How to potty train at night time?

My daughter has been potty trained since 2. Overnight potty trained at 2.5. Recently, she’s been wetting the bed at night. We have limited her nightly water intake and make her go potty before bed, but she will still wet the bed around 4:30am. This definitely feels like a regression (we had a regression last year when her brother was born). Any tips or tricks to get her to hold her bladder all night?

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Sorry but you CANNOT force or get a child to hold their bladder all night. It’s something they do on their own


Maybe just set an alarm every night to wake her up to go potty. Maybe eventually she’ll start doing it on her own.
When i was potty training my son at night i always left the bathroom light on, so he could see and wasnt afraid to get up


We just Keep the door cracked for our 3 year old, and have been trying to teach her to wake up at about the same time every night to go potty. If we don’t, she wets the bed a lot. Limited water intake helps a bit, but not always.

The way we see it is wr get up to go potty at night, so why cant our children?

Its still common for her to wet the bed she still little. My granddaughter peds doctor said not big concern till older in age. Try get bed pads use them and plus mattress cover. Wake her make go bathroom before you go to sleep.its completely normal for kids to accidents at night till like 10yrs old

Set an alarm every two hours to go potty throughout the night. Asking a kid to hold their bladder all night isn’t healthy

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Wake her up to go when you go to bed. Don’t turn lights on so she doesn’t fully wake up.


Wake her up at the same time every single night and have her go to the bathroom do that for three weeks straight

If you know she wets get up and take her to potty, that’s what I did, till she got herself up.

My son was the same age when trained at night. The day he started preschool he regressed and wet the bed until he was 11 year old. Every doctor we went to said he was constipated. For 6 years they said that :woman_shrugging: one day he just stopped. Good luck :kissing_heart:

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My little girls is going to the toilet . But at night instead off disturbing her I just put a nappy on n she’s perfect… she’s now nappy r just for bed.:blush:

I still wake my 4 year old up once a night to go pee or she’ll have an accident sometimes. Holding their bladder is bad for them. If she won’t get up on her own put a pull up on her, wake her up yourself or put the reusable mattress pad things on the bed so you can just pull the wet one off and go back to bed.

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I would stop restricting water since it has nothing to do with it. Just put pull ups back on her at night. Some kids take longer than others overnight. My 3 year old is mostly dry at night but every once in a while will pee the bed.