How to potty train boys?

Is it normal for my 3 year old to be afraid to number 2 in the potty? She will pee in potty barely ever an accident but has a panic attack and cries when we try to get her to poop in potty.She did it once at 2am went in by herself and yelled for me.She wont do it again will hold it for 2days soon as we put a diaper back on her she will go immediatley.i dont want to back track or have to start buying diapers again.Or is that what we should do?


I have the same issue :face_with_monocle: I’m clueless as to what to do

Make a potty song for her? Mine didn’t like pooping on the potty until we started singing for her.

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Chloe HD JenkinsYes perfectly normal my son was…some times they are afraid of it hurting cause they could be constipated

I went through the same thing with my oldest. Had him potty trained by 2. But poop wise didnt happen till he was all most 3. Thankfully he never got sick and had runs or what not. It was juat a couple months shy of his 3rd bday that he finally started pooping in the potty. Bribed him with popsicles. Let him sit on toilet and eat it too. My issue is my youngest now. He will be 4 in July and still no interest in using the potty. He knows how bc I can get him to use a couple times. But then he holds it for hours at a time witch is not healthy for bladder. But as soon as I put a pull up on he releases himself. Ugh

My daughter was the same way she was scared of poop. Now she is fully potty trained

Don’t give her a diaper. Put her on the potty and leave the room and tell her you’ll be back to check on her but she needs to poop. My son wouldn’t go if I was in there waiting for him to go. As soon as I gave him privacy and let him be he was fine pooping on the potty. Giving her diapers is only prolonging the process.

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If shes 3 id use toilet rather than potty
Potty will be too shallow and she may be scared it will touch her

My son is 3 and held his poop for 2-3 days and would poop in his diaper. I gave him a little bit of prune juice and he really needed to poop was asking for a diaper I told him no diaper and he went to sit on the potty behind a chair by himself and then we just made a big deal about it and now he’ll go pee and poop then bring us the potty bowl and show it to us and get all excited

Had the same issue with my son. He refused to go in the potty for so long we had to give him an enema. He hated it so much that he never refused again… he was potty trained at 2 and took till 3 b4 he’d poop in the potty

Do not go back to diapers. Tell her to drop the poop into the toilet so that she can flush it away. My son wouldn’t poop in the potty but in the toilet to flush it away he would
At her age she should not be going to the potty alone especially at night when the world is so scarey.

My oldest had that problem…we had special treats just for peeing in the potty and special treats for popping in the potty…took him about 3 days to get the hang of it had 1 accident andnever had another…but we sat him on the potty about 20 min after meals and let him just sit sometimes he would wanna be alone other times he would want me n id go sit on the side of the tub n chit chat with him…patience encouragement and making its a comfy for them will help alot. My middle son had a routine of having a blanket and would want his blanket to ‘watch’ him poop.

My daughter was exactly the same.she was 4 and still wouldnt go poo’s in the toilet so i told her u r going in the toilet from now on im not buying anymore nappies. She held it for a day or so and then just poo’s went in her undies and made a HUGE MESS​:joy: she hated it that much she went poo’s on the toilet from that day.she didnt want to mess herself like that again. Sounds mean but i tried everything els from bribing, to toilet chart and rewards and schedule things more but nothing worked so it was my last resort. Worked in a day though :grin:

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I think when they are ready it will happen. My niece just turned 3. And up untill about 3 months ago it was the same story. She would pee but no poop. Then she finally just did.

unfortunately its normal. dad and i were just overly enthusiastic about our poops lol and she went on her own time

My son was like that. He would hold it until he had a pull up. I finally hid the pull-ups & showed him an empty pack & told him we were out & he hould have to poop in the potty. It took well over an hour of me sitting in the floor & him on the potty & me explaining that it was just like going in a pull up except he was sitting & nothing was covering his butt, & he finally went. He was about 2 months shy of his 4th birthday before he was fully potty trained.

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