency medicaid might help. That I’m unsure about but it’s worth a shot

Payment plan. There will be no interest, but they will work with you

My hospital has financial assistance programs, I would definitely check into that! I got an unexpected bill for $3000 for physical therapy from my hospital. I didn’t know insurance wasn’t paying until I got the bill. Luckily the financial assistance covered the entire bill.


Set up a payment plan but call the billing department and ask for an itemized receipt. So you know everything you are paying For.


I knowwhat you mean it sucksto be sick can’t afford to

Payment plan. Also, can you work? If you can find child care that would help a lot with paying that off faster and give you more than one income.


Call and see if the insurance has paid on their end. If so set up payment plan with them.

Payment plan through the hospital!

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You can pay $20 a month if you want. As long as you are paying something it can’t go to collections. Then, on the months you can pay more, pay more. But they will let you pay small amounts forever. I was a single mom and paid $20 a month for a almost a year and a half bc it’s all I could afford

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If you have insurance make sure they paid everything they need to then set up a payment plan. Use your taxes in the spring to get a good chunk out. You’ll make it!

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Some people don’t realize that even if you have health insurance, you may still qualify for the financial assistance programs through the hospital for the remaining balance of your care. Call the facility and ask to speak to a financial counselor to see what options they have available for you. They can help you to understand why your CT bill is so high (your insurance may not have approved it in time for you to have it done). Then, even if you don’t qualify for financial assistance, they can get you set up on a payment plan. Good luck!


First and foremost!!! You have to call them and ask for an ITEMIZED BILL for each visit!! Just trust me on this!! If they can’t justify the price for each item listed, they must remove it! Then set up a payment plan! Yw! :slightly_smiling_face:


There are payment plans or financial assistance programs that will actually forgive the entire bill or a portion of it contact the billing department or hospital about it


Pay a little every month on each bill till paid off

Start a Go Fund me. You shouldn’t have to but thats the world we live in

Most hospitals have some type of financial assistance plan, see if you qualify and go from there.

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If you don’t have insurance, call each place that has sent a bill and ask if they have an “uninsured discount.” I worked in the billing dept for a large hospital in Philly that gave a pretty significant discount for uninsured patients, but only if they asked. If you are insured, make certain that these charges have all been processed and paid correctly by your insurance. If so, you can request a payment plan. As long as you’re making a good faith effort to pay, you won’t be sent to collections. Feel free to PM me…I have been a SAHM for 13 years now, but I loved my medical billing job, and would be happy to help you.


Talk to the billing department at the hospital. Most hospitals have a procedure for writing off uncollectible debts. You just have to ask.

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First off, call your insurance company and put up a fight. Demand that three review your bill. Also, hospitals usually have financial relief options to those who qualify. Call the billing department and ask! And start googling- there are a few non-profits that might be able to help too!

You can ask the hospital to forgive much of it. When you get the bill lowered you can pay a small amount monthly.

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I had a dermoid cyst removed from my ovary earlier this year…when I got the bills my part was about $5000… payment plan with the doctors office and the hospital.

What insurance do you have? I have BCBS and when I received a statement that said I owed more than what the BCBS statement said they were allowed to charge me I called BCBS and spoke up. The rep from BCBS called the billing department of my hospital and got it fixed for me. If your insurance says they cannot charge more than $700 then they cannot send you a bill for double that.

Set up a payment plan with the hospital/medical office and let them know how much you can afford each month.

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Set up a payment plan with the hospital or offices. I’ve had a few surgeries and two csections, my daughter has had surgery, and my son spent a week in the NICU so we all have high bills and I have a payment plan set up for each of our accounts.


I have several answers. One, our health care system is broken and no one should be in a position where they owe so much in such a prosperous country. Two, you can often call and negotiate or apply for hardship funds that will take care of some or all of the costs. Three, emergency savings of 6 months of salary is always a good idea. Unexpected things will constantly be popping up in our lives.

Payment plan. No one can afford those bills all at once.


Call and make a pay plan. Most people can not afford to pay that even of they have insurance. I have a few medical bills on payment plans.

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If you have no insurance you can call the billing dept. and ask for an itemized bill and or ask them if all the none allotted charges are taken off (it’ll blow your mind how much it will drastically reduce your bill, sometimes by 1/2 or even more) and make sure you do this for each bill, most hospitals separate their bills. So one will be a physicians bill, the other anesthesia, then recovery etc etc they also may come from different places (not all from the hospital). A lot of times they do not do this unless you call bc they will try to pinch every penny out of you, even though they cannot charge you for them if you have no insurance coverage, but they will adjust it for you. Then you set the amount you can afford every month and they must accept it. If it’s for a hospital bill it doesn’t matter if you say you can only afford $5 or $10 a month, they must accept it. Of course when you can pay more you should to get it paid down but don’t tell them some crazy # bc once you make that 1st payment that’s it, no going back to change it. Also you can see if it’s a Catholic or charitable hospital and if so they have resources that can help pay it down as well. I used to work at a hospital in the emergency dept… Best of luck to you, I hope this info can atleast help some.


You don’t pay them in full. Just make monthly payments of like $25-$50. And if you’re a sahm, apply for state insurance. They back date bills and pay them. If your husband is paying into the system, you deserve the benefits.


Make sure you get an itemized bill also! You will usually see a big difference in price


Go down to the hospital billing department. Tell them it brings financial hardship on your family.

They may write it off. Just don’t put it off.


Call the companies and set up payment plans

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Pay whatever you can. If you can only send each of them 5$ a month… do it! Just do what you can and don’t stress over it.

First off, be sure to ask for an itemized bill and then work a payment plan out with them. Believe it or not, they are pretty helpful in that manor and as long as you pay something you’ll be okay.


Talk to them, ask for a payment plan fo a small amount monthly you can afford. Sometimes after a few months of those consistent payments there is a possibility they reduce the amount, not always but there’s a chance if you’re showing you’re making payments on time.

I would call and see if you can setup payment plans. Are they payable to the same location? Make smaller payment allowed to the largest and largest you can afford to the smallest. Once the smallest is paid off send that plus the minimum to the next and so on and so on. It will take a bit but it’s the fastest way

A lot of places will give you discounts even on prescriptions!

Call and tell them all you’ll pay them 20$ a month period then when tax time comes pay a chunk of each and then. Back to 20$ a month something is better then nothing and as long as your paying something it won’t effect your credit

Get on a payment plan asap

If you don’t have insurance some facilities will negotiate a cash price and set up a payment plan. I would call and talk to a financial counselor at the hospital.

Hi! I work in the billing department for a hospital. My advice is to contact the billing department and see if they offer any financial aid (most do) and complete the application. This should reduce your total bill. Then ask for a payment plan. Another option is to see if you qualify for Care Credit. It’s a credit card for only medical expenses. Depending on the size of the bill you get x amount of time to pay it off interest free. Good luck!


Did your insurance pay for any of it?

ask for the full bill! some things on the bill can be worked around due to bs charges

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Call and ask for a monthly payment plan you can afford. Does your husband’s job have insurance?

You may want to get a job until the bill is paid.

If you don’t have insurance, you can call and ask about a cash discount, it usually cuts bill in half. (In my experience)

Just call the billing department and set up a payment plan. Generally doctors offices and hospitals are very willing to work it out. Even if you only agree to pay a minimal amount, if you pay, they won’t send you to collections. But don’t wait until they do because then it’s too late!

Is this your responsibility after insurance or do you not have insurance? I worked for our local hospital, and I know that hospitals (unless privately owned) have financial aid packages available, basically they determine what your responsibility should be based on your income. If you don’t qualify for that, they also offer payment plans. Set up a monthly payment plan of $50 or $100 a month. I know it will take a while to pay it all off that way, but at least you’re working on getting the debt cleared away. You may be able to do both. Take whatever you qualify for in financial assistance and then make payments on the balance. If you don’t have health insurance, I suggest applying for your state Medicaid. I understand that your husband works and makes good money, and since you’re in a parenting group, I assume you have at least one child, so your household income (what your husband makes) would be your only income for a family of 3 or 4 or 5 or however many kids you have. Then they deduct monthly expenses. It should be easy to qualify for. Whatever the situation and your personal circumstances, in the future, any procedures that you have to have done (or anyone has to have done in general) request the cost in writing prior to. That way if after the procedure you’re billed more, you have proof of what your cost would be. It just covers you.