How to potty train a girl?

Help! My 3 year old daughter shows little interest in potty training. She’ll usual sit in the potty if you tell her to but she’s just not really getting it. Any tips? I’ve tried telling her she’ll get a treat if she goes… She does not care lol


Dont push it. You will just make it worse.

Well if she isn’t “getting it”, I don’t think you will be too successful. Wait until she understands.

We would time it. Give lots of juice and water, and usually about 20 minutes later they have to pee. So just before the 20 min mark, we’d sit on the potty. I got some potty books, and would let him watch some potty training videos on the tablet (there’s Elmo ones and stuff) once he did pee we would sing, dance, and get a treat. And i mean really hype it up. Haha. I know some moms who did sticker charts too! Also tip: for the treat try not doing suckers or anything super sugary, because once they start checking their pee before bed, they expect those same treats! Lol

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My daughter was the same way. Just turned 4 in May and finally potty trained during the day. We got her the potty princess gift set off Amazon and a potty watch, it was like overnight! So awesome, 10/10 recommend.


It’s like a switch lol one day they just get it

My kids were only ever motivated by one thing… getting to choose a tv show. We limit screen time in general, but if they made it dry for the whole day they got to have an extra show of their choosing.

After raising 2 kiddos so far through potty training and doing home child care for 6.5 years, I’m not a huge fan of doing potty training before they’re actually ready. With our oldest daughter, I started at 2 because others said she was ready. We spent about a month trying and I ended up wanting to put my head through a wall :joy::joy::joy: I talked with a Mom who had recently potty trained her 3 year old and she said “if you wait until they’re ready, it happens so fast. None of the frustration.” I took her advice, waited until my daughter was more than ready (3.5) and she was daytime potty trained (including poops) within 2 days. Next, we focused on stopping drinks after supper and getting her on the potty before bed. She was completely potty trained within 2 weeks. No fights, no tears, no issues.

With my daycare kiddos whose parents want to start them for other reasons than they’re actually ready, everything is a struggle and it’s far more drawn out. There’s the pee training but even if that goes well the majority of them start holding in their poops and that’s a whole self perpetuating cycle of holding it in because it feels weird, then they get constipated and then it hurts to go so they hold it in more…so that’s another struggle. And then night time is a whole other level of whether or not they’re developmentally ready vs just waiting until they’re ready for it all and getting it all done together.

If she’s showing the readiness signs (Google then), then naked time (or at least bare bottom) in a room with hard floors is the way to go! Have the potty seat in there, spend a weekend like that. Lots of juice! M&Ms for potties (I did 1 for pees and 2 for poops). She’ll probably pee herself a few times at least. Have her help clean it up, don’t get upset just remind her that pees go in the potty, not on the floor and start again. If she’s ready, it won’t take her too many accidents to get it, the poops should slap come naturally and then you can focus on night time. Good luck! :blush: