How to potty train a toddler?

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So I have been having a problem with my 3 year old daughter not wanting to use to potty to pee only when she wants to this just start about 4 days ago up till then I have not had a single issue with her using the potty all the time nothing has changed in her life and she gets In trouble when she does pees her pants I am at a loss with what to do with her.


Following my daughter is the same way

Did something happen when she was using it to make her not like it anymore? Does she want to try the regular toilet now? Has something in your life changed?

Why would you punish a child for having an accident? That doesn’t make sense to me at all. My son gets in trouble at his dads house for accidents and completely regresses when that occurs. Then I’m stuck at square one again.


My oldest did this when I got pregnant with my youngest… for her it was her way of acting out… My youngest did something similar to this… when she was 3 or 4 she ended up having an infection and because it hurt she didn’t want to go on the potty.

It’s a phase it’s very hard to train some kids just work threw it

Yes, mine did this. Check for a bladder infection. If she was potty trained before, it is likely. She probably doesn’t know how to tell you.

Why punish her for having accident. She still little her bladder still developing. Accidents happen. Remind her go potty every 2 hrs. My granddaughter is 4 I have to remind her go potty every 2 hrs. Cause she gets playing and forget. All kids get busy playing and forget. Dont ever punish her for accident that could set her back.


Some kids just regress at times. Or get to preoccupied and “busy” to want to stop what they are doing. Stay consistent, it’ll pass. You can start a sticker chart. Did that with my sons. Piece of poster board and some cute stickers that she would be into. When she fills the page or line or whatever then she gets a “treat”. Once my kids were potty trained and I knew it wasn’t just an “accident” I had them clean their underwear in the sink. They hated that and it was incentive to stop.

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Don’t make a big deal about the accidents. Lots of praise when she goes. I even used a sticker chart for my son. He would get a small prize for each use of the toilet, and then a big prize when the chart was full. Never had problems again.

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Give her a treat when she goes, if sshe does dont get mad, she ll get it dont worry mom, im sixty three been there plenty of times.

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Don’t punish her for accidents or it’ll get worse just make sure you make a big deal of it when she does go, it could be a UTI or just a phase

Make sure she doesn’t have a UTI. And if she doesn’t don’t punish her for having an accident. She’s 3 not 13. My oldest is almost 4 and still has an accident like once a week. They’re kids. I still ask mine if she needs to go potty. She gets so preoccupied playing that she’ll sometimes forget she’s not in a diaper anymore. It happens.

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It might not even be a UTI. My daughter was fully potty trained at age 2. Then when she was 3 almost 4 she started wetting herself. Got her into the Dr and she had a UTI. But she didn’t stop wetting the bed even after the antibiotics. Went back in to the Dr and had an ultrasound done. They checked to see if her bladder was normal and if her kidneys were functioning properly. All came back clear. She’s 8 and still wets the bed some nights. Sometimes it’s a phase sometimes it’s a medical condition.

Give her a M&M when she goes potty in the potty and not in her pants

Make sure she doesn’t have an infection

No child should get in trouble for accidents. Sometimes they regress. Accidents are quite normal

Let her pick out her favorite big girl pantys, if she gets them dirty she has to ware old ones,