How to potty train a boy?

My son is four years old, will be 5 in August. He was slow at catching on to potty training… but once he started, he went all the time. He did this for about eight months. Then the last couple of months, he has started pooping on himself. He wears briefs and boxer shorts. He still goes to the potty to pee just fine. I’m not sure what’s going on… so I took him to his pediatrician, and she thought it was bc he is constipated. I don’t think that… he is pooping normal bowel movements and goes often. He doesn’t complain of any pains in his belly or bottom. I’m just lost on what to do… he will be starting school soon, and I don’t want this to be an issue for him. Open to any advice… FYI: this is my first time having a boy.


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My littlest daughter did this(as well as her older hf sister). All of a sudden, one day, after 2-3 months of this is they both had started to poop in the potty

Sometimes it can happen because of stress or trauma. Is he in daycare, private or a center? Has there been any changes, such as a new job for u, a move, is he away from u more, r u in a new relationship? Can u think of something thst happened that is different thet happened a few months ago…around the same time this all started? I would start there.


You need a new pediatrician who knows how to do her job.


My boy was like this. Was younger than yours. Started great then pooped in his pants 3 times a day he just stopped with the promise of reward

His rectal sphincter nerves may be sending his brain the wrong messages. Check folate and B12 levels. Each should fall into the top quarter of their respective ranges for healthy neurological functionality. Most doctors are trained to recognise macrocytic anaemia caused by low B12 and NOT taught anything about the neurological issues deficiency causes (way before haematological evidence). Best wishes.

My grandson was also like this, and although it seemed endless, he did stop when he was around 9 yrs. He also preferred to pee outside in the bushes than indoors. Boys are just weird sometimes. He’s 24 now and has his own baby boy.

It’s very normal for a boy child to do that in most cases boys are a little slow than girls anyway not all but most mine I remember if he get stressed or scared he poop on himself so I think nothing much to worry about nature will take it’s course

Could be he’s too involved in whatever he’s doing and forgets. Try reminding him frequently. Good luck


He may have a fear of falling in the toilet. If you’re not using one already - try going back to a toddler potty. ((I have 3 boys))


I raised 5 sons. Had this issue with all 5. They are and we’re medically fine. The issue with boys is that they know pooping takes longer to do then peeing. They don’t want to stop what they are doing to go. Playing outside, watching tv, playing a game ect. We as parents pretty much know our child’s schedules. I started making my boys sit on the pot around the same time every day so they would go. It worked with every kid. Parents now a days are so quick to want and find a medical reason but in reality the kids just need to be took away from the activities a little more

I have 3 boys my oldest just turned 5 and he did this till he was 4 he would pee in the potty but poop his underwear he was to worried about playing so I would ask him every so often if he had to go potty it took 2 months but he fully uses the bathroom now im currently trying to get my 3 year old potty trained and im at a complete loss ive tried training pottys ive tried the ones you put on the toilet I tried putting cereal in the toilet he just tries to eat it lol

Boys are very stubborn & lazy when it comes to this! I have a boy who is almost 4 he has been doing great with using the potty but he is lazy & stubborn when it comes to taking the time to go poop on the potty.


I’m the odd one out I potty trained my three year old son on a camping trip. He decided peeing on a tree was the way to go :joy::joy: after 5 days pull-ups were gone & had the hang of it when we got back home! My oldest (15now) was so much harder tho

My son is going to be 8 and he still poops his underpants if he doesn’t take his miralax every day. He’s been this way since he trained at 5… Boys are so different than girls. I’d really try something consistently for constipation to see if that helps.

Maybe get a second opinion another pediatrician, or just firmly tell your son he is a big boy, and big boys don’t go poo poo in thier pants,don’t use the word potty say toilet. He’s a big boy now he’s going into school and he doesn’t want to be soiling himself in school because moms not there to clean him. Try to remind him especially after he eats. He’ll not want to be dirty. He’ll want to go in the toilet.good luck mama

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So glad I came across this post my son refuse to poop on potty-if I try to get him in routine to go he will hold it until bedtime when I put a pullup on-imma have to bite the bullet and buy rubber sheets and bunch of underwear and take away a pull-up at night

I have 2 boys and had similar issue. All I did was take them to buy whatever they thought was the coolest potty chair out there and gave them rewards and like magic it was done.

Constantly asking is helpful also.