How to portion a toddlers food?

I am a first time mom to a 14 month old that loves to eat. I feed him 3 meals a day along with milk and snacks but I’m not sure how to portion out his food. And he doesn’t stop eating on his own. Any tips?


We did 3 full meals and two snacks a day for my hungry munchkin. He was always at the top of every physical percentile and he ate like it too.

Haha my boys are four and 18 months lol they never stop eating… lol all day. But I try make it fulfilling healthy snacks like ants on a log

My 16 month old will eat until he starts grunting and shaking his head. At daycare they follow the first rule every portion is as big as his fist but at home he just eats eats eats

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Consult a dietitian hon. Then put suggested food amounts in separate cups /dishes.

Start out with small portions. If he finishes and wants more give more…if he plays with it he’s full

As long as you’re feeding him healthy foods, the amount really doesn’t matter much. Just make sure he’s getting the proper nutrition and don’t worry unless the doctor tells you you should <3