How to potty train a boy?

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I think my son is ready to be potty train he is 2 yrs old. He keeps taking his diaper off and goes to a different room and poops on the floor. He doesnt do it when he pee. I try to introduce the toliet before but he freaks out sitting on it. What are some tips to potty train him?


Have him go potty with you everytime you go so he can see the potty isn’t scary. And just be patient.

Put him in underwear.

Buy him a little potty just for him!

Have him poop on the toilet ten times then start the full on training. Put him in underwear. Do it on the weekend or days that you’ll be home for atleast 3 days.

You can start potty training him as early as 18 months. The younger you start trying the easier it is, I worked at a day care and we just created a routine. son was really easy, our Dog Duke, male, taught him!! We lived in the country and he’s follow Fuje around and when Duke watered any thing, he pulled his diaper down and joined in!! My niece put a target on the bowl ( toilet paper square) and told her son to see if he couldn’t it!!!

Do the potty chart where u make a chart put stars when he potty give him a treat and at end up week when chart is full with no accidents take him to give him a toy or something special

Were just starting with our girl too. Distractions work. Books only in the bathroom keep her at least sitting for a minute or 2.

Give hime a dry erase maker an sit him on the toilet facing the lid. He will love it!! It will keep him occupied until he does his business.

Get him his own little Port seat and put it in the living room and just let him get comfortable with it, let him get baked and sit on it to watch TV and if he does something in it the make a big deal about it so he knows it was a good thing