How to potty train boys?

Looking for tips on how to potty train my 2 year old son. He is non verbal simply due to having a bad tongue tie that doctors refused to clip until he turned 2 last month. He’s currently in pullups because hes a bigger kid and diapers no longer fit him. His dad and I can tell when he’s trying to poop so we always grab him and put him immediately on the toilet with his little seat until he fully goes. When he pees in his pullup he immediately takes it off because its uncomfortable for him. Any advice would be great!


Can you come up with a hand signal or the sign for Pee? Maybe show him you and your husband use that sign every time you go to the washroom and positively encourage him to do the same? I’m not at that stage yet but grew up with a nonverbal brother! :heart:

We did the every 30 minutes we would take him to the bathroom to go. And we stopped pullups during the day.

Take the diaper off show him you put it in the trash and hand him big boy shorts

Try to get him to point there when he needs to pee. It’s hard and I hope that this helps.

Let him pee outside lol… I trained my boys while camping… get him to pee on a tree.

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Naked and i used a timer. I had a potty chair in the bathroom living room and bedroom. Lol boy signs for gotta pee is usually grabbing the penis. FYI my 4 boys were day time potty training at about 2 1/2. Also rewards. One m&m for sitting 2 for actually peeing. Whole handful if they pooped. It took mine longer to sleep dry at night. Set a timer I would set it for 60 min after a pee then every 15 minutes. Give lots of drinks.

Maybe consider speech therapy to help him in an all around way, it would benefit everyone.

My son was potty trained pretty young and I would have him point or kinda grab himself to let me know he had to pee or put is hand on his butt to let me know you have to poop.

:wink:I had to make Underwear part of my sons Normal routine understanding he can get the step stool and no potting in his underwear… this worked for me… Now he’s Completely Potty Trained. (Took me around 4 months) Good Luck :blush:

Let him run around naked and when he has to pee have him go pee on something outside.

We got our son a little urinal for 5$ off amazon that you hang on the wall. He loves it. You can ask him if he has to go potty often. Or make up and teach him a sign for when he has to go. Lots of praise and maybe some treats if that’s the route you chose. My girls were easy to train, we had to bribe our son with marshmallows which have now turned into Swedish fish! Whatever works right?

I send my two year old daughter every hour to the potty

I put boy panties on my son. Still has accidents, but alot of times he will go in the potty. My son is 2 and a half and i was freaking out cuz my daughter was completely potty trained at 18 months (dont ask, i have no clue, she just took to it like gold at my moms house) so if he can maybe change the pullups to boy panties? Im abstay at home mom, so its easier for me than if i had to work. Dont know if this helps lol.

Tongue has been clipped now? So teaching him to speak now? Speech therapist maybe. Hand signals for pee and poop? #1 and #2 fingers. He can take pullup’s off? That is a good sign. Boys are harder I have heard. I didn’t know the difference I only had a son. I had two younger brothers but though I cared for them I don’t remember the time. We didn’t have little potty’s then. I know they would pee outside though! Does he sit to pee or standup? If he stands up maybe those big boy shorts with the opening in the front? During the day.