How to potty train boys?

Potty training tips for a little boy? My wife and me are both women so we aren’t sure how to teach a boy. We’ve tried putting him on the potty and he refuses to stay on it.


We had to start letting them pee outside on a tree before we finally got them potty trained lol but nothing else worked…good luck mommas


I use YouTube she watches a cartoon about potty training while sitting on the potty. It’s the only thing that keeps her still. The one we use is approximately 4mins long. Try the “Potty Training Song” by Cocomelon it’s about a little boy learning to use the potty.

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Make it a game. Put a cheerio in the water and have him aim for it. My mom did that with my brother

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Put Cheerios in the toilet and have him aim at them. Put a lil step stool up to the toilet til he’s tall enough


How old? Draw a smiley face on a ping pong ball in the toilet and get him a step or stool. Yay it’s a game, watch the face spin around when he hits it :woman_shrugging: it’s what I did( solo mumma) with my boys at 16 months (both walked early so toilet trained early) they hated the potty. Only my 5c, trying to share or be helpful. No hate. Good luck mumma’s and Thanks xx


I would put a fruitloop in the toilet and had him to try to pee on the fruit loop LOL it worked and then I would give him candy every time he went good luck

Cheerios in the toilet. Make it a game. Target practice.


I was gonna say the little froggy urinal :slight_smile: also putting a couple Cheerios in the potty so they can stand and aim at them.


We put the little potty in the middle of the house and did no pants. It worked with both boys!

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I started putting a jar of gummy bears or little gum balls in the bathroom and he only got one if he went.

He’s still little as well. My boys were both 3 before they trained and 4 before they trained at night.

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My son peed outside on trees and car tires​:joy::joy: we live in the country and was able to do that. He thought it was hilarious :woman_shrugging:


My husband took him into the bathroom with him and let him pee. Have him try that. Oh wait, guess you can’t do that. God had a plan right down to how to learn how to pee, I guess.


LOL just being a grandma and potty training my grandson they have so much fun and want to go potty when you throw a cheerio in the toilet and tell him to aim for the whole… It’s worked with two boys… You may want to try it

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If you have a back door let him pee out the back door… If not put some kind of cereal in the toilet and act like its a game. Make potty training fun. Even offer gummies after using the bathtoom.

Start by putting him on the potty every 20 minutes… until he just naturally pees. Make a big deal outta him finally going.

I give my son a little piece of chocolate after going. At first he wasn’t sure either but I had given him a drink and about half hour later just had him stand there. Eventually he had to go and as soon as a trickle started we started cheering and then he got candy so now he loves to go bc he gets a treat. I was timing him and telling him let’s go stand in front of the potty for two days now he’s telling me…

Start with a potty or potty seat.Kids are usually afraid of a toilet and are hestiant to use , plus the germs on them and little ones tend to hold on to it.Talk in a calm manner and become super excited when they do go.I found it easier training a boy, Let him run around no diaper and keep asking if he needs to potty, usually 15-20 minutes after drinking.Encouragement helps alot. I would always take mine underwear shopping and let them pick which ones they wanted.Good Luck :slight_smile:

Oh girl, I was a single mama during the potty training years for my son. I feel like I tried EVERYTHING! His day care teacher and I teamed up and got it done some how. I didnt use pull ups. Just the padded undies and when he was at home, I would let him be naked or in his undies. He was super stubborn about it. He didn’t care if he pooped his pants. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


I bought my son a small potty chair for himself and every time I’d go I’d have him use his too. Also I bought him cute big boy underwear and I’d have him wear it. He learn within a week. You could try that :two_hearts: they love feeling independent. Now that he’s 3 I got him a stool so he can use the toilet.

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Get a movie for kids or a boik.

My kids the bathroom. Put them under wear.

Flip him backwards and give him a dry erase marker, throw cheerios in as a target, color the water to make it fun, blow bubbles, give stickers on a chart when he goes, keep m&ms in there and give him one when he goes

Ping pong ball in the toilet worked for my eldest to aim at they don’t flush

You all dont have a friend with a penis? That you completely trust? Nephews cousins any human with a penis :thinking:

I bought my son a mini urinal from amazon and let him run around butt naked for a few days. There were a few accidents but he’s now potty trained and a nudist :rofl:


Honestly the easiest way is to plan some play dates with an older kid who is potty trained. Little ones love to be like the “big kids”.

Find some “straight” parents, and give the kid a life.

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Let him pee out on a tree in the back yard. **mom of two boys!

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Get a his size potty chair and sit in the bathroom with him. Talk to him while he potties till he is comfortable with it. Good luck.

Try putting a “target” in the comode!

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Put him on toilet backwards read him a short story I threw Cheerios or fruit loops in toilet so when he peed it would sink them

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just put him on starting every hour. then move to 1.5 hrs, then every 2 hrs etc. you can keep a potty chart so you remember times to put them on. keep them on the potty for at least 15 min. buy cheap underwear that you don’t mind throwing away for poop accidents.

poop will take longer than pee and night time potty training is a whole separate thing. you can also buy training underwear, which is more expensive but holds some of the pee.

I let my son pee outside like the big boys do! lol Then let him know big boys have to use the potty when inside. He used to run to the door so he could go outside! Big boys can’t poo in the yard, they have to poo in the potty. Repetition, repetition, repetition! Best wishes, good luck!

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Use Cheerios put a few in the bowl of toilet make it a game to sink the Cheerios.

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Ernie Calvin did you really say that? What the hell is wrong with you. If you can’t speak nicely you should probably just shut up!

Don’t push it… but I let mine sit on the potty when I peed, and we let him pee off our porch to “water the flowers”

I just started taking my son outside ever 20 mins and I know it sounds mean but I took away pull ups and gave him his favorite underwear. Everytime he would pee in the house he get a very light spanking which hurts his feelings and everytime he goes outside he gets a sucker popsicle or a toy. That’s the only way I’ve got mine almost potty trained.

Set him on the toilet facing the tank and drip warm water across him and he will pee once he see what to do he will start to do it

I had a little kid urinal my son loved it.


Put Cheerios in the toilet , and tell him to shoot for the center !! It’s more like a game and boys love it


I used to sit my boys on the toilet backwards because they hated kiddie potty seats and were afraid of falling in. I also brang them to the potty every hour and praised for staying dry rather than using the potty.

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3 days no diapers consistent trips to potty, put cheerios in potty and have him squirt them… i told my boys they were water guns to hold and shoot … both my boys were potty trained before 2… i have men in my house and i had to potty train on my own lol … u can also but dry erase markers sit them backwards facing lid and let him draw until he poops … dry erase markers wipe right off easy cleaning

Time and patience. Try to make a routine just sitting him in the potty even if he doesn’t go. It was hard with mine. I tried underwear the didn’t like it. However they liked pull ups and it helped with potty training them.

I did the European method and let little guy run around sans pants for a week. Potty chair in the living room and mini chocolate chips!
He’s 2 1/2 and completely potty trained…even stays dry ALL night and for naps.
It worked like a charm, but I’m a stay at home mom so I had the option of being at home during that week and literally didn’t leave the house.

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Took my son a week to potty train we bought a urinal that had a target in it and would spin when he hit it so he loved it and he never had issues telling me when he had go number 2 as he calls it but when he was baby he never liked being in dippers at all


Give him something to play with and turn the water on also in standing position throw some cheerios in tell him to sink them

We put both are boys on back words and let them play with the lever till they went

I would give him a treat as a reward every time he did it! It took a little bit, but he got the hang of it, I would go to the dollar store & buy little random things… I would wrap it up as a gift & keep it on the top of the refrigerator. So he sometimes got candy., a little car… coloring book. He would see the top of the fridge see there was a gift & he would say he has to use the bathroom & took me with him

I started giving my son the phone to watch videos while he’s sitting. Also I’ve heard sitting them backwards and giving them dry erase markers to draw on the lid works good too!

Get a potty chart and stickers with his favorite things on them (dinosaurs, paw patrol, whatever they like!) maybe even let him pick the stickers if he’s old enough to tell you. Also try giving other small rewards for going on the potty as well. There are also targets you can get to put in the potty, you could make it a game so he enjoys going!

Does he like $?
Our son who is now 11 was potty trained by 2 yrs old. First we got him a watch with an alarm, sat him down every hr. If he went, he went. That was just to get him used to the toilet. We’d have him flush, and wave bye bye. If he went, we did a little dance. Then we started giving him 5¢ for pee, 10¢ for poo & $1 on sundays if he was completely dry all week. Took is 3 weeks to completely potty train him. Only 1 accident when he was 3 or 4. Good luck

Use a cheerio or a a colored candy(skittle,m&m ect) tell him to aim… His pee will deteriorate the color changing the color of the potty

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I’m a stay at home mom so I understand. Sounds like little guy is not ready, but don’t force potty training or it’ll be harder in the long run. Take him to the potty with you and show him you potty in the toilet. Stickers, candies and positive reinforcement.

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Underwear only no pullups, Timer every ten to fifteen minutes to “try” to go. I did that til he got the hang of lets try to go potty. Then i stopped putting so much pressure and he eventually started going more and more on his own. Only used pullups at bedtime until he was regularly going potty then as long as he goes right before bedtime he doesnt pee the bed so we were done with pullups pretty quick.
Also letting him pee outside on a tree helped alot for getting him to stand instead of sit.

I got mine to finally potty train by letting him run around outside in the yard naked.

This thing worked for my little guy… Potty Training Urinal (Penguin Character) (Black)

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There is a pee urinal it hooks to the wall. There ate different animals and it has a spinner in it . worked great for my grandsons. We ordered it from wish

I can’t find the pic of it but I saw where parents put the training seat on the toilet backwards and let the boy draw on the toilet lid with washable/dry erase marker to get him to stay on toilet longer. Idk if it works but thought it was an idea i would have tried. and I agree no pull ups. let him feel the wet. It helps. (Also be prepared for him to pee in inappropriate places when he first grasps not doing it in his pants. mine peed on his bedroom floor when it came on too quickly and didn’t want to pee his pants lol)

I turned my boys around backwards on the toilet. They thought it was cool and it makes their pee point straight into the toilet…small toy basket for pee big toy basket for poop let him pick one when he goes. You can get these at a dollar store😀good luck

Temporary tattoos! Every time he goes let him pick a tattoo to add to his body! Potty trained my boy in 3 days. Neesless to say he was sleeved up!

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Just took my son & he went. We even got a step stool & let him pee standing up & he loved it. He was extremely easy to potty train

I just had mine sit until he sees other little boys and makes his choice on which way he would like to go. Also if you teach them to sit down at first they will try to pee and poop instead of just peeing and running off. Message me if you would like more ideas. I just potty trained my three year old.

Put a cheerio or fruit loop in the toilet and make it a game to see if he can hit the target or move them around the bowl with his stream


Cheerios 🤷 or if he’s got a Grandpa let him show the little tike how to potty

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With my son I had him play sink the “ship” which were cheerios. He had a small step stool. Practice, patience and noticing when he might have to go is your key ladies.

I was having a hard time but finally my little guy is trained, every time he sat on the toilet he wanted a Jolly Rancher so we would give him one and he couldn’t get off until it was gone or until he went potty and it worked

Do not know how old he is. But throw Cheerios is the toilet and tell him to aim to hit the circle. If he makes it give him a high five. Or by big boy underware for him in his favorite super power character like spiderman or superman. Tell him they do not like to be wet that he can not potty in them. Or put him on the toilet backwards. I worked in a nursery for over 20 years. I find the two that works the best in boys is the sitting backwards and the Cheerios

Cheerios in the toilet playing battleship, my child development teacher says said that was a good way to potty train and also don’t force him. Boys take longer than girls.

My son has a monkey urinal that hangs on the wall with the spinner. He loves it. He refused to go before we got that! He even sleeps in underwear. I cut off drinks 2 hours before bed. Good luck!

Cheerios or fruit loops! No bribe is too big mommas :heart:

Throw a fruit loop in the toilet water and tell him to drown it with his pee. If he does then he gets a reward. I only know pee tricks

We had the older boys show the younger boys. Do they have cousins or a close friend who is potty trained but not much older.

my mother-in-law told me That she would put dish soap in my husband’s potty and tell him to make bubbles

How old? Did the cheerio trick worked well. Then there was the timer approach. Set a timer for an age appropriate time length for your little one with a fun tone and every time it went off I taught my son to know its time to try potty!

Get a little step stool…toss in some cherrios or fruit loops, and have him aim. Help him if needed…show him how to hold it and have him aim to hit the cereal. It will get a little messy while he is learning, but he will get it. Have a little sticker chart and after 5 potty time fun, he gets a lolly pop, or popsicle. Make it a big deal when he goes. Both for pee and poop. Have him sit on the toilet and read a story if he starts to mention having to go poo. Get some big boy undies, let him pick out whatever ones HE wants. Anything. He can wear them and be a big boy. My youngest was trained within a month. Took no time at all. No liquids at all 2-3 hrs before bedtime if you want to do night training as well.
I also read that use undies, and ontop put a pull up on him while out. That way, he feels the wet if he has an accident BUT he won’t went his clothing. But his undies will be wet and he won’t like it. The pull ups save the clothing. Lol
Also, if you have a trusted male friend or family member, they can help show him if they are comfortable with it.

We have a frog urinal for my oldest and he loves using it. We just have it hung on a command hook in the bathroom by the toilet.

Suggest you teach him to sit first, then when he’s tall and capable enough to reach over the rim and take his clothes down, then he can stand like the other boys do. My sister insisted that my nephew stand when she was training him and made a mess of the bathroom floor in a rental ;(

My son is 6, he still sits down to pee. Make him sit there every 15 minutes for 5 to 10 minutes. If he “goes” then give him a piece of candy. If you put the candy in a glass jar, and sit it in plain sight, then that is extra enticement. He will get to the point where he will go on his own.