How to potty train a boy?

potty training tips for a 22 month old baby boy. ? he has no interest in the whole potty thing. iv bought 2 pottys for him…both with sounds and music…his dad even has showed him to potty in them. when he goes in his diaper…he acts like it doesn’t bother him. like he’s not ready. but he’s almost 2. my first son was trained before he hit 11/2. iv tried taking him potty every hour and he just sits there and pulls on his (Mr wiggles). but doesn’t do anything. any suggestions on what I should do? plz anything would help


I am having the same problem with my kido. The only think that works for her is being naked wast down.

I feel like that’s a bit young

My daughter is 2.5 and is just now starting potty training. It will be so much easier on both of you if you wait until he shows signs that hes ready and it doesn’t sound like he is

My nephew is 2.5 and still not potty trained (they are working on it).
Let him run around naked! Put him on the potty every once in a while, but just let him be naked. It worked for my other 2 nephews!

He’s just not ready. Don’t force him.

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Put underwear on him usually don’t like the feeling of being wet or poop in a diaper they don’t feel wetness

They get it when they get it, can’t force it.

Each child is different and will do it in time! He may just not be ready yet but you can keep encouraging and trying to bribe him to go


He’s just not ready yet. My first was maybe 2. My 2nd and 3rd were about 4. Don’t try to force it.


take the diapers off and set him on every hour and set there till he goes never takes long, will be broke very quick I found years ago sitting my son on the “big potty” backwards he could hold on to the lid worked great at our house also


My son turned 3 in March and were just now comfortable leaving the house in underwear. He still refuses to poop unless it’s in a diaper. We did a lot of nakedness and I would put his potty in the living room, then I moved it to his room, then I moved it to the bathroom. And lots of dumdums.

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Cheerios! My son had no interest in going at all. One of my all time favorites as a preschool teacher is putting a couple of Cheerios in and telling them to potty on the Cheerios! He was potty trained in two weeks. :upside_down_face:

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It takes time my son is 2, he knows what the potty is for but always tells me after he goes in his boxers not before. Take him every 20 minutes to a hour on the potty.

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Send him outside to pee… worked for me. Mine didn’t have any interest either till I started that then he started going to the potty to do #2 had him potty trained in no time.

Don’t force it…He will do it when he is ready.

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My son was walking and talking really early I started potty training to the point he run and pee by himself at 9 months but my son has austism and a sensory disorder and still at 3 hates being wet or dirty. And I hadn’t even thought to potty train him at 9 months til I cought him peeing in the cats litter box thr tub amd he wouls actually pull his stuff out in the floor to avoid peeing in a diaper I got him a potty and we never looked back he picked out his potty and pull ups for bed time and naps and his underwear with were cloth shorts cause they dont make underwear that size here

My son never liked the potty chairs. I got a small seat for the toilet and a stool. Taught him to stand to pee. You can put some blue food dye in the toilet. When he pees the water will turn green. Some put cheerios in and have him aim for them.

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My kids dr said boys dont typically potty train until almost 4… my 3 year old son don’t care for the potty and he doesn’t care to pee or poop in undies. I’m going insane. My 2 year old son will tell me whenever he poops or pees in his diaper but wont go on potty…

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My little one is almost 3 and he refuses! We have bought the frog potty along with the step up to the big potty lol and 3 more he wanted and he still doesn’t want to use either of them. I’m letting him go and eventually he will do it on his own. My older two was easy to potty train! But this little guy just ain’t having it

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Hes not ready. Each child is different. Dont push him.


Sit him backwards on the toilet and give him dry erase markers to draw on the lid they come right off. But we didn’t start til my daughter was interested in the potty. She never used a little potty only wanted the big potty. We’re still having some issues with her having poop accidents…wish i could get those to stop

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Try having him go on the normal potty that you use :slightly_smiling_face:

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We had him.pick out undies he wanted, and we got a seat for ontop of the toilet. Got a step stool, and a sticker chart and book, and we just did it. We didn’t want diapers anymore…he would tell us “oh…I have poo poo”…before he went. Same with pee. So…we ended diapers. He wore pull ups at night time, that’s it. No diapers at all in the day. We made sure to have lots of extra clothing in a back pack. Every single place we went, he went into the bathroom with his little travel seat topper…and I would have him sit there for a while. Took us maybe , 6 months to train him. He had accidents here and there. But by 3 he was fully trained day time, and by 3.5 he was trained day and night (with a few accidents here and there…no biggie). If u want to be done with diapers, just do it. Lol

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My boy is 3.5 and has no interest. He wants to wear underwear but ends up soiling them anyways. He will go pee when he runs nude sometimes, but if he’s playing he forgets. We’ve tried everything we can and he just won’t do it. My son who is 8 was trained in 3 days when he was 2. It’s frustrating but the first thing we always do is compare and that’s the last we should do. Every child is different and each will have their ahh ha moment I guess. Forcing a child to go ends up making it a longer process which I think is what we are facing.

Not every kid is the same, dont try to force it before his time

No matter what you do, until he’s ready and wants to, it’s just not likely to happen. Once he’s ready and shows interest, it happens quickly and letting him run around naked is a great tool- they wont usually go on themselves and will tell u he has to go. Also, develop interest in the toilet- show him how it flushes, drop a cpl cheerios or some tp in there and let him flush it and watch it go down, let him watch u go potty and flush… he’ll naturally start to get curious and you can set him on a kid attachment or potty or whatever you choose is best for your child, and just get him comfortable w sitting on it and when he’s ready he’ll let u know he wants to use the potty and that’s when you start setting him on it, letting him roam the home naked and ask him if he needs to pee or poop and encourage him to tell you when he has to go… my son liked flushing thetoilet, and then I started noticing he would go into the bathroom, poop in his diaper and then flush the toilet lmao, and that’s when he was ready to start potty training- he’s 3. And we’re still using pull ups at daycare/preschool, but putting him on potty at home. Every kid is diff, and boys often potty train later than girls. It’s okay. :slight_smile: You’ll know when he’s ready. For now just develop the curiosity.

Just keep trying, make it normal and no fuss, he’s still young you have time.

They all train at their own pace. My oldest son was potty trained by 1 and a half, my second was almost 4. My daughter was 2 and a half

Let him go naked… And try peeing on a tree… Once he has an accident on himself he wont like it.

He’s not ready…leave the chairs out for him to see but don’t push the issue, he’ll let you know when he’s ready

He’s still a little young just give it time.

My doctor told me to really push it at 2 1/2. They will bot do it if they aren’t ready.

Just because your other son trained really early doesn’t mean his brother is ready to. There are cues they are ready. Get the book Potty Training in 3 Days by Brandi Brucks.

Maybe he’s not ready. Don’t push the issue I think that could be worse in the long run

Potty training all comes with brain development if hes not ready hes not ready my son turned 2 in may and still wont even attempt to potty train hes just not there yet developmentally but it’s getting closer he shows some interest but it dont last long

Put fruitloops or Cheerios in stool and hae him hit them make a big deal about it. My son was almost 3 1/2 dont rush. Just keep trying.

people just need to stop pushing potty training so hard. If he’s not interested then your just wasting your time. Your stressing out about something your child is not ready for. Every child is different, just because your first started early doesn’t mean this one will. Wait till he shows you he’s interested. Pushing it is not going to help.

He’s just not ready yet, just because one child was early doesn’t mean this is. Give him some more time and don’t push it you could push him away from it even more

I put a square of toilet paper or some cereal in the potty and made it a game. Hes fully potty trained in less than 2 weeks. Granted it happened right before he turns 3 but still. I had to wait til he was interested. Everytime I tried to push it took longer to get him to potty.

Kids love to feel Grown-up

Wait till he is ready

He’s still REALLY young. Boys often aren’t trained before 3 or 4. Just because his brother was ahead of schedule, doesn’t mean he will be too.

Don’t force him, boys are slower at it.:grin::grin:

Just let him be… u will know when hes ready
… he will know when hes ready… now is not the time

2 is Still early. Keep the stuff around and talk about a lot but put too much pressure right now while hes not ready will be counterproductive. Keep giving it a try every 3 mos until he really shows some interest.

I would wait until he shows signs that he is ready. If you try to force him it can make the process a lot harder and even cause him to regress. :slightly_smiling_face:

We didn’t start hard until 2.5 around 2 we bought a potty and started talking about it

My son wasnt intrested till he was 2 1/2. Then I used hot wheels as a bribe. Potty trained in 3 days both day and night. Best thing I ever did. Hes almost 8 and never had an accident.

Sit him backward on the big pottie.

Not ready yet. Dont push it, every kid is different :heart:

I tried to potty train my son from 2 untill he was 4 he was 4 in a half when he was fully potty trained. And i tried EVERYTHING . Its all about when THEY are ready

My son is 3. Knew how to use the potty before he turned 2 and yet he is still in pullups cuz he only goes on the potty when he chooses. I’ve done all kinds of bribes. He’s just stubborn. Every child is different. I would wait a while and then try again :slight_smile:

I would put him in underwear and stay at home with him for a week tops minimize your going out time as your training him and ask him every 30 mins or so if he has to go potty and make a chart to go along with it to make it fun a potty chart . Every time he goes pee you put a sticker every time he goes poop you put another sticker and every accomplished Day deserves a treat :woman_shrugging:t3: beats me if that doesn’t work then id wait until he’s ready.