How to potty train a boy?

My twin sons, were born at 30 weeks, they are now 3 years 5 months. We have been gently potty training for a couple months. By gently I mean, letting them decide if they want to sit on the toilet and not forcing it. The problem is, they ask to sit then as soon as we put them on the potty chair or big toilet, they scream, kick and cry!! They will hold their pee for hours, until naptime or bedtime when we put them back in diapers. We give them treats if they go potty, we bribe, we do everything we can to make them feel accomplished! We are lost at what to do, any tips please!!!


Maybe they are afraid of the toilet itself for some reason…
Maybe of falling in??
Trying to remember fears I had of the toilet when I was about that age.

Once had a friend tell me that a poop monster lived in the toilet just out of sight…
I flat out refused for weeks :joy: :rofl::clap:t3:my poor mom

Let them run around naked and put them to bed in big boy underpants. 1) (being naked) this allows them to make a genuine connection of where their potty comes from, and they won’t want to pee and poop the floor—they may do it, but that is how they learn; also, this will help them relate the urge to the action with a visual res presentation 2) (bedtime in big boy underpants) if they wet the bed, they’ll not want to lie in their own filth, further encouraging them to use the restroom


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I wouldn’t continue putting them on it. It sounds like they are afraid of the toilet. Wait abit longer and once they are completely ready, they will start using it without any problems


Maybe they aren’t ready? Give it time.

Let them pea on trees outside, or put a coffee can by the toilet. For the sound ,put a couple cheerios in the toilet to aim at, they have a little standing toilet on wish that looks like a frog try that

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Have you tried the fruit loop trick!? I have a girl, but I read with boys you can make it like an “aiming” game! :rofl:

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My friend asked her child’s Pediatrician what to do to help her children to become potty trained and he said “Relax mom he will be potty trained by the time he reaches High School.” So my advice is just relax…keep doing what you are doing…it’ll come!!


They are not ready yet… And nothing wrong with that… My daughter was the same until one day she just told me she had to pee and wanted to go potty on the big girl potty… After that it was easy as pie… Some kids just need a little extra time… And my daughter was a 8 week early preemie.


Turn them around on the toilet (facing the tank) give them dry erase markers and let them color on the toilet lid that’s open…it wipes off and makes it fun for them…you can also let them color if they go potty. Make a game out of it.


Maybe try letting them pick out a little potty at the store. Some kids I know just don’t like the reqular potty and scream when there on it. It’s a lot of little steps and accomplishments.

Maybe train them separately? They might be copying each other’s behavior with kicking and screaming. I would train one completely then move on to the other.

throw some cherrios in the toilet and tell them to aim at the hole.

I just let my boys run around inside naked and when I noticed they had to pee I’d take them to the toilet. They have booth been trained by 2.5

I totally recognize that cleaning sheets isn’t fun and I imagine having double the laundry must be even worse. However, my recommendation is very simple- no more diapers, ever. If they can hold it long enough to just wait til they are in diapers then take that option away from them.


They might just not be ready. My daughter is 3.5 too and isn’t ready yet. She’s a super preemie (born 25 weeks) and these kids just need more time!

Keep a potty in the living area, let them warm up to the idea of sitting on it

Let them play outside and let them be boys! This is how I trained 2/3 boys, worked amazing

I agree. Get rid of the diapers