How to potty train a girl?

I have a question. I have an almost two year old girl & I would like to hear some potty training hacks or tips?


I left my daughter naked and she potty trained herself at 18 months

Be consistent. I took mine to try every 30 minutes for the first day or two! I also celebrated with a dance and song when she went to the bathroom! Don’t be harsh if they have an accident it’s new to them! The first few days are the hardest but once she gets the hang of things it will be a breeze!

No pull-ups! Underwear only


I found the best way to start is to take her to the bathroom with you every time you have to go and bring out their potty chair (if your using one) at the same time, tell you what your doing


Take her to the bathroom with you, but I also found that sitting my daughter on her potty while I was drying her hair after her bath of just brushing her hair during the day helped her relax and I found after a while she would just get the hairbrush and her potty and ask to sit on it

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We tried the every 20 min going on the potty, worked for a while, but didn’t after a while. We got the sticker chart, lifesaver! We went to the dollar store, spent 20 bucks, wrapped all the presents, put them in a bag. Every time she went pee she got a sticker, after 5 stickers she got a present. Poop was different, she refused to go in the potty…even with the little presents. I took her to Walmart, let her pick her own present, but told her she wouldn’t get it until she pooped in the potty. Literally 2 min after we got home, boom, she did! Fully potty trained after that🤩

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My little sister wanted to pee like daddy behind the garage. Since she was outside most of the summer my mom put her in a dress, no underwear put her potty chair “behind” the garage (it was next to it) that summer she pretty much potty trained herself.
I have boys, I waited for them to give me signs they were ready, people gave me crap because my oldest was over 4 but accidents were very minimal and absolutely no night time accidents :woman_shrugging:

Elmos potty time video, did wonders for my kids.
Good luck!

I just took my daughters to the bathroom with me. Then bought a fun toilet, it’s a duck that plays music when they pee. One daughter was potty trained by 2 years old. My other daughter is just now 2 and potty trained for day time. I didn’t force but I did reward with 1 M&M for pee 2 for poo.

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She’ll let u know when she’s ready. Let her do it in her own time. Don’t rush it .


2 is pretty young so don’t get frustrated if you try and it doesn’t happen. We tried at 26 months and she wasn’t ready. Tried again at 28 months and she took to it immediately. For us, we did a modified naked method. It’s where they stay butt naked all day for 2-3 days. She didn’t like being naked so she wore panties and a short dress. We built a road block on carpeted areas. Everything she could access was pee proof. Books suggest taking them to the potty every 10-15 Mins but my LO was so frustrated with that. So I let her take the lead. She’d pee on the floor and I’d have her sit on the potty. After about 5 accidents, she caught on. Day 2 was accident free. It’s been 3 months now and still doing great. We let her lead when she was ready for poop in the potty. That just happened recently. She was holding her poop for nap and bed time when she would get a pull up. About 2 weeks ago she decided she wanted to try it in the potty. Biggest tip, celebrate every drop. If she pees on the floor but gets a drop in the potty, celebrate that drop with big dramatic cheers and an m&ms. My kid is food driven so offer her an m&m and she’ll do anything :rofl:

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I took away the diapers and underpants only. My oldest daughter had one accident and my other daughter had zero. It’s what SuperNanny said to do on her show

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Following this… My daughter is almost 2 and follows me to potty and everything but she’s only pooped a few times in the potty and has yet to pee in it.

We just put my daughter in underwear :briefs: and she didn’t like the feeling of being wet… she was potty trained in 3 days, and she was just over 2 years old.


Can we also start a thread on potting training tips for little guys? :slightly_smiling_face:


Read Oh Crap Potty Training. Worked for us at 2.5.

100% buy “Oh Crap Potty Training” on Amazon!

When my daughter was little we got a little kids potty and put it in the living and I just kept pull-ups on her and sat her on the potty every half hour. When she was actually starting to go on that and kept her pull up dry we got one of those little toilet seats for the regular potty and started sitting on that and made sure she knew what the word potty meant. We would just take her to the bathroom every so often until she got the hang of it and did it on her own. At night same thing. Made sure she went before bed and woke her up twice through the night to go. A couple weeks later she was fully trained and never wet the bed

Patients , persistence and star or reward chart

Wait until they ar ed ready and interested in it. If pushed the hole house could be their toilet.
But take every hour and sit her down to see if she is interested.

I used to take my daughter to the bathroom and sit on her potty while I went potty so she could get used to the routine of what to do and she learned fairly quick

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It took almost a year to potty train my girl and only a week to potty trian her big brother… I wish you all the luck

Give her plenty to drink about every half hour take her potty if she goes pee give her a reward such as a MM or a tootsie roll raisins or something that she would get excited about having as a treat let her ring a bell or start a sticker chart after so many times she will get a New toy or get to go see her favorite movie or a favorite place or activity be creative she will get excited about this if you do

Get her a small training toilet, my daughter loved hers.

Is she showing signs she wants to go ?

Constantly take them every time you go to the bathroom


Put the potty chair where you are strip her naked and sit here on it and say pp then let her up so every 10 or 15 mins take her till she pees or poop then award her

Before I started to potty train my daughter I noticed that she go to the bathroom around the same time every day without fail and to the same spot. So I would set her up on the potty around that time while watching tv and praise her when it happened where eventually she would ask. I started her around the same age.

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My child needs to be independent when learning. I bought a potty seat step ladder and a potty watch. The potty watch I think was more of a reminder for me, but she would get excited when it beeped. Every kid is different and you know your child. Just go with whatever works.

My oldest I trained with m&MS, my second with stickers. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just figure out what they like and reward them when they go in their potty. You want the reward to be something like m&MS and stickers because they are short term. If you give a reward that lasts too long like suckers then they forget what the reward is for.

Try to have her be around friends who are already going potty. Let her set the pace as much as you can so she sees it as something to celebrate when it happens NOT something to feel bad about when it does not. Our mantra was “Anyone can have an accident”. We had a basket of clean panties and a mop. When she had an accident she changed her panties, mopped or otherwise took care of it and went her merry way. Not everyone learns things at the same rate.

Don’t push or force it. She will let you know when she is ready

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reward with stickers every time she goes potty

We let her pick out her underwear,did the potty whiz app,and a sticker chart

Set a potty out in the center of the room and lose the diapers! Watch for her reactions, anticipate them, and after a few days of her consistently using it slowly try small trips away from the house - out on a walk - with underwear. She’ll get it!

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I took my girl’s to the local candy store and they picked out whatever they wanted. Then we put it in a jar at home and every time they used the potty they got one of their special candies.

Take her potty with you. Let her pick her undies and her potty.

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Some people treat/bribe them with candy or their favorite fruits. But for my little girl, who was 3, I used her monster high Lego set. She couldn’t play with it until she went to the potty 3 times in a row (at first) then after a few days to maybe a week later I upped it to 5 potty times in a row. And if she wet herself 3-5 times in a row and not going to the potty, I would put her monster high Lego set up where she couldn’t play with it. In order to get it back, she had to go potty 3-5 times in a row. It took maybe 2-3 weeks to get it down, but by the Thanksgiving came, she was potty trained. Started in mid October with potty training her.

She will be hitting 5 in August, and though potty trained, she does have accidents during bedtime. Which is completely normal for her age. They say children’s bladders don’t fully mature until about 12 years of age. So bed wetting is okay and normal. I have been told to put her back in pull-ups at bedtime, but I refuse in doing so. She will wake up on her own and will sometimes wake me up to help her get undies. Otherwise she is such a big and awesome girl!

And your little girl will be awesome to…if she isn’t already! :+1:

I waited until my daughter was 3 years old cus a colleague told me I should wait for her bladder to mature more…so I did. My daughter got fully potty trained in a week and never had an overnight accident. Letting them pick their underwears gets them excited and happy to potty train.

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Do NOT bother with pullups at all. Their a waste


I got a fee toys and dolls from the dollar store put them in the bathroom and everytime she went she got to pick out something.I did that for a few days untill she got the hang of it.

Put mine in panties one night got her up when I went, the next morning she woke up screaming and jumping up and down on her bed. She ended up having an accident and she didnt like it! That is the first and only time she has ever wet herself! She is now 14

LaShae Justice, read comments to see if any of those tips/advice helps

As soon as my children was old enough to talk and tell me they were poopy in wet that’s when they got potty trained I would take them every 2 hours and let him sit 10 to 15 minutes while we played games until they got the hang of it never did put him in training pants or anything like that women big girls and big boys and it took me probably about a weekend I have Enable completely potty trained In this started when they Were 15 months Old

Don’t do pull-ups! They still feel like diapers and pull the wetness away from them. It doesn’t let them realize they’ve pottied. We switched to training undies (after a month of pull-ups and no success) and he was wanting to the potty within a week. And try to ask them about every 30 mins if they need to go.

My daughter was potty trained by 2. She is 3 and wears underwear all time, including at night and wipes herself.
I waited until I had at least 3 consecutive days off of work, and then put her in underwear to wear and told her that if she had to potty that she needed to go to the bathroom or she would be wet when she went. :woman_shrugging:t3: She didn’t like being wet and having to change so she caught on pretty quick. She also got rewarded when she would go on the potty initially.

I would take my daughter to the bathroom with me and have her sit on the potty like I did. Worked for me.

Get a small basket and put prizes in it. Each time your child uses the bathroom let him/her pick out a prize.

I was just thinking about this