How to potty train a girl?

Before The “She’s Too Young” Comments understand I am not enforcing potty training just experimenting

Anywho my daughter is a year and 5 months, and loves playing with her potty. It literally looks like a toilet. I have given it to her so she can learn to sit and get up on her own which she has mastered. Yesterday she peed in it. It was probably by chance because she was off and on it and she needed a diaper change. So I took it off n sat her on it and she peed. We celebrated our good job and danced. Well today I said let’s give her a shot with no diaper. Wet undies doesn’t phase her, and I feel like later it may be a problem when it’s time for the real deal. Do any mommies have any tips? I really don’t want her to run around nude being that our family does come often and in respect of her body around male family. Thanks in advance :two_hearts:


I feel that a year and half to introduce the potty is a reasonable age . Keep the encouragement going and she wont be all that scared of the real potty. U doing great . :bouquet::wink:

That said, she seems like she might be showing readiness. Can she manipulate clothing on her own?

Keep it up mama! She is ready! My daughter was the same way…wet undies dont phase her and if I’d let her around naked she would be the happiest girl in the world…I’m hoping its just a phase :grin:

Started my son that young and was potty trained in 3 days. Stay home in underwear for 3 days let her sit on the potty every 15 mins for a few or until she goes. Reward even if she doesn’t go but just for the simple fact she sat on the potty like a big girl. Night time but take longer but it can be done

It’s a good age.
For some the phase of being naked waist down makes a big difference an helps them. That isn’t really something we can choose in which kids it helps.
I have four kids and they were all different.
Definitely not too soon to start trying tho!

Shes not too young! And as long as your male family members arent disgusting pigs, why worry about it? Thats how i potty trained all my sons. Its honestly best to do naked until they learn to recognoze the feeling of having to pee. Before then, underwear is just gonna be too close to a diaper and theyll keep peeing in them.


We did undies at home and mostly with a dress or long shirt. Less laundry lol but they are never too young. My mildid her daughter at less than a year. But always take her every 10-15 min (it can get crazy bc it’s a lot) but she will catch on and always use a reward. Sounds like she’s already catching it quick. Mine got it quick but they are all diff. Nights we used diapers until we knew they were ready. Also some say use the plastic panty things but in my opinion they just got in the way and they ultimately didn’t like them.

I tried my daughter on the potty as soon as she was interested in it. I wouldn’t actively enforce potty training at this age (which you obviously are not) but its not going to hurt to get her acquainted. My daughter essentially decided on her own to use the potty just before 2. I woke up one morning to the toilet flushing and she came out and told me “I pee!” and clapped. From there she just didn’t want to use diapers.

Put her in Pull Ups.
My grandma potty trained all her kids by age 1. Some kids are ready early.

Start them young is all i gotta say

Definitely not too young. 4/5 of my kids were fully day potty trained by 18months

Get her some panities. Sounds like shes ready to me!

If wet underwear doesn’t bother her then she may not be ready

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Put her in dresses, or long boys tee shirts, no undies, tiolet in your bath rm. She’s ready…

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Honestly you should be so proud that she even LOVES the potty, my sisters were terrified :joy: but do not worry! Every child is different and are developing at different speeds! If she masters it before everyone else kudos! My teacher psychologically trained her daughter since she was 2 months old and she was fully potty train by the age of one! But you could try the pullups that have that cool-bum thingy! I’ve heard it works wonders!

My daughter started potty before 1. Fully day and night trained at 2 years days and night very few accidents while training. But bed covers (water resistant) always good

Buy lots of the thick panties, they have padding in them and just keep encouraging her if she’s interested. Potty training is a working process so don’t push and don’t get discouraged. I personally never tried mine until the summer after each one turned 2. I have heard of kids being trained earlier. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Shes not too young i was potty trained at 15mos

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All three of my kids were potty trained before they were a year old. When they started crawling I brought out the potty in the front room let them learn it. Sometimes they push the buttons on it. Sometimes they sat on it.any time they wanted to sit on it is let them and take there diaper off. By time they was walking there curious grew more for it… I never once forced them.