How to potty train girls?

My daughter is two, she turns 3 in June. I cannot for the life of me get her to be even remotely interested in going potty. When I ask her, she just says no. She shows zero interest. But I just don’t understand because she’s crazy smart. I try to hype it up for her and act all excited about it and I have even tried bribing her. How did you guys get your little ones to get interested in potty training?


My son is 3 and isn’t fully potty trained yet… his doctor told us not to push it and that he will learn when he is ready but what helps us is letting him go naked around the house and as soon as he has to go he uses his floor size potty

I’ve gotta follow this! My daughter turns 3 next weeks and it’s the same thing for her. Every time we almost get potty trained, she goes to her dads and then is no longer interested.

She’ll get there in her own time.

I put her in panties and that was it! We never looked back. No Pampers or anything.

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I think all children learn at different ages I wouldn’t push it too hard I would get a little potty for her to sit in there with you that’s what I did with my sonhe was not fully interested in potty training until he was about 3 and then after he turned three it was actually a breeze because he was interested in it and I told him that big boys went to the potty and every time he went I made a huge deal about in clapped for him he loved it

Just from my own experience… I had a week of work so I thought right now is the time to tackle it. No nappy on all day and the potty around and just kept putting him on. Literally spent every day in the house only small trips out to the shops (with spare clothes). Got a sticker reward chart and it took a full week but by the end of the week he was potty trained and just wears nappies at night. Trust me it drove me crazy but I think when you start you just need to stick to it and they will get there eventually :blush: just be prepared for lots of accidents at first x

If she isnt interested in it then let it go for now and wait a few more months :slight_smile:
My daughter was fully night and day trained in just 3days at 2 BUT she came to me ready and didnr want anything to do with diapers anymore. It’s so much easier when you wait until they are ready. It dont take long to train either

Been there but my daughter also had a head injury in the middle of potty training. It took until 4 but still has a rough time at night and shes 5 now almost 6

She isn’t ready then. My daughter was close to 3.5 before she was even interested in doing it and then trained a few months before turning 4.

I have kids 4 boys 1 girl. My oldest(ss) I potty trained at 3yrs. Before that he lived with his dad and grandma and they were not consistent. He was beyond ready. My 2nd and 3rd son were potty trained at 18 months both day and night. My daughter was potty trained at 3yrs but still had issues with wetting the bed until 7. My 4th son was potty trained at 3yrs also. But was showing signs he was interested at early 2. But would find it hilarious to pee and poop on the floor. So we would just wait a couple of weeks before trying again when he would do this. Took almost a year with him!!! He HATED the potty. Doctor told us to wait it out and let him decide. He is obviously the youngest. And yes I feel we humored him too much with it. With my first 4 kids we went on a every 45 min routine. And it was a few weeks of it and they were done with diapers. They were always in undies. But mostly we let them be intrested in wanting to go in the big potty.

She wanted pretty panties so I told her I would buy them when she didn’t need her pullups anymore. That’s all it took with her. My son was a lot harder

I used one of the potty watches!

Put underwear on her, when she pees (and there will be pee, lots of it lol, they also have waterproof undewear or pullups but underwear are best to me) make a big deal out of it, not punish her, but along the lines of “ewwww” or “big girls don’t potty in their undewear, let’s try again.” Also rewards for pottying, yes, bribe your child lol, candy, favorite foods or a small new toy. It gives them something to look forward to. There are also great potty movies out there or on YouTube. Potty with her, you on your toilet and her on hers. Also, if she’s a tv or tablet kid it makes it easier in my experience to sit them bottom half naked on a potty while they play on a tablet or watch tv. I have potty trained 4 girls this way, hopefully when my 5th is 2 she’ll be as easy. Hopefully these methods work as easy for you as they did for us!

My 1st son I feel he wasn’t ready but because he was my only child tht went to Day Care, they had an age requirement to be potty trained… & it was a forced thing I think… & he was a bed wetter til he was 8…My daughter wasn’t potty trained AT ALL til she was 3 & 1/2… & I never forced her… I would ask her every morning DO U WANT A DIAPER OR PANTIES??? she decided 1 day she wanted panties & tht was tht… no bed wetting… no accidents … FULLY POTTY TRAINED … my 3rd child (a boy) is only 17 months & has already started sitting on potty & going pee… so every child is different… no 2 children will respond to same method of training… let them be kids… give positive encouragement & let them do things on thr own time… & they will be successful :blush::blush::blush:

My daughter was 3.5 before she decided to potty train on her own. She probably isnt ready :woman_shrugging:t2:

My youngest will be 3 in june also. He didmt want to potty. And would out right tell me “no I want diaper” I threw all the diapers away and I stayed on his butt ever 15 minutes after a week he started going on his own

My son did this. And his pediatrician said hed do it on his own when hes rdy. Then he was almost 4 and my pediatrician said to just stop putting diapers on him. Lol i told him they stopped selling diapers his size and he believed me :woman_shrugging: didnt have accidents. Not even at night. I think i got lucky though in that aspect

My daughter was like this. She would just flat out refuse. Her doctor told me not to force it and that she would do it when she was ready and not before. The doctor was right. Around 3.5 she just decided she was ready. Literally one day woke up and said “I need to go potty”. She’s been trained ever since. Almost 8 months now.

In all honesty, I waited til after my kids turned 3 to really try. I introduced it before then, but once they were a few months over 3 that’s when I really started trying and its been a complete success on all of them. Just take her every 10-15 min and sit her down. I also cut up starburst into quarters and that was what I used for rewards.

YouTube toddler potty songs

I’ve gotta follow this! My daughter turns 3 next weeks and it’s the same thing for her. Every time we almost get potty trained, she goes to her dads and then is no longer interested.