How to potty train a boy?

I have a toddler who is going to be 3 in August. He has a place in preschool starting in the fall but they require kids to be potty trained. My son refuses to try to use the potty. We used treats and making him sit in wet clothes until he realizes it’s not comfortable but he just doesn’t care. He won’t try. He knows what it’s for. He watches me and his dad. He sits on it. But he won’t stay or actually use it. We have tried toddler potty and big potty. Nothing is working. Please any advice is appreciated. TIA


We did a potty watch and sticker chart. Try the training pull ups that are cloth.

All you can do is be consistent. He will do it when he’s ready.


Just give it time and don’t stress too much about it
He will in time
I don’t if this will help
But don’t push him
It might make things worse
With my last
I just went cold turkey
Basically followed him around with a mop
3 days later he wad potty trained

He may just not be ready

I’m in a similar situation… My son will be 3 in September and we have decided it is best we have him start preschool at 4…in hopes he is potty trained. Some children (boys more likely) don’t potty train until 4… I want him to be confident and be able to express his need to use the bathroom and that is not going to happen in a few months even with constant training each day.

Throw a few Cheerios in the toilet or dish soap and Dad can show him how to sink or shoot the Cheerios or make bubbles.

My daughter will be 3 in 2 weeks, and yeah, same issue. She understands what’s going on and knows she needs to be potty trained to start school, all she talks about is wanting to go to school lol she has some days where she wears pull ups the entire day and only has 1 accident that whole day, but then the next day it goes out the door and she’s too scatter brained about it. Doesn’t help that I don’t get much help or support from her dad with it and he’s the one bugging about getting her into daycare or preschool, but yeah it’s definitely frustrating as a mom at this stage. We use the DumDum lollipops strictly for potty training and she knows every time she goes, she’ll get a sucker, but it’s still trying to get her fully potty trained…and getting her to poop in the toilet lol but my dad said to just be consistent with the kids, in everything you do, and keep encouraging him. We put the little potty on a towel by the couch with wipes next to it, and camped out for a couple days in the living room with all her shows and games on, and that helped to give her the little push to start potty training and get used to it. It’s times consuming and gets lonely, and of course as soon as she had an outing with her dad it was back to the diapers…but I stayed in her and every 30 or so minutes she hadn’t peed, I asked to try to remind her to go, and it helped start the process. I completely understand the sort of time limit to get him using the potty before school starts and that sucks, but I’m sure if you keep encouraging him and supporting him, accidents and all, he’ll get it.

All my kids started prek at age 3 and were not potty trained they were in pullups…the twins teachers helped potty train them at school…

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Guess he not going to school

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Im sorry but letting him sit in wet clothes is cruel.


If he’s not ready, don’t force him. This is when I hate nursery/schools putting this on the mums and kids!


Give him a little more time he might not be ready. Both my sons were just over 3 we also didnt use potty n just went straight to toilet. They were more used to seeing use on the toilet than seeing a potty so found it easier zx

Both of my boys went to preschool at age 3 my oldest was the same way luckily I lived in the country and could make it a game… once he learned peeing on trees was fun it fell into place… but all kids are different… my step son I used his favorite cartoon printed underwear and told him they would be sad if he peed on them so he tried extra hard to have happy paw patrol puppies lol… just gotta find that one thing


My son had just turned 3 when it clicked with him. One day it was diapers and he would scream and cry if I tried to get him om the potty, the next day it was mommy pee on potty. Pooping took like 2 weeks longer but… one day he said “mommy poop in potty” and now he goes all the time. Just a diaper at bedtime now.

I potty trained both my boys by the time they were 3 1/2, I used a large metal coffee can. They liked the way the sound of their pee hitting the can sounded.
Also there are colored tablets that change the color of the water when it’s mixed with pee, try those too.

Sounds like my son… I had to have a very serious conversation with him… Told him all about school… Asked if he wanted to go to school… He did he was so excited… I said bubba they won’t take u if you are peeing and pooping your pants… So if u are not willing to use the potty then you can’t go to school… And left it as that… Continued to take him every 30 min and one day said screw it I can’t force him … that was the day he stated using the pott

Get him to pissing outside first in the yard… it makes it soooo much easier with a boy. It’s summer time perfect time to teach lil boys to stand and pee on a tree lil boys love doing that.

I built stools for my kids and it helped. A boy can climb up there and piss pretty easy. Have daddy take to toilet every morning g 2 seconds after feet hit floor and dad should show by example. Worked for me.

He’s not ready to let go of nappies yet give him time my grandson just got the hang of it a couple a month’s ago he’s three past he will be four in July…the more we as adults make a big deal about potty the more he will do this heels in of not wanting to go I made that mistake with my eldest I even went to the doctors and he said your child instinctively knows it’s upsetting you so he will play on it another form of attention seeking… So I back off and lo and behold after a couple weeks we had success. But I didn’t leave wet clothes on him that’s not healthy

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Wow all my kids started potty training at 18 months at 2 we were done with occasional accident 2 girls 1 boy mine were quite easy . I don’t understand the problem . I was a working single mom for most part an trained all mine to potty. I used little prizes like animal crackers or Cheerios an made up lil songs about the potty

Wow making him sit is pissy clothes is unsanitary and can cause rash infections etc!

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My daughter trained at 2 then after a week with my mom went back to diapers til she was 3 the only way I got her trained completely was to take her on a tour of the preschool so she saw they were having fun…on the way home we talked about only big kids get to go there and being a big kid means using the potty she trained in a week! She also loved that she got to pick out big girl panties…

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Does he have a favourite toy or game? If so use it to your advantage. When he wants it, tell him he can have it after he goes in the potty. Not as a punishment, just as an agreement. Talk to him about it and try using a calendar with stars or stickers to encourage him to go. My daughter was terrified of the whole idea and it was hard, but she eventually did it.

Put a piece of cereal in the toilet. It’s a game and it teaches aim… he might find it fun.

Some preschools help with potty training if you have a headstart in your area they don’t have to be potty trained yet

He’s probably not ready

My son started peeing in the potty at 2 1/2. Just went in the bathroom and did it all himself, standing up even. He turns 3 next week. Ever since we’ve been trying to get him to go #2 in the potty and refuses. Ive tried everything and he will not go in the potty. He will come ask for a diaper when he needs to poop and even I refuse him one and tell him he needs to go do it in the potty he either holds in it until he either poops himself or until i just give in and put a pullup on him. He knows what were asking of him but he does not want to poop in the potty

I am in the same boat what are are you in. Maybe we can get the kids together and bring their toddler potties and they can show each other… A thought.

Get him a kiddy size wall urinal they sell them on amazon ($15) it helped my son and for pooping I payed attention to about what time each day he would poop in his pull up and I stated taking him around that time to sit on the potty while I read him stacks of books to help him relax and I stayed consisted for about a week and then he started pooping on his on while reading a book .


Maybe get super excited about it when you hav to use the potty and explain that only big boys and girls use the potty and that he is getting to be a big boy

I had my kids go naked as much as possible.

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He’s not ready. Please don’t make him sit in it, that teaches him nothing and will eventually give him a rash.

Put underware on him and dont look back. He may have a ton of accidents in the first few days but he will catch on and realize he has to use the potty.

he’s probably just not ready and to tell you the truth my three year old still has accidents and has only pooped in the potty only a few times. but I had to go a little Savage on her I made her walk around completely but naked and had a potty chair in living room floor I made it into a game

Stay with him dont walk away every thirty minutes

My sons is 3 and refuses to :cry: same as you, he knows, just doesn’t want to

Make it more fun. Take him to the store to pick out his own underwear and use a sticker chart and let him pick out his own stickers. Start with two days if he can get two stickers then take him to the store and let him pick something out (a cheap dollar toy or a treat), then go for three days and so on. Remember to not get upset with him when he has accidents because that will discourage him even more. Both my boys were sooooo hard to potty train too so I feel your pain!

It sometimes helps to get them with some other children who are using the potty maybe a playdate with a couple kids you know who are potty trained they tend to want to use the potty also.

When he’s ready he’ll go

She wants to get him in preschool which requires that he be potty trained.

It took my youngest getting laughed at for wearing baby diapers by a friend’s older son. My little guy snuck off and put underwear on and wore them ever since. It’s rough, just know that eventually they’ll get it. All my boys were all almost 4 before they were fully potty trained. My oldest is autistic and he finally caught on when he turned five.