How to potty train a boy?

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am I wrong…my 2 year old I’m trying to potty train him so easy way for us is to let him run around no pull up as long as he has a pull up on he wont even look at the potty or wants to fight me so he runs around naked just at home my mother in law does not like it she came in the other day and said “what do we just pee wherever we want to now” am I wrong for being upset about her comment


That’s the best way to start potty training is naked. Pulls up are a waste they will just pee in them. We let him be naked the first couple days and took him potty, then introduced shorts, no undies for a couple weeks because undies can feel like diaper. Then undies and shorts when he was ready and it worked


Why is she concerned? It’s your house & your child. Potty train however you would like.


That’s how I trained all 5 of my boys!

Just explain your technique and say your trying to potty train him

I’d tell her that her comment was uncalled for and she needs to mind her own business it’s your house and your child if he has an accident it’s not like she’s cleaning it up

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You can always get those thick training pants for when you have company if you care. Otherwise, just let her know it will be this way for the next little bit and you can let her know when he’s potty trained if she wants to wait until then to visit again :wink::joy:

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You could just put on underwear? I still think it’s kind of gross to have a bare butt on the couch and chairs and god knows what else, and if there are any accidents it’s going right to the floor, or wal, and all over the child’s legs, and whatever else is close by. But it’s YOUR house, so you’re allowed to do it any way you want!


Nope best way to do it!

My son ran around home naked hes now 10 fully potty trained and wear close your mother in law sounds like bitch id say dont like it dont come ovet

No. Your baby, your rules.
Besides, I believe letting a baby run around naked is the best way to potty train!

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Just ignore her. I feel like you’re trying to start a problem outta the smallest thing

Tell your mother in law to mind her own business. It’s YOUR house and YOUR child. Naked potty training is the best and quickest way to do it. And don’t worry about pullups. They’re too much like a diaper.

Only way we could train our son was to let him run around butt naked. Worked too! He only wears a pull up at night sometimes! It’s inside, in your home, not like it’s out in public.

Mine’s roaming naked right now because we are potty training, quite successfully I might add. My mom had a problem with it too. Must be an older generation thing.

Nope, my kids were the same & I found when they have something covering their backside they won’t look twice at the toilet…keep going you’re doing an awesome job :slight_smile:

I know a lot of people who successfully potty trained their kids that way. Tell her to shove it :fist_left: :rofl:

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Ignore her comment. My last child just finished potty training and that is the way to start. Also try to find something he likes as a reward for using the potty as a big boy. Special toys, treats or maybe an episode of his favorite show for going in the potty and not on himself. My boy just turned 3 and it was rough but he has done it including overnight. Hang in there and let no one discourage you. You’ve got this

Potty training her too and currently have a naked boy running around my house, too. It’s the way to go!

I don’t understand letting them run around naked. I think it’s ridiculous. It’s not teaching them anything. Also pull ups are just a diaper so that’s also not teaching him anything. Put the kid in underwear and TEACH HIM to go to the bathroom, pull up and down his pants, and do it the correct way. Yes you will have messes to clean up and laundry to wash but that is part of parenting…


Tell her yes and let him per on her attitude.

All kidding aside its your child your doing what’s right

Why make a mountain out of a mole hill
I probably would have said the same thing…
Kinda defeats the purpose of big boy/girl underwear to run around naked…
Just my opinion


You are momma​:heart::heart:
Listen to the advise given from grandma and use what you want discard the rest.
Ultimately, you are the boss

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So gross. Ball sweat and butt crack sweat all up on the furniture and stuff. :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


I think the light weight underwear, briefs with the flap in the front like big boys wear. We all have different views. Whatever works for you and your son.

Do what works for your family. I put my boys in underwear and they learned peeing on trees lol… my father not being a country person was horrified at first but couldn’t argue the results… it’s up to you not family members

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Yes, nod your head and say yes. Then, when you leave, you are the boss and every little human being learns different. Great question!

I just did the same with our youngest because she regressed and wanted nothing to do with potty training anymore​:woman_shrugging: It worked and we’ve been fully potty trained a few months now. A few ppl had shit to say, our neighbor especially but I refuse to let others dictate our parenting these days. Been there and done that and it just causes stress so anyone who wants to be around these days either needs to keep their comments to themselves or they have to deal with my mouth when they don’t​:woman_shrugging: These are OUR KIDS and that is exactly what I tell ppl. If they think they know the ‘right way’ tell them to have a kid and do it their way then​:rofl::joy::unamused:

Noooooo dont do it. I bare butt trained my daughter and she was amazing UNTIL it came time to put on underwear. :woman_facepalming: She treated the underwear like a diaper and we went backwards for months, fighting with her to keep the underwear on or not pee in them. I’ve literally had to start all over from the beginning recently with underwear. If I could do it all over again I would have started with the underwear in the first place.

Honestly I let my girls run around in the nude when they were training. I know you have a boy it’s different but then I transferred over to dresses with nothing underneath then introduced underwear. For me personally I found it easier once they had the understanding of using the potty then learning to pull underwear down much easier. But everyone does it differently. Both my girls were fully trained before they turned 3. You do what you thinks best for your babe. Your home your rules.

we did underwear training with our son and it took him a month…we are currently doing underwear training with our youngest right now…and we are slow to go…it is much easier to do underwear…

I’d say there’s nothing wrong with it as long as no one else is in your home. If people come over, just let him wear some big boy underwear. Maybe letting him pick out his own undies at the store will make him excited and more ready for the big potty so he can keep them dry and wear them all day

Your kid not hers do what works for y’all

Your doing great. She has no right to say anything. Some people just don’t like, or feel uncomfortable with a naked kid. 2019 now and we’re not so uptight. Do as you please, she can stay home, and keep quiet

Oh my land that’s lazy and disusting!
You’ll regret it… He won’t keep clothes on. Just learn to pee on your floors is all you’re teaching him.


PULL UPS ARE A GLORIFIED DIAPER FOLKS. Good old fashioned training pants that let them feel uncomfortable is the ENTIRE point of potty training. It’s not about YOUR convenience, it’s about THEIR inconvenience. Them, not YOU. Now go do it.

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Not a nice comment, i think some kids take longer, get a book and read to him or maybea movie.

My son loved Mickey Mouse when he was little I was having a really hard time potting training him so l bought a pack of Mickey Mouse print underwear for him He was so proud of them l told him he couldn’t pee in them because he would drown Mickey Mouse he went straight to the potty after that

My sons the same way… Even in underwear he will mess in them… So half the time he’s naked at home until and then he realizes the only place he ahs to go is the potty.
As for the MIL… You do you in your house… She doesn’t HAVE to come over and she doesnt have to like it either.

Thats actually,a common technique in potty training