How to potty train a toddler?

I wanna slowly start planning and preparing to potty train my now 15 month old. I don’t exactly plan on starting immediately, but I wanna start purchasing all the potentially necessary items. I already have a potty. (it looks like an actual toilet) My daughter is fairly petite and although she is doing phenomenal on her growth chart, I gotta face it she’s tiny. She’s barley made the transition into 12M clothing a few weeks ago so I don’t know if they make undies small enough. I’m in no rush, but I wanna truly be prepared.

What materials or necessities did you ladies find necessary to potty train your little lady?

Thanks in advance :two_hearts:

Oh crap potty training book!

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Pull ups, and flushable wipes worked wonders for me. Also try and use incentive. (Get a sticker chart and once it’s filled up let her pick a prize) that’s what worked for my kids (:

Potty chair, underwear, candies, kids flushable wipes, and a step stool (for getting on the regular toilet and hand washing).

Nothing. Just a potty in the middle of the livingroom and a naked toddler running around. It works quickly!

We started out by sitting him on the toilet with a little seat attachment. We would encourage him to go by singing and making him laugh until he was bored and done with it. We started this at 16 months. Around 20 months old he started wanting to go in the toilet. Then we had a21 setback around months old and did not want to go whatsoever. Then picked back up right at 22 months old. We tried sticker rewards but that just turned into meltdowns about wanting more stickers. So what we do now is give him 2 gummy bears if he stays dry and tells us when he needs to go and 1 if he goes in the toilet but doesnt stay dry. Whenever he starts showing that he is ready, spend 3-4 days at home with him running around naked. We hit a phase where he knew to let us know when he needed to go but he just wouldn’t tell us and go in his pull up. Well a mom group I am in suggested letting him run around naked and give rewards for no accidents. That’s what worked. we are fully day potty trained, still working on night time but during the day we have no accidents. Stay positive even if there are accidents

All you really need is the potty chair and “special” underwear they pick out themselves
Some kids use pull ups which I wouldn’t buy those until she’s ready

Special underwear, a good prize for going or even just sitting when they start, I didn’t use pull ups or anything. Just panties and yes they do make them that small. Mine were tiny! But in trips to store or anything they had to wear a diaper just in case. Good luck!!

15 mos is too early, especially if there not ready