How to potty train a boy?

I need advice for potty training. I’ve potty trained my soon to be 4 year old (girl) so I know the signs and how to do it etc… My 15 month old (also girl) is starting to take her diaper off, telling us when she poops and pees, and is also waking up with dry diapers. I was wondering if anyone else has ever trained this early and had any luck?? Any advice?? Thanks!


shes telling you she is ready, my daughter was potty trained by 18 months

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Both of my girls were potty trained by 15 months old!


You can start potty training at 5 months with gentle elimination communication. My 6 month old will pee on potty. There’s literally no reason to hold off if she’s expressing interest! That’s great😊


My twins were potty trained by then as well, also girls. My son though he fought us

Yep… That’s was exactly how my daughter was… She had no issues of potty training except going poop but it didn’t take long for that to cone around… In all truth i did nothing she did it all her self… Bought her big girl underwear and the few things she needed… Mommy felt left out on this because of how independent she was… But still happy my 3 year old if completely potty trained…

My son son potty trained at a little over a year.

My daughter was fully potty trained by 15 Mos

My boys were potty trained by 1 yr and my girls were 18 months.

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When I worked at a day care we started encouraging having kids use the potty at 16 months. It’s the perfect age especially if shes showing interest. She might be a super easy train.

Go for it! Good Luck!

… Reading comments above, my daughter is 19 months and is not potty train! I’m trying slowly but she’s not liking it!?!

Shes ready momma… I’m already potty training my 18 month old cuz he started taking off diaper & backing up to get put on the potty… we started a month ago… & hes doing awesome

My daughter fully potty trained in 1 week when sh was 15 months my son took a few months and was a little over 2 years old. Each child is different go with your instinct you know your baby best

My little girl was like this. She was using the toilet at 14months. But i didnt fully commit to it untill she was just turned 2 as she was folowing her brother. I still let her use the toilet etc when at home but didnt make it a full time thing . When we did tho she was done within a couple of days. And took a about a month to grasp night time x :blush:

Yes all of my girls were potty broke by the time they were 18 months old and never looked back I had a friend who had a daughter and she was old enough to bring a diaper to her mom and say I am wet change me and she would lay down on the floor in front of her mom to me that was freaking CRAZY! She was 21/2 or 3 way too old

Yes. My oldest was fully potty trained by 16 months.

My oldest was potty trained by 20 months completely. My second was by 2

Its never too early IF they are ready💜

Hahahah my boys almost 2 ans havnt even started no chance x

My kids were all potty trained at 1yr.

She’s ready. I had my girl trained once she started that and she say on the potty and went by herself. I also let her come in the bathroom with me and explained everything so she knew what to do

“Potty training in 3 days”! My daughter potty trained so so quick, and at 21 months. it was amazing, i highly recommend that book!

Yes mine started taking his diaper off and going psss around that time he was almost fully potty trained at 2years old. Just struggled with night time and when he was away from me.

We trained at 17 months successfully using the “oh crap potty training” book. Worked wonderfully

Yes and my girl was potty trained completely during the day by her 2nd birthday.

Trained 1 bky at 16 months and one at 19. They did great!

My niece did. She hated a dirty diaper on her so bad she wanted to.

she wants to do what her sister does my son was completely potty trained at 20 months

She is ready. Do not spoil it. Sounds like she rained herself

I had mine trained by 18 months. It’s easier when they’re young.

Yes my daughter was fully trained by 16 months for day and night she wanted under pants on so that is what we did and no accidents so good luck momma

My only daughter was fine with diapers by her second birthday, girls usually are easier than boys.