How to potty train a 4 year old?

Please help! My son will be 4 this July and wants absolutely nothing to do with the potty! When I try asking him why it’s like he shits down and wants to cry. I’ve tried the videos, treats, and other things but nothing seems to work! At this point I’m completely lost and don’t know what to do.


Book off work for a week
Spend every hour putting him on the potty
Focus on nothing but that!
My daughter trained at daycare
But my sister did no pants and put on potty literally every hr. Consistency is key
At 4 he will need to be potty trained to be able to go to school.
I know some kids that trained literally the last week leading up to school ALL BOYS
This was an old post I see. Were u able to potty train him ?
I did rewards and celebrated with my daughter
That seemed to work really well.