How to potty train a girl?

Girl momma’s I need some advice or tips please! My daughter turned 3 November 30th and she is still not wanting anything to do with potty training :disappointed: I know every kid is different and will do it on their time so I’m definitely not trying to push her! I’m just looking for advice or tips on her to get her more into it! My mom got her a Skye potty right before her second birthday! She has only peed in it maybe 3 times the whole time we’ve had it. We’ve tried paw patrol and other character pull ups and we’ve got her some panties. But anytime I put either on her she will start crying wanting to put a diaper back on or she will be fine with it then when I go to sit her on the potty and pull the pull up or panties down she starts freaking out and crying. I’ve tried setting a timer for every 20 minutes and putting her on the potty when the timer goes off and shell sit on it after the first timer then start crying the next time. I’ve also tried taking her with me when I go to use the bathroom. We’ve got some candy and stickers to give her when she does use the potty. And I also just printed out and put up a paw patrol sticker chart in our bathroom so when she uses the potty she can put a sticker on it. I seen a post yesterday about using m&ms, so 1 for sitting on the potty, 2 for peeing, and 3 for pooping. So I’m going to be trying that to. She has also been watching videos on like Daniel Tiger going potty and other characters, she will be all about it and sing along with the song but doesn’t want to do it when I try to get her to do it. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Shes so smart so I know she can do it when shes ready! Thanks so much!


My aunt used to potty train all the kids by taking a small table and scooting it up to the toilet so they can “read magazines” while they go. I’m just starting with my son and use those elmo search books to keep him on. With the table in front of them they usually just stay there. I also think some kids just skip the little potty and go right for the real thing

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Following because I need tips too! :slight_smile:

Honestly what got my daughter to do it is I asked her if she wanted to be a big girl and go to school

I agree with your M&M idea. Put her on the potty at set times and then reward her with the 1 piece of candy. Praise her for her effort. If you were to put her in a preschool or daycare, they would potty train by having set times (Like every 90 minutes) until the pull ups are staying dry and/or the child requests potty as needed.

My daughter was the same way, I let her see me throw away the last pull-up and that there weren’t anymore. I put her in old school training pants with the rubber underwear over top, she wet them once and after that she used the potty. Pull ups were too much like a diaper and I think it confused her. There was some fussing but she got through it.

Your daughter just isnt ready. She will use it when she is fully and completely ready on her own & when she does, she’ll be trained in no time. Just let her be

does she like her nails being painted ?

Use a children’s potty book.

What I did with my daughter was the 3 day method BUT she came to me ready at 2yrs old. She was completely night and day trained in just 3days. I didnt have to do rewards (thank God as I do not believe in bribing them). When she said she had to go, I praised her

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I have a boy…he just turned 2 1/2. We’ve randomly tried it since his second birthday. He finally showed signs like taking off his diaper, talking about the potty so we started 2 weeks ago on full on training. We did the 1,2,3 m&m method and it really seemed to work! I would take him to the bathroom every time I went then we’d clapped and I’d set him on it. The first 4-5 days he would cry or be upset I’d read books and sing with him and after about a week he started telling me when he needed to go. He still gets to interested in playing toys and sometimes I catch him tugging at his pull up I’ll set my timer for 1 second and he yells potty time and goes running to the bathroom. (I randomly will set the timer for 5-10 minutes when I know he’s busy playing. Sometimes I forget so I just have to do 1 second :rofl:) he will go great with no accidents for a few days then has a set back and has a fit the next day :woman_shrugging: it’s definitely a work in progress! Good luck to you mama!

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Don’t force it! She will come around. Our daughter turned 4 and a week later was fully trained! This was after slapping her in underwear and her peeing herself a few times.


She may not be ready. My daughter is 3 and we just potty trained her last month. Me and my little sister were 4 when we were potty trained. Absolutely dont force it.

My girls were easy. I got very luck. I actually used the potty seat that goes on the toilet. They liked it better made them feel like a big girl. Try that style. She will eventually get tired of the feeling of being wet from the diaper. Good luck!

Tell her oh no we ran out of diapers and so did the store then put panties on her and say ok well untill they get more diapers let’s keep your undies dry and use this potty k . It might work if she feels she is dealing with a temporary solution.


My oldest would go pee but refuse to poop on the toilet. I told her she couldnt be a big girl and go to school until she pooped on the potty also. Within a week time she was potty trained fully cause she really wants to go to school.

Every 30 mins 20 is excessive take away diapers nd pull ups she wont like the feeling of peeing herself and she will get the hint nd start using the potty

Your doing everything u can already. She will do it when shes ready. Just keep it up…and keep on with the undies. She has to get use to them. Your doing great. Have fun and dont stress it.

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My boy is about to turn 3 February the 25 :broken_heart:
But he just now got the hang of it but he is a boy haha and I use the feeding the fish as I got a whale sticker in the commod and ever since he goes every time! If you ask me he is potty trained only a pull up a night so he don’t pee in the bed

You answered your own question shes smart so she can do it… when she’s ready!

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My daughter is almost 2 1/2 and we have been introducing the potty. We give her 4 M&Ms for peeing and a mini Reese’s cup for pooping (pick something she will want…can be anything). We haven’t tried this yet but we were given advice because she doesn’t care if her pull up is wet/dirty and will let it go till it leaks if you let her…try putting on panties under her pull ups so the moisture doesn’t soak into the pull up and she will feel it. You may end up throwing out he panties if they get too soiled but it might make her feel a lil uncomfortable to where she would want to use the potty. I personally am waiting for warmer weather to try that so she can be naked…and we have stopped trying the past couple of weeks because she had the flu :frowning:. Maybe try giving her a book while on the potty (my daughter loves books and will stay there all day), or a favorite doll or toy. Good luck Mama.

Dont buy anymore diapers or pullups. That’s what I had to do to finally get my 3.5 year old to potty train. Try the naked method. Took us about 3 days. There were some accidents and at almost 4 she has one occasionally. But that was easier for us than using pullups. Once she got trained we started using a pullup but only at night cause she sleeps 12 hours straight and won’t get up to use the potty at night.

My daughter wouldn’t use a potty chair. She’d only use the toilet.

You just described my daughter :joy: she is almost 3 also but she’ll do it when she’s ready, and until then I will keep trying, but not make her feel bad for not going, she will use the potty sometimes just make sure to really PRAISE her when she does!

I just got my 2 year old potty trained I wrapped $1 toys and snacks and told her every time she used the potty she got a reward from the potty bag and it worked wonders. She now only wants to go potty and if she has a diaper on she’ll take it off to go potty and she doesn’t expect a toy or anything she got use to the routine

My daughter turned 3 at the beginning of sept. She was interested for a little then got stubborn and refused. Treats and stickers never helped. The only thing that really works for us is hiding her diapers and telling her there’s no other way.

Sounds like your doing awesome! Just be patient she will get there.

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It’s been a long time but I remember when my oldest didn’t want to potty train, I just relaxed and stopped for a few months & tried it again. I didn’t make any big deal of it. It will happen when it happens. Each child is different.

Good luck my daughter was a pain to potty train also, I tried m&ms, sticker charts, rewards for popping on the potty, timer. One of my clients was saying that her dad would put an ice cube down her pants if she had an accident, and I was so frustrated one day when she was wearing panties and stood on a chair and just emptied her bladder in the kitchen, I grabbed an ice cube and put it in her panties, SHE GIGGLED, and said oooh cold! I ended up having her clean her panties out in the toilet (wash hands after) she found that gross. And for poor accidents, instead of a nice warm bath to clean up, it was a cold shower (not too cold just uncomfortable) she hated it and it made it worth her trying.

Like you said all kids are different and you can’t push them. My oldest was 3 when she decided to wear panties and wasn’t fully potty trained until 3 and a half. My youngest was 3 and a half before she wanted to wear panties and wasn’t fully potty trained until she was a little over 4. For her, pooping on the potty was her hardest part. It took us telling her that another little girl in her Sunday school class who is younger than her used the potty and didn’t wear pull ups to go #2 like she did. Once we said that she has been in panties since with minimal accidents.