How to potty train a girl?

Any ideas on how to get a 2 year old girl to sit on the potty?

I think she’s ready to try training. She tells me when she’s wet/poopy. She doesn’t like having a diaper on and she wakes up dry overnight. She won’t sit on the potty or on her little potty chair. We’ve tried stickers, bribery, and she watches her 8 year old sister use the bathroom. I don’t want to push it but I really think she’s ready.
Any ideas?


Books , bribes , sticker chart or reward system

Try the seat that actually goes on the toilet and a step stool.

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We have special books in our bathroom. We arent pushing potty training at all, but sometimes she will just like to sit there and read a story or two.

Bribes, skiddles or m &ms

'Potty shop" trade pennies to get something out of the prize bin or put her backwards on the potty and give her dry erase markers to color the toilet seat lid.


Maybe she wants to be like big sister.

Underwear is what did it for my son.

We had to find something that was REALLY motivating to our daughter. Which ended up being dum dum suckers… she LOVES suckers. So we stopped letting her have any. I put them in a container and placed on the bathroom counter and explained they were “poopie pops” (even after she would pee in the potty fine we struggled with pooping) and the only way to get a sucker would be to use the big girl potty. I also took a small Tupperware type container and labeled the same to take with us in public. She would stare at that container for about two days constantly asking . Always met with “no baby. Those are for when we use the big girl potty” never yelled. Then the first time she did was late at night (way last the normal time of letting her have a treat) but she said “mommy I have a poopie pop now?!” “Yes baby you can! Good job!” And after that, almost no accidents.

Point is: each child is different, you really need to find something that works for her and the reward has to be on a toilet use only basis. If it’s something she’s getting other times it holds no value

Just put her in underwear. Completely take away diapers pullups whatever u might be using right now. If u dont already have some for her. Take her shopping with u and let her pick witch big girl undies she wants. Do a reward system. Sticker chart. After a few accidents she might start to potty in the potty bc she wont like wet undies or poopy in the undies. Goodluck mama. My first born was very stuburn and wasnt potty trained til 4 years old

Sit her on her potty when u go, then if she goes make a big deal of it by giving a treat like mm justone thro. A d clap your hands and go yea. Then she ll go more.

I give mine candy. Just snack size ones but it works

My daughter has a lil potty next to the big one and everytime I go I take her in there and have her sit with me. I know mine isn’t :100: ready but its the idea and she’ll even take her diaper off to sit